9 Most Dangerous Sea Creatures You Never Know Before

You might always think that shark is the most dangerous sea creatures ever alive. However, shark is not the only one. Shark is well known for being the deadliest killing sea creature.

However, there are more dangerous sea creatures you will be amazed of. Sea is not the only place where you can see lots of beautiful creatures, but it is also a home for some most creatures.

If you are a diver, you must be really aware of these creatures as they might put you in danger. The creatures range from the vicious to the poisonous ones.

Let’s take a look at the 9 most dangerous sea creatures you never know before.

  • Lionfish

Don’t let the attractive and beautiful color of lionfish fool you! Though it is not killing you right away, but its spines will inject venom that makes you wish to be dead.

However, this creature will only attack you if only you seem to attack it. That’s why if you wish to dive in the Caribbean or Eastern Atlantic which is a home for lionfish, just enjoy the beauty of this lionfish from a distance.

  • Flower urchin

Indeed, sea is full of beautiful and amazing creatures, but mostly they are trying to fool you. Don’t let yourself get fooled by their pretty appearance. Sea urchin is one of the pretty sea creatures you can find underwater with its pretty colors.

Each flower’s urchin is equipped with a tentacle called pedicellaria that is able to penetrate toxic venoms that might kill you. And you know what? This flower urchin is named as the most dangerous sea urchin in 2014 Guinness Book of World Records.

  • Sea Snake

This species is commonly found in tropical waters in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Amazingly, this species is part of cobra family. Sea snake is 2 meters long in average.

Sea snake is not an aggressive animal but it is equipped with highly toxic venom that might kill lots of people. Do you know that three drops of its venom are able to kill about 8 people? You’d better stay away from this creature.

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  • Box Jellyfish

Jellyfish is known for its sting that is painful. However, this box jelly fish is even deadlier! It doesn’t have any sharp or razor-sharp teeth, but it kills more people in Australia compared to snakes, sharks or crocodiles.

Its color is pale blue and transparent, makes it even looks invisible underwater. Surprisingly, a box jellyfish can kill up to 60 people with the venom in its body.

That sounds really scary! You’d better find something more interesting to do instead of diving in the sea where this box jellyfish is around.

  • Stonefish

Its camouflaging skill is beyond amazing! Despite its amazing skill in camouflaging, it will also bring greater chance for you to be in danger. This creature is known as the most venomous fish in the world.

The effects of the venom on humans are really terrifying as it might cause pain, temporary paralysis and also heart failure. However, this creature attacks you just as the mean of defense if you attack them. So, you’d better stay away and keep your curiosity away from this creature.

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  • The Great Barracuda

Even by hearing its name, it creates horror. This two-meter sea creature with its sharp teeth is known to have attacked mostly humans. However, the great barracuda is rarely attacking humans and only attacks humans if it wants to steal prey from the fisherman’s spear.

It does not mean that this fish is friendly if you are not fishing. The great barracuda has a body that looks like torpedo and two rows of sharp teeth look like a razor.

Don’t try to make contact with it or even consume it as its flesh contains poison that leads to serious symptoms such as vomiting and leg weakness.

  • Stingray

This stingray is named as the cold-blooded killer, one of which is the Australian bull ray. Though it is named as cold-blooded killer, you don’t have to worry too much as stingray will only attack you once you step on it.

Stinging will be a response of defending itself. Still, you cannot take the stinging easy as its venom might be fatal to humans.

Do you know that stingray is also one of the 8 gigantic freshwater fishes?

  • Tiger Shark

Shark is still one of the deadliest sea creatures in the world. This species called “Tiger Shark” as its body that has dark stripes down its body just like a tiger.

It is also known for its skill as one of the most feared predators underwater in the world. Its body can grow up to 5 meters in length. You can mostly find this species in Pacific Ocean or other ocean or sea with tropical and temperate water.

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  • Blue-Ringed Octopus

It has a great predicate as one of the four highly venomous octopi species in Pacific and Indian Oceans. Its body is characterized by the yellowish skin with blue and black rings that are able to change color when it is in danger.

It comes in small size, between 12 to 20 cm. Despite its small body, it can create fatal effects on humans. When it is provoked, it will directly bite and injecting a very powerful venom as harmful as Pufferfish’s venom.

This bite is painless at the beginning but later on people will experience breathing problem and paralysis. Surprisingly, one blue-ringed octopus is able to kill up to 26 adults in a minute.

Before diving in the ocean, you need to make sure that you are knowledgeable of these 9 most dangerous sea creatures you never know before.

By knowing these species of dangerous sea creatures, you can save your life. Also spend time reading these earths deep sea creatures. They are just beyond amazing.