How to Have Fun Playing with Your Hamster Outdoors

When you had hamster, it will be your new hobby to watching them playing and running around in their cage. If you had an active hamster then it would be even more fun to watch them play in their cage. But as much as they’re having fun in their cage, every once in a while, you still need to let them out. This will be good for them and also for you. This could help you to bound more with your hamster. This could make the both of you feel closer.

Sometime you don’t just want to play with your hamster outside the cage, but also outdoors, out in the open air. You just want to bring your hamster into the fresh air. But it’s not a simple thing to do as your hamster is very small in size. Not like cats or dogs, you can’t bring them outside without any worry that you won’t find them anymore. What I mean by this is that obviously cats and dogs are much larger in size, so it would be easy for you to see where they are. But it’s different with hamster. Hamster are very small and some of them can also be very fast. It won’t help that hamster is the master of escaping. If you’re being off guard just for a split second, it’s not impossible your hamster will not be there anymore.

How to have fun playing with your hamster outdoors is a very important thing to know for all hamster owner out there. If you know about these you can at least minimalize all the risk if you’re bringing your hamster outside. So, please keep reading to know more about how to have fun playing with your hamster outdoors.

1. Try to tame them

Yes, there are some hamsters that cannot be tamed at all. They won’t cuddle with you no matter what. Don’t worry, some hamsters are just like that naturally. It’s okay. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them. Because you can still very much enjoy them and spending time together. But you have to know it could also because it’s not that your hamster cannot be tamed. But it just needs longer time for your hamster to feel more comfortable with you. You will need all your patience for this process.

The first step you can do to tame them is by let your hamster recognize your scent. After few days after you brought your hamster home, you can try to feed them directly from your hand. But before that you always need to wash your hand. So, there is no other scent on it as hamster is have a very good sense of smell. If your hamster already used to your smell the next step you can do is just let your hamster being used of your presence. You also need to show your hamster that you mean no harm to them. Because hamster reaction towards human mostly are get away from us because their instinct tells them to do so since we are much bigger than them. Hamster will feel the need to defend themselves. That’s why sometime it’s quite hard to get into them.

If you already can tame them, or at least able to hold them well, it’s the time for you to have fun with your hamster outside. But if you can’t do both yet, it’s better to wait for a little more. Because the key on how to have fun playing with your hamster outdoors is to tame them first. You need to bond before bringing your hamster into the outdoors, or it wouldn’t be some fun anymore.

If you already can hold your hamster well, now it’s time to go outside. For the first time it would be very recommended to try it out in short amount of time. Don’t stay out for too long. Let your hamster being used to it first. You also need pay attention to the weather. Make sure it wouldn’t make your hamster feel uncomfortable.

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2. Toys and the area

When you already preparing to handle your hamster, don’t forget about the toys. Even in the outdoors your hamster will still need their toys. You can choose some of their toys to bring outside. The two things that are very important to bring is their hideout and food container. Every once in a while, your hamster would want to hide so you need to provide it for them. Because if not your hamster will look for it somewhere else which can be very complicated for you to find them.

Other than the toys your hamster already had you can also made one yourself. This one will be the toys that specifically played outdoors. One of the examples for it is a maze. You can make it from a cardboard. Make it in large size. Your hamster will surely have so much fun playing with it. Don’t forget to put some treat in it too. Your hamster will even more excited to play with it. It’s also will be fun for you to watch your hamster had so much fun. You can also made or probably buy other toys for your hamster to play in outdoors.

Now for the last part. This one is also very important. You need to make sure the area where you play with your hamster is hamster-proof. As hamster is very small in size you need to make sure the area is safe for them. Also, there is no hole or anything that they can use to escape. Hamster are very good at escaping so you need to really scan the area. But other than that, you also need to secure the area from anything that can harm your hamster.

If you had another pet or there are any other animals in the area you need to make sure they will not bother or harm your hamster. That’s why you need to keep an eye on them all the time while you’re playing outside. Beside it won’t be tiring since watching your little hamster having so much fun outdoors will be such a reward for you.

There are some rules you had to follow if you want to bring your hamster outside. But don’t think of it as something that is weighted you. You love your hamster so think of it as an act you can do to show your love to your hamster. Lastly once again I need to remain you what’s the most important is that you have to make sure your hamster safe all the time. That way both of you will have all the fun you can get.