10 Reasons Why Your Cat Meowing Loudly

Cat has always been one of human’s favorites. It tends to connect well to human due to its laid back nature and generally manageable size. The distinct characteristic of cat is the sound they make that is often called as meowing.

Meowing occurs on all races of cats. Persian cats, specifically, are known to be talker and meow more than other cats. Sometimes it is followed by yowling or purring. The volume also varies from low to loud ones. While occasional meowing is tolerable, some of them. There are several reasons why your cat meowing loudly as explained below.

Reasons A Cat Meows Loudly

There are several reasons why a cat meows louder than usual.

  • Cat is Hungry

The most common reason why cat meows loudly is because it is hungry. Some cats are adopted but majority remain as stray cats who often survive through meowing near human asking for food. The volume of your cat meowing will get louder if you ignore their request. Try to give them some foods and see their reaction. If they eat the food, hence its meow was a sign of hunger.

  • Cat is Scared

Another reason why cat meows louder than usual is when it gets scared of something. For example a presence of another cat or unfamiliar situation that puts your cat to feel anxious. Furthermore, they can meow when they meet stranger or threatening cat. Their meows when they are scared often sounded like a long cry that will subside if their fear disappear. Try to not get panicked and search for your cat’s fear. Do not put strange cat immediately in the same cage.

  • Cat is Feeling Pain

Cat can only communicate with you through their sound and gesture. It is a pet owner’s job to ensure the health of their cat. To show a sign of feeling pain, cat often meowing loudly and continuously. The pain it feels may be a wound or some illnesses that needed treatment. A serious illness may cause your cat to yowling for several days. Take your cat to veterinarian for further check up and examination. You can also try to make home remedies to treat cat wounds if the pain is from a wound.

  • Cat Wants Attention

A cat who grow fond of its owner love to play together. They usually will meow to attract people’ attention. This happens a lot when you and your cat are close to each other. Cat is a laid back creature who does not do heavy activities but it often gets lonely especially those staying at home. It might start meowing while rubbing its head on your feet or softly biting your arm to get your attention. Don’t ignore it and try to play a toy with them.

  • Cat is Deaf

This is a little more serious case where cat keeps meowing loudly. The loud volume is often unintentional because deaf cat cannot hear their own voice and measure the volume. Moreover, they also do not know that they are meowing loudly. Since they are unaware, they might keep meowing and owner will need to know common cat night behavior. There are various reasons why a cat can go deaf including bacteria infestation within its ear and other serious illnesses. Cat meowing at night may trouble your sleep, it is best for you to know how to train a cat to let you sleep at night.

  • Cat Has Cognitive Dysfunction

Cognitive dysfunction is a condition where the cat becomes confused of the cognitive function within its body. If your cat is getting older, there is chance that it will experience this. This phenomenon makes cat become confused and does not realize that they are meowing loudly almost all day. The vocalization of meowing sound is a result of uncoordinated cognitive function. If it occurs, make sure to make an appointment with a vet.

  • Cat Gets Stressed

In a situation where a cat has to move to new place or share a room with another cat, they might get stressed and start meowing loudly. It is a sign that they do not like the change and feel uncomfortable with it. Sometimes they even get mad from this. As you will not immediately know the reason, try to interact with the cat and help them play together with the new cat to relieve their stress.

  • Cat Greets You Home

If you succeed on how to train your cat to come when get called, they will be more friendly and less hostile to you. More often than not, they will try to engage with you most of the time. They might meow when you enter your house as a sign of welcoming you home. Their meow might sound a little louder due to the excitement they feel. Especially if you have gone from a long trip, their meow is an expression of longing and are excited to see you go home.

  • Cat Feels The Heat

Temperature and hot weather can affect the cat. Even though cat is not exclusively four-season creature, cat gets uncomfortable easily when exposed to heat. A room with poor ventilation or outdoor activities with scorching sun can make the cat feel hoy and become annoyed with it. Severe burning temperature may also hurt them. To show discomfort, they will meow loudly and might start looking for cooler places. Get them to a room with cooler temperature and let them out of housing to get them fresh air.

  • Cat Feels Threatened

Another reason why your cat meowing loudly is due to feel threatened. Moreover, they often mix it with yowling to challenge another cat. When a tamed cat with stray one, there might be some friction that causes tension between them. They will start to stare at each other and showing their teeth while meowing. There might also be some competition to get new mate during mating season. Try not to get them tensed even more by separating the cats or learn ways to keep stray cats out of your house.


There is no definite method to pinpoint the reason why your cat meowing loudly. However, those reasons above are detectable especially if you take time to address their meowing. Never ignore cat’s meow since it may lead to neglecting the cat and worsen their condition. If there are some serious signs, contact veterinarian for further examination.