Can Wildlife be Derived from DNA?

This had been a tough time for our nature and animal across the world. Our world had been influenced by the strength of global warming which impacted to all the wild animals and us – human. Due the loss of habitat and other environmental situation (which is in the worst state), there’s a list of the animals faced the threat of extinction. Therefore, if you look closer, has risen some movements to save animals before they extinct all over the world.

Apparently, most of the time all the extinction cases was only attacked the wildlife like the elephants, gorilla, lion and tiger, and other wild creatures. So, why only wild creatures? What is wrong with the wildlife? Unfortunately, there’s no certain answer for that question. Yes, and I believed, perhaps if those animals could speak in our language they would ask to born as pet or domesticated animals. All identified causes are associated with natures, for the examples are climate changes, loss of habitat, and also the intervention of human deed like illegal hunt.

So, what make the wildlife to be “the wildlife”? Can wildlife be derived from DNA. I know it’s a little bit weird question, but if we look closer, this question is important. Why, because this question would reveal the ancient history of the wildlife itself. Aren’t you curious how this wild creatures suddenly appears on this earth? Well – yes, I know God created it; but, let’s try to get scientific reason behind this question of can wildlife be derived from DNA.

Therefore, without further do, let’s check it out together, my dear friends!

The Wildlife

The wildlife was a term to call all the wild animals all around the world. This term is used to refer all the undomesticated animals’ species – all the organism that live and grow in wild nature without being touched by human. If you want to meet the wildlife you can come to ecosystem area that mostly inhibited by animals such as rain-forest, desert, grassland, forest – even in the well-develop urban areas.

Although most of popular culture referred the wildlife as the animals that was untouched by human, apparently it’s different from the scientists’ perspective. The scientists believed that wildlife also influenced by human activities. Historically, human civilization has been separated with the wildlife in most important aspects such as moral senses, social, and legal. But, some animals we called as domesticated animals, such as dogs, cats, gerbils, and other are the examples of animals that had been adapted to suburban environment.

Furthermore, do the wildlife has DNA which influenced them to be wild animals? There’s certain point I want to share to you today due to learn deeper about the existence of wild animals.

Animals’ DNA

First of all you need to understand about animals DNA structures that different than what human had. Wildlife animals’ DNA was held the diversity of animals’ species which is structured with many factors such as taxonomy group and evolutionary histories which is become the markers of individual level, species, and geographic. Apparently, there’s a little fact that came out from a study that held by scientists from University of Basel in Switzerland and Rockefeller University in New York.

The scientist was found that associated with DNA diversity, human shared the same tiny average genetic differences in the correlation of mitochondria sequences. Reviled that a pair of pigeons, house sparrow, and robins are the same as two individual people. Over a decade hundreds of scientists are successfully collected 5 million DNA barcodes from 100,000 animals’ species all over the world! From this huge database most shocking discovery was associated with the date of evolution.

From that database, the scientists are making the conclusion that most of the animals’ species on earth was appeared simultaneously. Apparently the neutral mutation that once predicted was varied across species is not as much as they predicted. The event that occurred in long time ago, such as ice ages, viruses, and new competitors caused animals’ species to drop sharply. These events gave the opportunity for sweeping genetic changes which happened across the planet and then the new species was appeared

The big momentum was fell when an asteroid hit the earth for about 65 million years ago and killed about a half of animals’ species on earth – plus, don’t forget all those dinosaurs. Therefore, the answer is yes, the wildlife was derived from the DNA since the first animal was appeared on earth millions of years ago. But, over the time, those wild animals are being tamed and genetically modified permanently that leads to inherited predisposition toward human.