How can Marmoset Monkey Learn the New Dialect?

Nature and animal never can be separated. Nature was the only home of all the wild animals in all species of it; it’s a gift from mother earth that should not be taken from them. It is so much fun to learn how this wildlife live their life among the nature. How fascinating to found that these creatures at some points was similar to us, human – especially all the primates’ species which is the same mammal species like us. So, what primate is? Based on Cambridge dictionary, primate is a member of the most developed and intelligent group among others.

Human, apes such as gorilla, and monkeys such as macaque, mandrill, vervet monkey, and chimpanzee, the marine mammals such as dolphins, whales, polar bears, otters, walruses, and many more – all of them was included as mammalians on earth. Therefore, these creatures (besides human) was had similarities like human. Actually, what would we share to you today was able to perform by all other animals in their own way. What is it? Communication. Yes, all animals was communicated to each other with their own language.

But, a result of a study had been reviled that one monkey’ species called marmoset monkey not only able to perform their own language, but they were able to learn new dialect. This study proved that primate has the intelligent that cannot be ignored. Therefore, to learn deeper about this shocking discovery, I invite you to stay with me on this article: how can marmoset monkey learn the new dialect?

Marmoset Monkey able to Learn a New Dialect

How can marmoset monkey learn the new dialect? The fact that one of monkey’ species able to learn dialect was a surprising discovery. So, what’s make this monkey learn a new dialect? Apparently, this learning habit was created due the adjustment to a new place. Each time marmoset move to another or new territories, this monkey rapidly adapted their own dialect to the new place. This adapting skill exhibited by marmoset monkey was increased the potential of meet new partners and also the way this species say that they were interest with the new group.

You need to understand that marmoset monkey has the same method like what human did associated in social relationship. This species help on each other mother to raise their offspring – and the help was came from the entire group. That is one of other reason why they have this excellent skill of language. This fact was reviled by University of Zurich’ scientists. So, how could human didn’t notice the accent or dialect that had been made by marmoset monkey?

The answer is because marmoset communicated in high pitched sounds that unfortunately human’ ears aren’t able to make the differences of the dialect. Then, how these scientists able to recognize the different between each accent? Apparently, with the help of acoustic analysis these researchers able to located the calls to distinct area. Ears structures of marmoset make them has the capability to tune with the calls and caught the differences in clear audible.

For a long time, all these scientists are already knew that this particular species of monkey has different accent calls in each region they choose to stay; but, until now, they (all the scientists) did not know the reason behind this certain behavior. But, however, some theories had been speculated that this behavior might be caused by genetic differences, and the way marmoset monkey learn their social relationship, or perhaps it’s all about the environmental factors.

Still, curious, all these people finally decided to analyzed common marmoset’ calls from a group which is commonly consisted from three to fifteen individuals (for every group), before the group was moved to another place and colony. Then, from the analysis those scientists was sure that the ability to communicate in dialects was learned throughout the social relationship. This certainty was explained by Yvonne Zurcher, the first author of the study from University of Zurich.

The study was held throughout several different countries from Italy, Spain, and Switzerland; which made the captivated marmoset as the individuals of experiments. Another fact reviled that each group of marmoset monkey did not make direct contact with the member of the new group. However, still, the group was adapted to the calls over the time in minimum time about a few weeks.