6 Benefit of Cucumbers For Rabbit You Should Know

Giving our pet the food with high nutrition is our duty. When you decided to pet something you must be good on their needed including food, treatment, and care. Talk about nutrition, the main source for rabbit nutrition is from food and the other source is vitamin.

Event their food is already contained some nutrition, in the fact to balance and fulfill their nutrition you still need vitamin. There is under rated food ingredient which actually high of nutrition but rarely choose by people. Yes, it is cucumber. The fruit with high of seed and water is under rated food ingredient which rarely chooses by people. It is caused that they may don’t know about the advantage of giving cucumber for rabbit, or may they feel that their rabbit may didn’t like it. Well that’s so normal while the information about cucumber and rabbit is still limited.

There is not much source that will tell you about the positive side of giving cucumber for your rabbit. But don’t worry because by here we would share for you some benefits of cucumbers for rabbit that you should know.


  • Constipation solution

Constipated is one of all digestion problems that make the feces can’t be out as well. The best time to poop is every day or two days per once. When you find that your rabbit is more of 2 days but they don’t poop, you better give them cucumber as their additional food. The water that contained inside cucumber can help the feces become smooth and easy to making out. Also, cucumber can gives cool sensation by its water.

  • Digestion system healthier

By solve the digestion blockage, cucumber already help to healthier the rabbit’s stomach. Besides contained complete mineral, cucumber also contained erepsyne which help to absorb protein process so it becomes high level absorb inside rabbit’s body.

  • Avoiding some diseases

Cucumber also has many benefits that help you to avoiding some general diseases over the rabbit.

  • Daily nutrition helper

Cucumber can become alternative food for your rabbit so your rabbit has many menus every day. Besides, the rolling nutrition also still on good condition.

  • Maggot inflammation blocker

Rabbit is included as animal which as highly risk to maggot inflammation. This inflammation has bad impact to rabbit, isn’t it? You can use cucumber as natural anti-inflammation when you rabbit attacked by maggot. Because made of natural ingredients, using cucumber as anti-inflammation will be decrease the risk such poisoned when you using chemical anti-inflammation to solve this problem. So if you can use the safe one, why you have to using those risky things?

  • Additional food

Cucumber is one of all vegetable which has high carbohydrate. As we know that rabbit hates to eating fruit or vegetable which has carbohydrate. So you better don’t give it every day. Just use it additional food as like you using your own food for rabbit on step B or C.

Some Tips

  • Don’t give it too much for 4 months old rabbit. 4 months old rabbit classifying on middle adult rabbit. Adult rabbit don’t need too watery food. Also, they don’t like the food with much carbohydrate inside it. For rabbit babies you may give it little bit much because they can’t to chop their food yet. So smooth food made of cucumber is more advantage for baby rabbit, not the adult one.
  • Mix it by another food ingredient. Doesn’t mean to underestimate its benefit, in the fact rabbit can’t eat something that have much carbohydrate inside it. They may doesn’t like watery food. That’s enough to sign you that you must to mix cucumber with another food ingredient if you mind to give it over your rabbit. Also, give cucumber for your rabbit every day is not suggested.

That’s all about some benefit cucumber for rabbit that you should know. Something that must you highlight is even cucumber has positive impact for your rabbit, don’t give it every day. Remember, the key to make your rabbit stay healthy is food management. Rolling, skip, and research are must to do to inform you how their responses, which one they like, and how can you know what’s their favorite? So just enjoy the game of food management with your rabbit.