4 Steps We Need to Save Animals before They Extinct

The scariest situation in the wildlife is happening. Mother nature has played chase and catch with us – running from the threat of extinction – precisely not us humankind, but other species – our beloved wild animals. From almost decade the ignorance and insensitivity of ours of other non-human creatures resulted great damage to wildlife. Our ego neglected the interest of other living things, and now when everything start falling under the bridge – everyone is furious. Even the several most popular animal cities in the world; Amazon, South Africa, Iceland, etc – couldn’t stop the nature catastrophe.

The inability of animals to survive in their own nature was affected by human intervention. Most distractions that occurred in the nature was human caused. The pollution, plastic inside the oceans, illegal logging, hunting, etc; caused so many losses to wild nature. Do we willing to watch every species enter the list of extinct animal? Absolutely no. There is still hope to save these animals, there is still hope for humankind to change their habitual, there is a hoped to save them from the climate changes (global warming); there are chances for all of us.

From included in the lists of WWF (World Wildlife Fund), some of the species had been threatened to the extinction: African elephants, Asian elephants, Bengal tiger, Polar bear in the Arctic, Amur leopard, Brown bear, Chimpanzee, Giant panda, Green sea turtle, Blue whale, North Atlantic right whale, Sumatran orangutan, Galapos penguin, South Asian river dolphin, and other long list of names. So, what can we do to help stop this issues? However, there are 4 steps we need to save animals before they extinct.

1. Donations

Rescuing animals, build up the new conservation, food, these are examples of budgetary to think about if we talking about saving lives of animals. It’s not come for free. All the wildlife funds organizations need money to process the instruction procedures. Money is one of the most important fuel for their accommodation, just like other thing, I presume. So, if you busy and didn’t have time to help them directly into the fields, so why not give monetary support to the wildlife funds? Every cent is important for these organizations. Just give the donation which accordance to your capacity with all the good attention, then everything is worth it.

There are some famous organizations that open donations for public, such as WWF (World Wildlife Fund), Associations of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA); also some of other non-profit organizations which accept the help of donation from everyone. All you need to do is look them up in internet – for good reasons, perhaps it’s way better if you pick non-profit organizations rather than the one which with profit. Furthermore, start to give the information about your credit card, so they could process the fund for the animal’s interest.

Ordinarily, you would be serve with two options: first is one time donation, and the second one is monthly donation. It’s all up to you which one you want to choose, one thing you need to know that everything must come up from the bottom of your heart. If you choose to give support via WWF, there’s an option of “adoption kits” which is allowed to to pick one species to protect and will flow the fund that you’ve given to the species. If you choose to give it in general (for every animal), then you should not go with “not to receive a gift”.

2. Visit the Conservation or Zoo Directly

The second list of 4 steps we need to save animals before they extinct is visit the conservation or zoo directly. Yes, if you want to see the real treat or the struggling of people who try to save the animals, then go visit the conservation, zoo, or aquarium for yourself. You could offer the help to save those endangered animals, and the majority of zoos and aquariums are partners of AZA. Those parties was in directions for help the breed of endangered species and also stimulate the population trough out reintroduce the species.

Furthermore, dig more information to the expert which you would encounter in the place, and ask what you have to do to help those poor animals. Take your time and go to the nearest accredited location in your areas, and if you would mind, you also could give your support trough the donation. Go visit the official website of AZA and WWF to get more information.

3. Become A Volunteer

Become a volunteer was one of the greatest experience you would ever get. You would know the real life situation, get new knowledge, and meet with a lot of new people. How to be a volunteer? Contact the closest nature conservation and ask directly if any place need a volunteer. Furthermore, you could search national parks or wildlife refuges which ordinarily would need a lot of help with the area maintain or educational visit.

Do not disappoint if you get such as cleaning and maintenance duties, because it is part of the job. You might not get the duty of take care an animal for the first period of time, but if you trusted enough (people higher than you already recognize you) you would get the duty of animal’s care; do not give up! Furthermore, open chances for volunteer was also available internationally! If your dream is to explore the world and experience the close up relation with wild animals, then application for international volunteer is a perfect opportunity!

Some of the most trusted international organization which offer the opportunity as a volunteer is United Nations. You could enter their official website and take a loot all the requirement to be a volunteer for United Nations.

4. The Things You can do in Your House

The opportunity to help animals also available in your neighborhood – or even your house. Use friendly material for nature and keep your household trash safe from wildlife. Close properly you trash cane, so no animals could enter and eat something they shouldn’t have. Make sure the environmental around you were safe, clean, and healthy as prevention of any disease which could distribution to all species, included animals.

Furthermore, consider to grow plants in the yard is an excellent idea. Plants are known as the natural habitat for some animals (ordinarily insects and other small species). Keep the plants fresh and healthy, if you could, please avoid the use of chemicals control materials such pesticide and other dangerous chemicals. It would harm the wildlife surround the plants and could also harm your pet animals in case they accidentally eat the plants.