How To Help Inability To Urinate In Your Dogs

Hello there, how is your dog, today? Is he in a good condition? We already talk about how to treat a dog with a disease like the tips on how to treat Dog ear infection without a vet and how to treat yeast ear infections in dogs. Otherwise, has your dog ever get an inability to urinate?  So, how to help inability to urinate in your dogs? Let’s check these several tips, it will help you lots. 

1. The numerous factors

Why the inability urinate can happen in our dogs? It has numerous factors, it can be your dog has a health problem. He does not drink water (per day with properly), or he does not have a healthy life. This problem is more common in male dogs than female dogs. Well, if your dog shows any signs that he gets the inability to urinate, take him to the vet immediately. It is to avoid serious complications.     

2. The symptoms of inability urinate in your dogs

There are some symptoms that you should know that your dog gets this disease so, check these are lists, does your dog have one or two this sign? First, his urine often flows in spurts or trickles, the frequency of urinating (delayed and no success), blood in his urine, low appetite, he is often vomiting, he looks so pale also lethargy, and he does not interest to play or other normal activities. 

3. The causes of inability urinate

Well, before we see the tips on how to help the inability to urinate in your dogs we must have to see the causes first. It belongs to the factors at the previous points. Your dog can get this problem because your dog has something that is so serious in his body, such as; obstruction in the urethra (there is a crystal in the urine and it is because there is to less water intake), bladder distention, urinary tract infections can move into the bladder, temporary complication, Cancer and even prostate disease.  All these factors are so terrible. But, do not worry as soon as possible we can reduce this and this cannot happen to your dog.

4. Diagnosed your dog

We already see the factors, the causes even the symptoms of inability urinate in your dog. Now, it is time for you to diagnose him. If your fog really has the same symptoms that have written on above immediately to bring your lovely dog safely to your vet. He will give the best treatment for your dog. 

5. Make sure you take care of him with right

The first that important is cleanse, as his owner make sure all his body clean and keep his behind’s body area clean.  Whatever the sex of your dog you should keep this area clean, you can do with trim the hair around buttocks and genitals. It will reduce the risk of bacteria in dirt or mud even soil stick on it. Bath your dog and make it schedule at least twice in a month. 

6. Gives him more water

Is there another tip to avoid our dogs from this, inability urinate? Yes, you can do this to avoid your dog from this. Gives him more water, make sure that water is very fresh or use the ozone waters. It betters than usual fresh water. Ozone waters you can make it with your own with …. or you can buy it in stores. The ozone waters have much of minerals and vitamins so that it will fulfill and increasing your dog’s health.

7. Mixed his food with canned food

Keep his nutrition and make a schedule too with proper and healthy food. You can mix the dry food with canned food that has lots of water, minerals, and vitamins. However, if you like to give him dry food, make sure you give lots of fresh water for him per day.  With drinking, lots of fresh water the bacteria will not stick or injured your dog’s bladder. The toxins in your dog’s body will come out and it will reduce the risk of inability urinate.

8. Does not gives this to your dog

Oranges juice or other drinks that contain chemicals are harmful to his body. Oranges juice is healthy for a human, it contains much of vitamins but it has not good for dogs, why? it because the orange juice can increase the acidity in the dog’s urine and it kill the infections. The risk is the high of acidity can lead the crystal or stone urinary disease. If your dog gets this disease, immediately seek to advise from your veterinarian, now. 

9. Home treatment options

If your dog just shows one or two sign of inability urinate in several days you can do this home treatment before you take him to your vet. This home treatment will help your dog to recover and he will feel more comfortable. Prepare one teaspoon (for a small dog) or one tablespoon (for your big buddy) and a bottle of cider vinegar. Add one or two teaspoons or tablespoons into his water bowl. Repeat this until the up of the day, it can 7 to 10 days. It depends on how severe your dog’s disease. 

10. Homeopathic remedies

The last on how to help the inability to urinate in your dog, you can give this remedy. Homeopathic remedies usually come in pallet form. Let’s prepare the remedy, take 3 pellets and fold them in a notecard. Crush them into powder and add a half cup of fresh water in a glass. Stir it well, in 30 seconds. This liquid makes about 100 doses. Repeat this remedy every 15 minutes for a total of three doses. For less disease, you can repeat it 3 times half an hour apart. Basically, if this last does not give any effect on your dogs, you should see your vet about the right treatment for your dog. Maybe the best treatment for your dog is an antibiotic it will help to reduce this problem. But, if thia problem becomes worse may your vet will does this, the surgary. Such as Cancer and prostate disease. Whatever your dog, female or male they may get this disease. 

Hopefully, the above tips on how to help inability to urinate in your dog can help you how to handle your dog with this problem. With the above proper way, it can benefit you. Another information all about the dog you can see on these; how to handle with your dog’s first night at home?how to train your dog to use the bathroom outside, and also what you need to prepare for your dog’s first camping trip. Good luck give the best for them.