7 Most Colorful Lizards in the World that will Amaze You

Lizards are amazing animals belonging to the genus of Agamidae. Similar to other animals, lizards are uniquely adapted and equipped with some body structures that enable them to survive in specific environments.

Some of them are even beautiful and colorful because of their bright markings and eyes of varying different colors. Make sure you read the complete list of world’s lizard species.

Are you ready to get amazed by these 7 colorful lizards in the world? Let’s get to know their characteristics too!

  • Parson’s Chameleon

Being the largest chameleon in the world, Parson’s chameleon is commonly found in the rainforest of Madagascar. It has a large triangular head and independently moving eyes.

It also has a Pinocchio-like appearance with a protruding snout and exceeds 60 cm in length in maturity. Their eyes are noticeable because of the bright orange color against its green skin.

Just like other reptiles, this chameleon also has a strong sense of smell. It also doesn’t stay in one spot for a long time to regulate its body. Parson’s chameleon feeds mainly on plants, insects and small birds as it is omnivore.

Chameleon has some amazing facts, read more about them in facts of chameleon you should know.

  • Rainbow Agama

The Rainbow Agama is a very colorful lizard which is commonly found in Sahara, Africa. It is mostly seen during the heat of the day. The males become stunningly colorful, especially during the mating season.

Their head, neck, and tail are turning into bright orange while the body is turning blue. The Rainbow Agama mainly feeds on insects. It also has other names: the Red-headed Agama and the Common Agama.

  • Thorny Dragon

Mostly found in Australian deserts, the thorny dragon lizards have desert brown color. They are eye-catching and sometimes camouflage during the cold weather. They form a darker shade of their desert brown hue.

They also have spikes on their body just like that of the defense of a fantastical dragon. They may grow up to 20 cm and live up to 16 years. They have soft tissues located on top of the neck, which they use to insert and withdraw their head when there is danger. Their body is also sensitive as they can detect enemies from afar.

  • Panther Chameleon

This colorful chameleon inhabits tropical forest in Madagascar. The males are more brilliantly colored and much larger than the females. They can grow up to more than 45 cm long.

Among all those colorful lizards, Panther Chameleon is considered as one of the best choices for a pet. To pet it, you just need to provide a precise environment which is almost similar to a jungle. Besides, feed it with necessary foods, especially the ones rich in vitamins.

  • Five-lined Skink

This lizard species is also known as the Blue-tailed Skink. This five-lined skink is moderately large lizard which has short legs and streamlined body shape. The body is generally brown, gray or black, in background color with five white or yellowish stripes.

The young have a bright blue tail while the adult males will often loose their stripes and develop reddish or orange colors on the head. Skink is also listed as one of the animals you will only meet in New Zealand.

Five-lined skinks are commonly found throughout Georgia and South Carolina. They live on the ground and in trees. They mainly prey on a wide variety of insects, spiders and other invertebrates.

  • Rock Agama

This lizard species is commonly found in most Sub-Saharan countries. It is normally 13 to 30 cm in length with the males are around 3 to 5 inches longer than the females. Rock Agamas mostly live in a small group consisting of one male as the leader and the females.

Rock Agamas feed mainly on insects, reptiles, small mammals and vegetation. They mate during the wet season.

  • Jeweled Lacerta

Jeweled Lacerta is also known as the ocellated lizard. It has bright green body with bold and blue “eyes” or dots lining its back in a rosette pattern. These dots make its skin look like it is covered in jewels or colorful beads.

These beautiful spots serve to reflect UV spectrum light. Both females and males will be brightly colored, but the males will have more vibrant colors and have larger heads than the females.

Jeweled lacertas are suitable to pet at home. However, there are some aspects you need to pay attention when you pet this lizard, such as it tends to get stressed and it needs specific temperature, humidity, lighting and feeding requirement.

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