Can We Use Mascara to Comb our Rabbit’s Fluff?

There are many rabbit’s breeds you could pick as pet, such as cottontail rabbits, Beveren rabbits, Flemish Giant Rabbits, lionhead rabbits, Angora rabbit, and many others. But, note this, people, there are still wild rabbits out there that prefer nature as their home. Furthermore, as one of the most preferable pet on earth, there’s a lot of trick had been reviled by rabbit veteran owners. You know, people, rabbits need frequent grooming to make sure that their fur would keep healthy and clean.

There are several ways to grooming you rabbits’ fur; many people try to experiment some method that able to help them solve some problem associated with rabbits’ fur. One of the example of the tips is using the mascara. Yes, one of the best friends of women the mascara apparently has another function beside your personal make up, ladies! In fact, many owners of rabbit used mascara to groom their pet fur. The further information how people used mascara to groom their rabbits are explained in today’ article: can we use mascara to comb our rabbit’s fluff?

Rabbit’s Grooming

So, let’s talk about rabbit grooming first. Every single pet animal that have a fur need a regular grooming to maintain their hair condition: health and cleanliness. The grooming function is to prevent hairball and remove loose fur on your rabbits. The longer fur on your rabbit, you need to increase the frequency of the grooming; because longer fur open the door easily to some fur issues like mites and fur tangled. In general, rabbits are performed self-cleanliness just like what cat do.

But, you need to keep this in mind: an overweight or otherwise impaired rabbit won’t able to groom themselves dye these particular issues. In this case, the one that should be able to help them are the owners. Therefore, some owners scheduled the routine cleaning included bathing and grooming for the domestic rabbits. Commonly, there are three steps used as a routine cleaning for rabbits: bathing, brushing, and grooming (included the way you should handling your pet).

Bathing Tips

There’s certain thing should be done to bath your beloved rabbit:

  • The preparation which include all the tools for the bath such as towel and grooming spray.
  • Always remember to clean your rabbit’ rear end and scent glands.
  • Always wipe the fur totally clean.

Brushing Tips

  • The minimum frequency of brushing rabbit’ fur is once a week. If you pass this rule, you might face some struggles while perform it.
  • Make sure your rabbit comfortable with whole situation.
  • To adjust rabbit with the new routine, you must adjust the brushing regimen in full whole year.
  • Remove fur’ excess on your rabbit last bit.

Grooming the Rabbit

The whole thing about grooming is to make your rabbit as comfortable as possible. If you are too harsh you might scare you rabbit, plus, while performing grooming you used some “scar” tools in rabbit’ eyes. Therefore, you need to be very gentle with your rabbit, and always making sure to keep rabbit’s eyes from the hay of fur to prevent irritation. To clean the eyes, you can use soft tool such as cotton-ball and clean all the area around rabbit’ eyes.

Furthermore, you also need to clip rabbit’s nails once every 4 to 6 weeks. Just like other nails, rabbit’ claw would keep growing over the time; therefore, the regular trim should be done. Besides the nails, you also need to trim the hair of rabbits; you could try to trim rabbit’ fur approximately an inch. To trim the fur, you could use scissors – but, don’t forget to be very-very careful. The last step of grooming was make sure that fur is free-fleas.

Mascara Brush

Apparently, the mascara brush was able to mimic the grooming that perform by parents of baby rabbits and pigeons. A charity that was held to help young and injured animals has used mascara brushes to comfort those babies, included rabbits. Through the mascara, you are able to bonding with rabbit because the mascara moves are mimicking the grooming stimulation that parent give to their kids.

Due the fluffy fur of rabbits, many time owners get struggle to keep the fur cleans, but thanks to the mascara, it was made perfectly to remove the mites and dust of fluffy rabbit’ coat!