6 Most Colorful Sea Creatures with their Incredible Characteristics

This world is full of amazing animals with their unique characteristics, such as these strongest animals on earth. Some animals are really colorful and vibrant, including the creatures we can find underwater.

These colorful sea creatures are amazing, but their bright color may be a sign of warning that they are dangerous. Some animals have bright color to keep their predator away.

However, some other sea creatures are indeed colorful and beautiful. Let’s be amazed with these 6 most colorful sea creatures with their incredible characteristics!

  • Christmas Tree Worms

Not all worms can be found under the ground. Sea also has Christmas tree worms. They are considered as colorful marine creatures which are distributed throughout tropical oceans around the world. These creatures are named that way because they have two brightly-colored Christmas tree that resembles crown.

The plumes of these worms come in different colors, such as red, orange, yellow, white, and pink. They also use these plumes for feeding, using it for trapping plankton and other small particles. Then, together with the cilia, they transport those particles to their mouth.

  • Flower Hat Jelly

This rare species of jellyfish is native to Western Pacific Ocean. Its shape looks like hat with flowers on it. Its tentacles are shiny and multi-colored and are protected from its translucent and pinstriped bell.

The colors of the flower hat jelly vary from yellow, pink, purple, green, orange and blue. The tentacles are used to catch small fishes and make painful sting for attacking their enemies. The sting from the flower is not deadly to human, but it is surely really painful.

Despite their beautiful colors, jellyfish is listed as one of the sea creatures that can sting. Beware of them!

  • Nudibranchs

Nudibranchs are mollusks which are jelly-bodied and shell less. They can be found throughout the world oceans. There are more than 3000 species of nudibranchs in the world.

Nudibranchs are noticeable by their striking colors. They even evolve their color pattern that matches their surroundings. This color pattern is used as a primary defense mechanism to escape from their predators.

Some other nudibranchs use this color pattern to warn their predators about the poison lie within. They are mostly found on the ocean floors as they cannot swim or move fast. Some species of nudibranchs feed on sponges while some others feed on sea slugs.

  • Sea Anemones

Sea anemones got their name from the colorful terrestrial anemone flowers. There are more than thousand species of sea anemones found throughout the world ocean. They spend most of their time being attached to sea floor due to their adhesive legs.

Sea anemones have various colors, from pale to bright fluorescent colors. They have a cylindrical body which is equipped with tens to hundreds of poison-filled tentacles surrounding their central mouth. These tentacles are used to find their food and inject paralyzing neurotoxin.

  • Parrotfish

Parrotfish get their names because of their fused teeth that resemble a parrot’s beak. Those teeth are used to scrap algae and invertebrates from corals and rocks. There are around 90 species of parrotfishes in total. They live in subtropical and shallow tropical oceans around the world.

The unique thing about parrotfish is the gender and coloration repeatedly changes while they are developing. Almost all species of parrotfish are born as females. During their development process, they change their gender to males.

During the earlier phases, their color varies from brown, grey or red. As they mature. The color changes to vivid green or belie. The color pattern remains the same for all stages of their life.

  • Regal Angel Fish

These medium-sized angel fish are mostly found in tropical Indo-Pacific oceans. They can be noticed by their striking color in different patterns. The body of regal angel fish features bluish-white and orange stripes. There are some beautiful patterns in the dorsal fins and the caudal fin appears in deep yellow color.

  • Mantis Shrimp

Mantis shrimps are mostly found in tropical and sub-tropical waters of Indo-Pacific oceans. They have a brightly-colored body and shells. The color of their shell varies from red, orange, blue and green.

Mantis shrimps also have eyes with various colors. They are even considered as the most elaborate visual system ever discovered in animal kingdom. They have 12 different types of photoreceptor for color analysis, where most humans only have 3 visual colorant.

  • Clownfish

Known as one of the most beautiful fishes in the world, clownfish have various colors, such as orange, red or yellow along with their distinctive white stripes. Indeed, they are known as the most recognizable reed-dwellers in the world. Clownfish is also listed as one of the most colorful animals in the world too!

There are around 30 known species of clownfish around the world, living within shallow waters of Indo-Pacific oceans.

They are also known as anemone fishes as they live with poisonous sea anemones. They can even swim freely between poisonous tentacles of sea anemones.

Those tentacles help clownfish to avoid their predators. Besides, their fast movement will also help anemones increase their blood circulation and to find food.

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