10 Chew Toys For Hamster To Play Outside The Cage

However, below these are of 10 chew toys for hamster to play outside the cage may help you what is the right of the suit of chew toys of your adorable hamster. So, let’s check it out what is the best of chew toys that may your hamster loves it. Here we go the 10 chew toys for hamster to play outside the cage.

1. The basically of chew toys

What is the chew toys? Basically, chew toys is used for a hamster to maintain their teeth health. The chew toys can prevent any dental problems of a hamster. In fact, the front teeth of a hamster can grow consistently throughout their life. So, if the teeth of the hamster are overgrown it will become infected and painful. For that, as the good owner, you must give your hamster once or twice of chew toys in a day.

2. One of the best choice toys for hamster

What is the best choice for chew toys for your hamster? In fact, fruit tree branch is the best choice for chew toys of a hamster. You can get it in your backyard. Find and cut it into several pieces then give it in your hamster cage. Fruit tree branches are natural chew toys that have much nutrition for your hamster. It is free of pesticide so that it is not harmful to your lovely hamster. As the good owner please to do great care for them.

3. The right time to give chew toys to your hamster

At least at one month old, it is the right time to give chew toys to your hamster. There are many kinds of chew toys that you can find in a pet store. If your hamster is too young, you can give a dog biscuit. Treat your hamster with special ones, a dog biscuit every once a month. You will see that your hamster really loves it. However, you are permissible to feed your hamster with a healthy diet. Make a combination of their diet, example this month you treat them with the dog biscuit, and for next you can give them a mix of fresh fruits and vegetables. This would make your hamster’s mouth always healthy.

4. Play outside the cage with chew toys

How to have fun playing with your hamster outside the cage? You can make a playground first from your little fella. You can make with a big large plastic box then put some hamster bedding there. Make different atmosphere in here, put some hamster toys in here such as a slider, swings, ladder, and seesaw. To make them having fun put some chew toys like grass bowl and crispy puzzle. In fact, these chew toys are natural and it is safe to chew. With these chew toys your hamster will not bore ever that they play.

5. Bamboo Chew Toy

Besides, the natural fruit tree branch there is one natural chew toy that you can give to your hamster. It is a bamboo chew thew, in fact, bamboo has a sweet taste and it is a little watery. This stick is also can make your hamster’s teeth healthy growth. Give this chew toys once a day for your hamster in their cage. Your hamster will chew it and then eating the sticks with no wasting. Yes, the taste is really good. In fact, besides it suitable for hamster. This bamboo chew toy is good too for rabbits too. So, to know more about the rabbit, you can read these several tips on how to pet a rabbit in your house, it is so much fun.

6. Chew toys made from Timothy grass

There is one of the chew toys that perfect to be stored for long. It is the chew toys of Timothy grass. In fact, this chew tows is like a stick. The different is, it is made from Timothy grass powder that baked in high temperatures to keep it sterile. This stick grass is very rich in high fiber. It is good for your hamster healthy. This stick is usually packed in boxes. Each one box usually contains 20 pieces. Do not worry if your hamster will messing up the cage. This grass stick it also work as fruit tree branches.

7. Apple sticks

Another chew sticks that are most love by hamster is apple stick. Apple stick is one of the best fruit tree branch that loves by all hamsters. This apple stick is usually given to prevent the hamster from biting the cage. If the hamster always bites the iron bars of his cage, it will not  good for the growth of his teeth. You allow to  do this, collect several apple sticks, make toys with this stick. This will keep your hamster away from bored when he is playing in a cage.

8. Wood chews

Find this at the pet shop, colorful of wood chews. Usually these colourful of wood chews are combine with apple sticks. This chew toys is also the favorites of some chew toys of hamster. This colorful wood chews are made by natural botany. The taste is really good and all of hamster loves it. This wood chew is to ensure your hamster’s teeth healthy grow. This wood chews are also avoid them to bite their cage because of bored. Do not let your hamster bitting his cage. That is why you should give them chew toys.

9. Stone chew toys 

So, if you have much of money you should purchase this chew toys. Yes, it is a lava bites this chew toys are made by natural lava stone. Lava stone is one of genuine volcanic rock that is ideal to keep your hamster teeth clean, healthy and trim. With this chew toys, your hamster’s teeth will not overgrow. Treat your hamster with this, once a month. You will see that your hamster really have perfect size and shape of their teeth. This stone chew toys it is permissible for the baby hamster that has already one month old.

10. Alternatives of chew toys to play outside

Is it possible to make chew toys for hamsters? Prepare some materials needed; first look for the right type of wood for the toy to chew your hamster. Fruit trees branches are the best choice for them. For other alternatives, you can be permissible to give a paper towel tube for your hamster’s chew toy to play outside. With this tubes, your hamster will crawl into the tubes and he plays inside it. Give more than one of the paper towel tubes and make it them like a tunnel.

Hopefully, the above of the 10 chew toys for hamster to play outside the cage can useful for you, hamster lover. May these full of tips can give you an idea what is the right and best choice of the chew toys for your hamster needed. So, be wise while choosing the right ones. To decide the right to chew toys, you can discuss with your friends or your relatives that know about the chew toys well. Good luck.