10 Tips To Take Care Of A Pregnant Hamster At Home

Is your hamster pregnant? How to take care of a pregnant hamster at home? The following below here there are 10 tips to take care of a pregnant hamster at home. These tips may help you out how to handle a hamster mother. There are several rules that you must do. So, let’s check these out.­

1. The several signs that your hamster is pregnant.

Make sure your hamster is pregnant. How is it? Looks at her body, if its body looks like a pear, then its nipple is turning out, and your hamster’s weight is up day by day. So, this is exactly your hamster is pregnant. The other signs, you can watch out of her appetite. If she has lots of appetites and she likes to hide her foods in her nest. This surely acts of the pregnant’s hamster. Well, if you still confused you can read it more in common symptoms that your hamster is pregnant.

2. Put her in the other cage.

Okay, she is pregnant now. So, what you should do to her? First, it is must you to put her in another cage. Why? The reason is while the mother hamster is pregnant, she needs a privacy. She needs to focus on how to labor her babies. This is her first time, so you must give her privacy. As the good hamster owner, please do not to handle her too much. It is very dangerous, we never know when her birthing time comes. However, you allow putting a toy, like a wheel.  It aims to keep her body fit and make her stay active.

3. Make a DIY nest for your hamster

Hamsters always do this when they are pregnant. She makes a nest with whatever material items that she founds. You can help her to provide some nest material items such as; tissue paper, toilet paper, and plain, unprinted paper. These are good nesting material items for making nests. After the nest is finished, she will collect some food and it will be taken to her nest. However, if there is another hamster who comes to the nest, she will be defensive and guard her nest.

4. The right way of feeding her

The pregnant hamster needs very lots of foods and drinks than usual, her appetite will grow instantly.  The reason is the babies in her belly need these foods too, so that is why she needs more foods than usual. While your hamster is pregnant, you should make a list of food that your hamster really needs it. A boiled egg has a lot of high protein and that is good for your pregnant hamster, write this in your first food list. Second, it is a honey. Honey is good for a pregnant hamster or mommy hamster after giving birth. Honey can give new energy to your hamster. The last is corn. This is a good carbohydrate for your pregnant hamster. This will help her nursing her baby. By consuming corn, the production of your hamster’s milk will be more and more. You can read more about the right way of feeding her on how to take care of the hamster at home.  You will know what is the best food for her.

5. The time of pregnancy

Hamster has a shortest pregnancy amongst all animals. However, every type of hamster has different times of pregnancy too. It does not just have different times of pregnancy, while your hamster is birthing it has different babies that she has. For example, Roborovski hamster, it has the longest time of pregnancy among all the types of a hamster.  It has 23 to 30 days of pregnancy, and she has three to five babies. The shortest time of pregnancy it takes by Syrian hamster. It takes 16 to 18 days the time of pregnancy and she has 7 to 24 babies hamster.

6. Removes the other hamster

Please to removes all of others hamster away from her, it is include the male. Why? The pregnant hamster will feel disturbed if there is another hamster around her. This can make her very angry, stress, and she would be grumpy. How? If there is a male hamster in her cage, this can result in a fight. A hamster pregnant has the higher aggressive level, so when there is a male hamster and he bothers her. She will fight him and consider him as the enemy who wants to take her babies.  Notice this, the mommy hamster needs a quiet place, and she needs her own time to give birth. Besides, if your hamster has some babies there are a few things you should avoid. It is really important, you should know.

7. Keep the temperature of her cage

A good temperature for hamsters is between 20 to 22 degrees Celsius. Make sure the temperature of the cage in your hamster is at this number. If the weather turns cold, you can do this step. You can put a thick blanket under your hamster cage. With this, the temperature in the cage will be warmer and make her feel comfortable. Besides, if the weather is too hot. You can open the window or turn on the fan. It makes all the rooms colder.

8. The cage must be very clean

Before you put the hamster in a new cage, make sure its cage is clean enough. It makes her comfortable, a clean cage, much of the bedding, lots food, fresh water, wheels, hamster house, and the warm cage. Do clean the hamster cage in a good way, you can read it in how to clean your hamster cage easily  .   While your hamster pregnant, please do not bother her. Let her focus on the way of birthing. You just wait for a few days. Then, you will see how cute the babies that you got.

9. Make her safe

The other way to make her safe while she is pregnant, you can use a dim light beside her cage. Besides it being able to make her safe, she will feel warmer and more comfortable. She also needs light, but it is not too exposed under the light. If your light is too strong, you can cover it with blanket or dark paper.  Please, to pay attention to putting your hamster cage. Place her in a quiet room and it is free from dog or cat that you have. Place the cage in a room that does not escape from your reach. It will be dangerous if a kid throws his toy to her.

10. Watch her general health

Finally, 10 tips to take care of a pregnant hamster at home. Watch her health day by day, if you look of a sign of birthing like this; she curls up in her nesting corner in her cage. Well, she is ready to giving birth. Leave her, and you just wait she needs time for the birthing. Make it sure her food and her fresh water ready as usual. After the birth is done, do not clean the cage. But, you may give extra bedding (wood shaving) to comfort her and the babies.

Hopefully, 10 tips to take care of a pregnant hamster at home above could be useful for you, hamster lover. May these tips can avoid your hamster being wild soon. Make her safe and just gives her time for birthing.