How to Tame and Adopt Semi Feral Dog


Hello there, fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys will always be healthy always, everyday, and more. Hey, you guys now that not every dog has her fortune, some just live on the street since the dawn of her birth, some live in a fancy house, and some even had that fancy house and the owner went berserk thus banished the dog away.

These banished dogs are what we called a semi feral dog. Mostly, they become feral because of their owner did not love them anymore; they decided to leave them into the wild and let them sort out their self on their own. Which is why, as a dog lover it is worthy of your time to try to save, tame, and adopt a semi feral dog; it would help you understand and help you appreciate more about the best animal companion for human. Curious? Let’s check it out!

Why Semi Feral Dog?

Because semi feral dog has a greater chance to be saved and less chance to bite you in the hand.


Recognizing a Semi Feral Dog

First thing you must do before saving a semi feral dog is you must able to identify them. Identifying a semi feral dog could be easy as cake but sometimes it could be troublesome and tricky. It requires a good judgement and intuition; so, you need to have those requirements in order to identify a semi feral dog. However, we would like to give you some tips on identifying them. Just remember, this is not some kind of The Flash thing, you must be patient and read our instructions carefully.

You know dog has better affection to us than any other animals. There are thousands of proofs that prove dog’s loyalty towards us. No wonder, they are indeed our best friend. Well, uniquely dog has the same psychological structure as human does; so, it’s not surprising at all if dog has shown us so much loyalty towards humanity, even in some cases dog could be proven more loyal than some of human.

Knowing a dog that has been traumatized and banished is quite easy, in truth you could feel it. A dog who has been traumatized and banished usually love to hide from the crowd and hates human presence. So, if you try to approach her, she will try to avoid you and even run then hide from you.

Not only that, you could see through her facial expressions. As dog not only has the same psychological structure similar to human, but she also has an easy to notice facial expressions. If a dog is happy you could see her happy face, if she’s sad you could see her sad face, so if she has been abused in the past then you could see thousands of pain hidden on her sad empty facial expression. You could see her eyes too, those sad pair of eyes surely will show you how painful banishment is. Writer has been doing some experiment of taming a feral dog and looks like she’s been banished; writer could see it the pain through her face and eyes. What a pity.

Also, you could give her a quick look in order to spot if there’s any scars around her body; a traumatized dog usually has scar as a sign of abuse in the past which is why it is recommended for you to take a quick look and spot those scars as soon as possible. After you found it then it could be true that she is a semi feral dog who’s been banished.

The Saving

After you have identified the semi feral dog, then it is the time for you as a dog lover to act as a savior. Fortunate for you, a semi feral dog is easier to save and to tame about, so you will have less worries that this saving act will be pointless, or it will reduce a chance of being bitten by a feral dog. Simply, just relax and follow our instructions carefully. Check it out!

First thing you must do is to regain her trust back, she’s been disappointed by human; so, you must able to show her that you are not that person, and you are here to save her and take her under your wing. To regain her trust, you could simply tell it by offering her a food. At first, she will be reluctant to reach that food straightly from your hand; just put the food on her sight and let her approach it on her own. After a few days she will start to trust you and will try to approach you and take the food straightly from your own hand.

After she trusts you enough, then it is the time for you to try to pet her on her head. Pet her carefully and slowly, the petting will be a greater sign for her that this person wants to save her from the harsh life on the street. If you are lucky, she will try to ask you to rub her belly. Also, if she trusts you enough, then don’t forget to feed and pet her regularly until she gets excited every time you visit her.

Finally, it is time for you to bring her to your home, introducing her to her new friends, take her to a bath (carefully though), give her food, and take her to her new brand comfy sleeping bed. Yes, congratulations! You have successfully saved a semi feral dog from a harsh life on the street. You are truly a dog not only a lover but a savior.

Yup, it is a hard work, but it would be an honest and satisfying work later on. Just remember, if you truly want to save a semi feral dog you will need all the patient and passion you have on you as saving a semi feral dog is a tricky task. So, good luck!

*Barks away