10 Causes And Treatment Of Sudden Weakness In Rabbits

Hi there, how is your rabbit now? Are they healthy as well as possible? Okay, now want talk about several causes and treatment of sudden weakness in rabbits. Why rabbit could get sudden weakness? What are the reasons? Well, below here are the most 10 causes and treatment of sudden weakness in rabbits. Let’s check these out.

1. They are not eating enough

The first causes and treatment of sudden weakness in rabbits are your rabbit’s not eating enough. try asking yourself, have you fed rabbits today and how many times? Ask your self and try to remember about this. Maybe you forgot to not feed your rabbits to eat for a few days while you were traveling out of town. However, it is a simple cause but this can might be dangerous. Besides they get sudden weakness, they will die because they are not eating enough. So, schedule and make a reminder to feed them every day and you will not forget again.

2. Give them some sweet waters

It looks like your rabbit gets sudden weakness, its face is pale, and there is no energy. So, what as their owner should do?  First, give them some sweet waters. Gets the ingredients first, prepare a bowl and a honey or sugar. Mix in a small bowl the fresh water with one tablespoon of honey or two tablespoons of sugar. Mix them well, and pour this sweet water to their water bottle and give it to your rabbit. You can try to give them drops of vitamins that could heal your rabbit’s health. Just wait in a few minutes then your rabbit will get better.

3. Infected with bacteria

Next, the causes and treatment of sudden weakness in rabbits are your rabbits exposed to bacteria. It should be noted, rabbits are very susceptible to bacteria and fungi. The thing that must be considered by the rabbit owner is the cleanliness of the cage. Cages are rabbit habitat, a good cage for rabbits is a cage that is clean and sufficiently exposed to sunlight. Why should rabbit cages be exposed to sunlight? Damp cages will affect the health of rabbits, rabbits can get various diseases such as fungi and bacteria. If you just let this happen, you will see your rabbit get sudden weakness. if your rabbit looks sick and is infected with bacteria, treat it immediately or take him to the vet.

4. Your rabbit is poisoned

The wrong diet could make your rabbit is poisoned. How come? Before you feed your rabbit with vegetables such as; carrots, spinach, even fruits it should be clean first. If you did not clean the fruits and vegetables first your bunny will be infected with some parasites that could make your bunny sudden weakness. Well, feeding rabbits with fermented food, it will have some dangerous effects for rabbits. However, how to treat them if they infected with parasites? Immediately take your rabbit to the vet. An injection could make your rabbit feel better. So, now may some dangerous effects of fermented food for rabbits, you can learn something from this.

5. Diarrhea

The last time we have been talking about several home remedies for diarrhea in rabbits. What are you learn from the last post? Yes, it’s right that diarrhea that infected to your rabbit could cause sudden weakness. The decreasing of appetite could make them weak, your rabbit did not show any aggressive behavior of rabbit, such as jumping up and down around the backyard. Your rabbit now looks pale, lazy and he won’t move from his cage. He just sits on the corner of the cage. If you see these signs, you should check him out, and give him several home remedies for rabbits.

6. Influenza

While winter comes, your rabbit could infected influenza easily. Influenza is one of the diseases that can be transmitted through the air. It is not only rabbits can be infected, but humans can also be infected. So, what the owner must do if their rabbit infected by influenza? Wipe the rabbit’s nose with a soft cloth and warm water and wipe the nose until it’s dry. Give influenza drops that are safe for your rabbit. Lastly is to keep your rabbit warm in the cage, more information can be found at several guides on how to keep a rabbit warm during winter time.

7. Got Worms

Your bunny infected worms, how can be? This is one of the diseases caused by parasites, in the previous point it has been explained that this is due to food or drink and even rabbit habitat that is not kept clean. These parasitic worms are known as tapeworms, roundworms hookworms, and even Toxocara Canis. General signs; the rabbit looks weak suddenly, pale, the rabbit’s body is thin and the appetite is decreased. How to treat it? You can give worm medicine and give nutritious food.

8. Pneumonia

Let’s see the next of the causes and treatment of sudden weakness in rabbits, Pneumonia. Pneumonia caused by a bacteria and the condition of a cage that is not directly exposed to sunlight. Cages that are too open and often exposed to wind and air directly will make the cage damp. Rabbits infected with this disease usually have difficulty breathing, the ears emit suppurating fluid and even get diarrhea. The best treatment for this is to try the cage to get enough sunlight and give the lights at night in the cage. Make enclosure ventilation, give nutritious food and give medicine if it’s necessary.

9. Impaction disease

This disease can occur by blockage of the stomach and cecum. Usually, this is suffered by young rabbits aged 1 to 3 months. What causes this disease can occur? Your rabbit is stressed, lacks water, or even because he eats too much. The general signs that are shown, the rabbit’s stomach enlarged, the weight dropped, weak suddenly, until the rabbit could not pup. How to treat it is enough by giving fibrous foods such as grass and providing enough water.

10. Really stressed

What are the reasons your rabbit is stressed? Stress in rabbits can happen most often when you buy a new rabbit and when he lives in a new environment he doesn’t feel comfortable. This is one of the reason a rabbit run away from home. The sign of a stressed rabbit usually doesn’t want to eat and he loses a lot of nutrients. He also became suddenly weak because he did not want to eat. If this continues, the rabbit can starve to death. All you have to do, make him comfortable, provide enough food and drink and make a cage so he feels safe. If there are rabbits in your house, try to separate the cage with the other rabbits first. Maybe he needs time to adapt. Watch your bunnies, don’t let them run away from your home.

Hopefully, the above of 10 causes and treatment of sudden weakness in rabbits could be useful for you. If there is wrong happen in your rabbit. Immediately take them to your vet. He will cure your rabbit as possible. Good luck.