7 Dangerous Foods to Avoid Feeding Birds

Keeping birds as pets is very interesting and fun. You can socialize with your pet birds by letting her come out of her cage for meal time. At the same time, you’re creating a bond with her. Sharing food with your pet bird is fun, however, is all food safe for your pet birds? The […]

5 Proven Reasons Why do your Bird Pets Lose their Feathers?

Feather loss is more or less similar to hair loss to dogs and cats. Feathers of birds are important as they provide protection, flight, insulation and also visual signals to other pets. Feather loss is not that fatal, but it is quite disturbing for some owners. Meanwhile, some of feather loss cases can also be […]

Why 2 turtle doves become famous ornaments in christmas tree?

Christmas have come, and now it is the time for the winter holiday revelries. If you are celebrating Christmas today, and hope for the merriest Christmas, then we will gladly give you our regards and wish you the merriest Christmas. We also wish you to have the smoothest holiday, and we wish you to have […]

Caring Homing Pigeons: A How-To Information

When you want to choose a pet, what do you think about it? What will you choose? Some people will go with cats or dogs. A regular house pets like cats and dogs are indeed one of the most popular choice for house pets. Other will choose more different pets like birds, some people loves […]

How To Find the Differences Between Parrot and Macaw?

Hello there ladies and gentlemen, the respectable pet owner who always want the best for their pets. Today, we are going to give you a guide about birds, especially about parrot and macaw. Who doesn’t know about parrot and macaw? These birds are very popular to have as a pet, they come in great variety, […]

6 Advantages of Choosing Finch Bird As Pet

Who is do not know finch bird? This small bird which has 20 centimeters measured from the tip of the beak to the tip of the tail, chocolate back and tail, and white in their throat, chest, and tummy magically makes people fell in love now. In their wild life, Finch likes to visiting opened […]

Common Personality Traits of Female Cockatiels

If you are thinking about a pet, cockatiels must be perfect for you. Being nicknamed as America’s most favorite bird, this smaller-species of parrot family has a sweet personality yet attractive-colored feathers that will make you instantly fall in love with them. Talking about personality, female cockatiels and male cockatiels do have some significant differences. […]

4 Steps to Pet Cockatiel Bird for Beginners at Home

Are you planning to take a cockatiel as your pet or have you just brought cockatiel home and added this beautiful bird to your family? Being a social, lovable, and intelligent bird, the cockatiel is perfect to be taken home as a pet or even as your friend. However, if this is your first experience […]

8 Advantages of Keeping Cockatiel as Your Pet

There are many choices of pet ranging from feline like cat, exciting mammal like dog, to cute rabbits and domestic poultry. However, the one known to be very communicative to human is a bird. One of birds known as the talking bird is cockatiel. It is one of bird species that is very ideal to […]

5 Facts of Cockatiel as the Most Favorite Pet Bird

If you are wondering what pet to take care of, cockatiel might be perfect for you. Cockatiel becomes the second most favorite pet in the USA because this bird is considered as a great companion that will please you without any reasons. Moreover, with their beauty, sweet temper, and charming personality, cockatiels melt anyone’s heart […]