Stay Away from these Dangerous Animals in Thailand

Wherever you go, you will always find dangerous creatures, including plants and animals. Dangerous animals are everywhere. So, as humans, we need to be knowledgeable about those animals, especially when we are visiting a country, like Thailand. Thailand is a home of various wildlife, including the dangerous animals. Also see some other dangerous animals in Indonesia.

Let’s see these 10 most dangerous animals you can meet in Thailand.

  • Poisonous Snakes

When you are in Thailand, you can spot snakes in some areas, specifically in the grassy lands, canals, rivers, and any good hiding places for snakes, just like garage.

If you visit Thailand, you need to be careful of this animal. The snakes range from the harmless to the venomous ones and from the passive hiders to the aggressive attackers!

Here are the dangerous snakes inhabiting Thailand:

  • Chain viper
  • King cobra
  • Spitting cobra
  • Pit vipers
  • Coral snakes
  • Some other types of cobra

If you need to visit the place where snakes might roam about, make sure you wear bottoms covering your legs. If possible, also wear long boots. If you need to walk on a grassland, make sure you equip yourself with stick and keep hitting it to the ground.

One thing you should keep in mind, never try to attack or scare a snake away, as some of snake’s species are aggressive and you will end up getting attacked by them.

Get yourself familiar with all the non venomous snakes. Though they are not venomous, they still need to be avoided.

  • Scorpions

Despite their look that is scary, most scorpions are known to be harmless. However, one of the most commonly found scorpions in Thailand, the Black scorpions, is able to give you a sting just like the bee sting.

The scorpions in Thailand are as big as hands. Scorpions are nocturnal animals, so it is not common to find them in the day light. If you get stung by a scorpion, get treated immediately to the nearest hospital. The poison is not deadly, but it might be able to create some infection or allergic reaction if it is left untreated.

Deathstalker scorpion, just like its name, is the most deadly and venomous scorpion in the world.

  • Giant Centipede

Giant centipedes are literally giant so they seem really daunting. They can be found anywhere, indoors and outdoors, even in your shoes or clothing.

You can find these two types of centipedes in Thailand: the Chinese red headed centipedes and Asian forest centipedes.

If you meet any giant centipedes, you’d better stay away or you will get bitten. They are equipped with specially adapted front legs injecting venom. The venom is not fatal, but it really hurts.

The bite of a giant centipede resembles snake’s bite. You will have an immense pain for the next few days, that’s why you should get to the hospital immediately. You will be given anti-tetanus and pain killers.

The giant centipedes can be recognized and detected easily so you actually can avoid them. However, during the nighttime, you need to be very careful. Don’t ever walk outside without any shoes. Moreover, make sure you give a little shrug to your shoes and clothing before putting them on.

  • Jellyfish

If you wish to swim in Thailand waters, make sure you know this animal exists there. Jellyfish is one of the dangerous animals you can find in Thailand, especially in the waters. Most jellyfish are clear or blue that will make them indistinguishable in water.

Jellyfish are equipped with 15 tentacles with more than 5,000 stingers. When they sting a person, the stingers will release venom into the person’s body. The venom is able to trigger a chemical reaction that will attack the victim’s nervous system and heart.

Box jellyfish is one of the most dangerous species of jellyfish. That’s why it becomes one of the most dangerous animals in Australia. There are some incidents of heart attack as the reaction of its sting that disables the victim to get into the shores.

Avoid swimming on a bright sunny days to avoid swimming with jellyfish. They don’t like bright sun. If you are accidentally bitten by a jellyfish, never use water as it will create more pain.

Instead, try to remove the jellyfish carefully and use vinegar to rinse the affected area. If it doesn’t get better, get into the hospital immediately.

  • Red Lion Fish

Another dangerous animal you can find in Thailand waters is the red lion fish. Having “Dragon fish” as its nickname, the red lion fish is beautiful and frightening at the same time. The red lion fish have a body with yellow and red stripes on it. Besides, the 18 dragon dorsal fins might be very daunting.

The dorsal fins are very poisonous and used to target their prey and careless humans. Though the venom is not fatal and deadly, it is enough to cause nausea and pain.

If you plan to explore Thailand waters, make sure you are cautious of this fish. They like to roam around corals and sea rocks. Don’t try to disturb them as they are aggressive and will be likely to attack swiftly. 

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