12 Behavior Displayed By Male Rabbit

Male rabbit, how to recognize that your rabbit is a male? What is the behavior displayed by the male rabbit? Is it same with the behavior displayed by the female rabbit? Well, if you would see what is the behavior displayed by male rabbit, the following here are 12 behavior displayed by male rabbit.

1. How to recognize a male rabbit

The male rabbit, we could see it through its size. How could we recognize the male rabbit through the size? The adult male rabbit at least three months old. In fact, the size of the adult male rabbit is smaller than the adult female rabbit. Well, your male rabbit is a type of Persian rabbit, you see the one is a large rabbit and the other is smaller. Those who have large bodies are not always the male rabbit. It could be a female rabbit.

2. The sign of a male rabbit

The effective way to know the sign of the male rabbit is checking on his genitals. How to check him? First, turn his position on your back. Hold his head and ears gently, and other your hands lift up to grab his butt. Make sure the position of your rabbit is lower than you. While your male rabbit lying on his back, find the external genital. With your finger stretch the feather between his legs. Find his testicles, it has two bulges shaped like torpedos. Then, check his genital it between his back feet. If you found a mound press it gently. If it turns like the “I” letter, your rabbit is a  male.

3. Stomping their feet

Stomping their feet is one of the aggressive behavior of the rabbit. Well, this behavior could display by a male or female rabbit. Why are they stomping their feet? It is the way to warning other rabbits to alert that there is a predator that could threaten them. In fact, the rabbit is fear with the dark place. So, if you place them in a room, turn on a dim light to make them save. This is one of the easy ways to tame a fearful Rabbit

4. Standing with their hind legs

Have you ever seen a rabbit stand with his hind legs? Well, why the male rabbit does this? It because to make him taller, in here he does to spy. He spies on his territory, is there any enemy or not? Sometimes while he does this, his ear looks like searching some signals it likes an antenna. Does the female rabbit do standing with her hind legs? Sometimes the female does this.

5. Biting

Does the rabbit do bitting on the human? Absolutely, it does. When a rabbit feel threaten on something and he feels uncomfortable he does bitting on the human or their enemy. Besides, rabbits can bite because of his hormones or because they are a wild rabbit or a lonely rabbit. This biting habit is also done by male rabbits when they are in a mating position. He did this so that the mating position could not be released easily. Are there any effective ways to stop the rabbit’s biting habit? What are the reasons of rabbit keep biting on you?

6. The rabbit’s kisses

In fact, animals can do romantic things like a human. They do kisses on each other too. This behavior displayed by male rabbit also the female rabbit too. This is an act that your bunny loves each other. Besides they do kissing, the male rabbit does licking on his mate. It aims to clean his mate’s feather. They clean each other’s fur by licking and kissing. It is so lovely.

7. Jumping

Jumping up and down are always displayed by all bunnies both male and female. While the rabbit is jumping he feels so happy and said: “I am free”. Jumping up and down is an act that is expressed that your rabbit is very excited and happy. They feel very free because they can go out outdoors. However, how to find your lost rabbit outdoors? Please, gather all your families and friends, please tell them to help you your lovely rabbit.

8. Wrecking up things

Could a rabbit wreck up things? Yeah, this is one of the behaviors displayed by a male rabbit. He does this because he needs your attention. He feels lonely there is no friend that wants to play with him. So that is why he does wrecking up things in your home. What should we do if the bunny does this? Well, find a new friend for him. Gives him friends, then he will learn how to be friends with another rabbit. Find the female ones, he will love it.

9. Rabbit in fighting

Well, could it be a bunny does fighting? It is like the other animal when the one is the king and he wants something such as food, female rabbit or his territorial so then the rabbit should do fighting with the other male rabbit. Who is being a king now?

10. The mate’s time

When is the right time for the rabbit to matting? In the six months old, the rabbit is ready mating. Well, the proper way to mating a male rabbit with the female rabbit, you should see these following tips; first, the male rabbit must older than a female rabbit. If a male rabbit has one year old so the female rabbit must be six months old. Later, you will have a good quality of rabbit’s junior. Second, take a female rabbit to the male rabbit’s cage. Make sure that they did mating in several times, take your female rabbit back to her cage. Your female rabbit will be birthing after 30 to 33 days.

11. Take a pee

Well, some adult male rabbit does this. When he has something and he feels uncomfortable about something. The male rabbit is taking a spray pee on the place that he wants. Sometimes it could hit someone, human. If your male rabbit does spray his pee on you make sure it could not hit your eye. It will be irritating your eyes. Just rinse your eye with water if you have been hit by your rabbit. Drop a few of eyedrops in your eyes, your eyes will be better.

12. It’s screaming

Could the male rabbit scream? Of course, the male and female rabbit can scream. This will do by the rabbit if he is very very fear and even sick. His sound is very loud, it can damage our ears. So, what we could do if our rabbit is screaming? First, calm your rabbit, for more information, you could see it on how to calm a rabbit in shock? Take your rabbit, rub his head gently. Make sure you don’t lift him up. Just rub his head and his hairs gently.

Hopefully, the 12 behavior displayed by male rabbit could be useful for you, rabbit lover. Loves the male rabbit and take care of him as well. Good luck.