6 Easy and Simple Ways to Catch Cricket

Talking about insects, which one of it is cricket. Do you know this animal? Where it is common to meet around paddy field or other grassy area. Cricket is an insect that is brother to grasshopper. Its loud voice every night almost wake people up. Don’t you ever heard it? Another animal that is also usually on paddy field or grassy area is butterfly. Here are 2 Fun Facts about Butterflies for Kids

Cricket don’t bite, but there are several people who scared, some feeling gross and the rest of it feel joy, which means they love to hunt cricket. There are also some people who love to hunt crab, which you can read on : 13 Factors to Consider When Hunting Mangrove Crabs. There are also a lot of people who would like to breed it, so what is important about this little animal? You might be confused with this, because people seems to need cricket.

Cricket is needed as a bird food. So that’s why some people need it. Most people who take/ look for it is a breeder who will sell it in the end. This is worth to count on for its profit also quite promising. This is where cricket is important for some people, cricket also need to be breed so it won’t extinct. At least they breed it first before selling it, not just looking for it and sell it. People also breed other animal such as lobster, which you can read on : 8 Ways on How to Breed your Freshwater Lobster

For bird food, cricket has benefits for health and growth. You can read : 8 Best Food Choices for Your Cockatiel Birds. Cricket is high in protein that can help to boost bird growth and make it bigger faster. This will absolutely make your bird to chirp faster. But how to catch a cricket, while a lot of people think that it was hard to do

How to Catch Cricket

  • Using Newspaper

The first tips to catch cricket is by using newspaper. The way to do it is by mixing sugar and bread crumbs with the same amount. Then use this mixture to as its food. If you want to catch several crickets, a cup of sugar with a cup of breadcrumbs is more than enough. As a note, don’t use a spicy or tasty breadcrumb. Plain breadcrumb is the best one to catch cricket, adding flavor could cause it to lose appetite.

  • Big Jar

The next technique is using a big jar. Pick a big jar with cap on it to catch cricket. Don’t forget to pick a transparent glass or plastic jar. Make some holes on the cap if you want the cricket to stay alive and in a good condition because the holes will work as a ventilation. Put the cap it in an open-close condition and check it on the next day, then if there is cricket, close the cap.

  • Soda Bottle

The other way is by using a 1.5 L soda plastic bottle, and cut the upper top. Use a sharp knife to cut the bottle in a perfect cut. Also make sure that you hold the bottle tight so that the knife won’t slip or harm you. Put the upper part upside down into the bottle.

The bottle mouth should face the bottom of the bottle, and you should have taken the cap off. For the edges, use a duct tape to cover it. Spread some sugar in the bottle and till it creates a coating, then put it in a horizontal position.

  • Using Duct Tape

Place one strip of duct tape with the sticky side facing upward where you see most cricket surround or gather. This way is better to be done inside a room, it is because dirt, leaves and other animal could also stick to it if you put it outside.

  • Using Cardboard Tube

Put a little bit of cricket food into a cardboard tube, use a napkin or toilet paper tube. The longer the tube the more cricket y

ou will get. Next place the cardboard tube in a place where cricket usually hide. It will be better if you place it in the corner of the room.

  • Using Piece of Bread

The other way is by using a bread, take a long bread and cut it into 2 pieces. This tips won’t work if you use a slice bread, so apply this trick as guidance. It will get better if you use a piece of bread that hasn’t been cut. Then place the bread in a bowl and mix it with the other piece of bread and a sugar.

If you’ve done all these steps, combine the two piece of bread using a rubber band or a toothpick. You can also wrap the joint using a duct tape or a plastic wrap that can connect them. Then slice the tip of the bread as a path for the crickets.

Pretty easy, right? That is all on how to catch cricket that you can try on your own to get yourself cricket in an easy and with a huge amount, whether for pet food or as a bait. Good luck

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