8 Facts of Chameleon You Should Know

Can pet something in your house must be really interesting experience, moreover if you are already put them as your target for a long time. But some of people really hard to say about what they really love to become a pet. Pet owner who is still considerate about pet something is usually want to pet a kind of animal which rarely to be pet, like chameleon. So some question that usually think is did you feel so confuse or hesitate to  decide pet a chameleon or not? Or maybe you need more reference about this animal?

Maybe some unique information below will be more inform you about chameleon.

1. Many species

Chameleon has many kind species. This reptile has 6 genera with 180 species and subspecies. Every each species has their own characteristic which different with other. Such like Veiled Chameleon which looks like using helmet and Jackson Chameleon which has horn in their forehead. Every each species also has different color character. Like Chameleon Garden which has blue color, Veiled Chameleon which has dark blue navy color, and Jackson Chameleon which has light orange color. Beside the appearance, their cycle, breed, lays egg period are also different. The time to be lay egg, for example has different period takes. But don’t worry their treat is same as another, same hard, same complicated, and same standard, so don’t worry.

2. Changing color

As we know that chameleon will change their color if something happen to them. When they feel pressed, stressed, cold, or sick, chameleon will transform into another color. But did you know that not only by that situation the chameleon will change their color, during pregnancy and heat period chameleon will change their color. The color changing can be happen in every 20 seconds. They are also using different color to communicate with the other. On heat period both male and female will change their color together to send a message each other. Even can change their color as they want.

The color pallet in every species is limited in some colors. For wide geographic, the color in adult chameleon also develop so significant like pink, blue, green, red, orange, and white. The color on puberty chameleon usually more pale than the adult in same species. That’s used for hide them self from any predator. The most dramatic color available on Panther Chameleon. Talk about color, actually chameleon was born with special cell which has pigment inside it called cromatophora. These cells place in the base of outside skin of chameleon. A chemical substance called melanine also help chameleon to change their color, usually turning into darker.

3. Uniquely eyes

On their eyes, chameleon has 360 vision also can be view from 2 sided at the same time. Chameleon has characteristic which make them different from another reptile. Both up and base eyelids are turn into one and place small hole for pupil that used to see. Those eyes can be rolled and focus to observe two different object at the same time. These eyes can be move independently.

4. Beautiful exotic color

Chameleon becomes popular because their beautiful color. One species chameleon has 203 combination colors which is really beautiful and interesting. The light color like green, orange, brown, blue, and red become their mostly color. Even they can change it into another colors, their original color is so beautiful. So the color transformation is not a problem and un-decrease their beautiful.

5. Can’t hear too much

Even chameleon hate crowded and loud place, in the fact chameleon can’t hear a voice. That’s because they don’t have eardrum inside their head. But chameleon has outer ears or middle ear so that’s makes they don’t have eardrum. Also, chameleon isn’t deaf. They still can hear and sensor 200-600 Hz frequency.

6. Ancient animals

In the fact, chameleon isn’t modern animal. They are already living from million years ago. According to history, chameleon fossil founded since 60 million years ago. Even people believe that chameleon came from Africa or Madagascar, but the oldest chameleon fossil which 26 years old is founded in West Bohemia. It’s so close with dinosaur era so if you want to make your kid want to learn about dinosaur or another ancient animal, you can start it with introduce chameleon.

7. Super-fast tongue

To catch their prey quickly chameleon has super-fast tongue. This tongue has 1,5 or moreover has 2 times longer than their length body but not included their tail. Chameleon will shoot their tongue ballistically to catch their prey.

8. Insect eater

For you who didn’t know, chameleon is insect eater. They are only ate insects like fly, grasshopper, and cicadas. They couldn’t bite or eat you so don’t worry when you touch them. Even they can eat insect, don’t give them bee.

That’s all some interesting fact about chameleon. Hopefully can more inform you and change your point about chameleon.