4 Cutest Ideas To Make Decorative Rabbit Cage

Having rabbit as pet could be pleasant and enjoyable thing to experience. For this animal has a lot of things to bring happiness and make a light shine upon your family – and actually, they also easy to nurse. This animal also known with their lovely and friendly characters – one of the pet that suitable for your household especially if you have children. Yes, rabbits are very safety animal – perhaps he could bite you, only, if their not usual with your presence.

For you who enjoying take care of things, we recommend you to raise this animal. Not only pet them, you also could breed them for sale – which is growing as a high prospect business. Also, you can make your own rabbit’s food which is very fun – in case to provide the best food for them only. The last thing is, if you like to design something – then you could make them their own cages. With extraordinary looks and perhaps – you prefer to build something cute for your rabbits.

Why i should build it? I could easily buy it on stores! Well, my friends, maybe you should know, that rabbit’s cages actually are hardly to found – yes, you could found it, but it’s pretty rare – mostly if you search the right size. Some cages which is available on stores are not quite following the right term and proper size for rabbit – a lot of time the cages are too small for rabbit. That’s why many people decided to make their own cages.

The plus point if you make it for your own, you could design it all the way you want it. You could design the cage’s interior and exterior decoration precisely following your taste, put some ornament, pick the colors, and other thing you can’t do if you buy cages form the stores. Is that not interest you? Yes, you will pay it with a lot of work and perhaps some extra money, but if – apparently – the result indeed exactly like you imagine? I guess it worth enough, right?

But, if you have no idea at all of the design and decoration which you should bring to live, then we would give you 4 cutest ideas to make decorative rabbit cage – to make it more attractive and less-boring than ordinary cages. So, let’s take a look folks!

1. House Miniature

Do you ever seen a house miniature on a toy store for kids? This miniature usually been made for the doll house. So, why don’t you change this pattern to make this kind of house miniature to be your rabbit’s mansion? You can build the house – whatever models you prefer – and decorate it with all the ornament just like the real one.

You could make a blueprint that look like the white house, or Victorian mansion. You even make it look alike Disney castle! Basically any places you love and pour it into the blueprint. Your rabbit would become a prince or princess as long as they live.

All you need to do is make the blueprint of the house frame for the outside look, but for the inside, you just have to make one big free space for your rabbit – where you’ll put the food and water containers, and the bed. You could also add some photos frames on the wall to make it looks like a warm and enjoyable ordinary household!

2. A Village Miniature

If you bore with the ordinary and this tedious one hole one rabbit, then maybe this idea will please you. You can make a village miniature for your rabbit house. You could make rabbit room in specific area on your house and and make a wall to keep the rabbit – plus, no roof at all (please make sure that the wall is high enough to prevent your rabbit for jumping outside the wall) that cover over the wall.

Inside the wall you could make houses – one rabbit size for each house – and put it in line like a block of neighborhood. Plus you could decorate it with trees miniature at some corner to make this neighborhood more “alive”. You could make the green carpet for all the houses footing resembles the grasses that grow around the environment. This would absolutely look lovely and warm.

3. The Cabinets House

Yes, make a cage would cost sort of money that – to be honest – not cheap. But, you really want to make this magnificent house for your rabbit? Don’t you worry, if you have unused cabinets (must be a big one) then you already seen the answer. Yes, you could make over this cabinets into amazing house for your rabbit.

Make sure you ripped off the glasses and replace it with wires – to make sure that your rabbit will not experience insufficient of air. You could divide some space and make some rooms with all the spaces, example: you could split it as two floor houses – first floor as the dining room (where the food and water containers placed) and second floor for the bed. This house will look very simple, clean, and modern.

4. The Apartment

The last one of the 4 cutest ideas to make decorative rabbit cage is, you could make an apartment for your beloved rabbit. Don’t you ever think that the only creature could live in apartment is human only. No! You could make your rabbit live on it too. How? Of course make one for them (obviously they could not rent in by themselves).

Yes, you could build an apartment from the wires. The first thing you have to do is measuring the wire to make sure that your rabbit will live in enough space and also measuring the wire’s height. You don’t wanna see your rabbit wandering around outside their apartment. You could build two floor apartments and make the interior exactly like how the apartment looks like.

On first floor you could place some toys such tunnel, slide, and other fun toys replacing the sofas and tables that we – human – usually used. Then you could place fabric with squares or polka dot motive resembles the floor – and the second floor would be the bed (which is actual bed miniature). Or you could turn it around if you prefer the play ground would be on the second floor and the bed on the first floor – that’s all up to you.

The only think i could remind you is, make sure that you always keep it clean. And the most important thing is your rabbits feel uncomfortable with all of this new modern houses. Good luck!