3 Ways to Keep Your Hamster Outside Safely

While it is a good idea to let your hamster to play outside of the cage, it could also have some risk. But even though like that you still need to let them out every once in a while. It’s not good to keep your hamster in the cage the whole time. If you keep them in the cage all the time it will give you less opportunity to be closer to them. It’s also quite hard to tame them when you never let them out. Your hamster will also need to be out sometime. It will be good for them to spend some time outside the cage.

The reason for you to never let your hamster out is probably because you’re worry about their safety. There are probably few ugly scenarios in your head already of what could’ve happened to your hamster if you let them out. I understand you love your little hammy so much it would be scary to think that anything bad that could happen to them. Especially when they are such a small animal that could easily being hurt. Though hamster could be strong at the times, they still considerate very fragile because of their size. This very factor could scare any owner that love their hamster so much. But don’t worry, there are 3 ways to keep your hamster outside safely. Please keep reading to know more about it.

1. Clean the area

The cleaning that I mean here is the area that you used to let your hamster out must have no things that are dangerous. Eliminate all the potential hazard such as open wires, hot surface, or any other things that can endanger your hamster. You need to consider how big the area your hamster will allowed to explore. That way you can clean the specific area only.

You also need to check for the escape route that could possibly in the area where you let your hamster explore. Hamster doesn’t need big space to be able to escape. Make sure you close all the doors around the area. Also block off all the area that possibly can be used as hiding spot for your hamster. That would be spaces between, under, or behind furniture and heating/cooling vents. You need to open your eyes for any possible escape route. As it is very hard to find your hamster if they did escape. Because they can move very fast. Their small size also won’t help you to find them easily.

If you had another pet then make sure to block them off from your hamster safe area. Other animals are also one of the things you to ‘clean’ from your hamster area. Some animals can endanger the hamster. They would probably have an instinct to make the hamster into the snack. But even though other animals doesn’t want to do that, you still need to keep them away. Such a bigger animal can scare your hamster and make them panic and stress. This surely won’t be good for your hamster. You intended this opportunity to let them out as something fun. But if there is another animal around then it won’t be fun anymore. That’s why it’s very important to ‘clean’ another animal from the area as well.

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2. Give them direction

Sometime hamster could be pretty smart. Even when you already block every escape route, somehow they still can find one. It’s possible to miss one escape route if the size is too small and it’s quite hard for you to notice. If the case is like that then I will tell you one more of 3 ways to keep your hamster outside safely.

When you let your hamster outside you still need provide them with toys. Toys not only used to entertain them while they’re outside. Toys also have another function. This other function is to give your hamster a direction. While they were out your hamster will surely become curious and want to explore. But to keep them in the safe area, you can put the toys inside the safe area for them. That way they will busy enough with the toys and not explore around to the area they aren’t supposed to explore.

Food can also be one of the things you can use to direct your hamster. Put some treat around the safe area. You can put the treat around their toys. So, after playing the can eat the treat. This will surely make your hamster keep exploring the safe area you establish for them.

You can also be one of the things that direct the hamster. So, make sure you are inside the safe area too while keep an eye on them. Because if you’re not then there is possibility that your hamster will walk towards you. This will make everything a waste if they do that.

3. Never leave them

This one will be very obvious. Such a small animal can’t be leave alone. You always need to supervise them everytime they’re out of their cage. When your hamster is out of their cage you might want to do something with this opportunity. One of them is to clean the cage. If you want to do that then make sure you can ask someone to help you supervise the hamster. Even though you already make sure that every inch of your hamster area is safe, there will always going to be some possibility that could’ve happened.

You just can’t leave them alone. That is just the one rule you can’t never broke. You may not follow all of the above ways I told you, but for this one you must follow it. There is no other way for you but to do this. Because let’s say you let another animals in, or that you didn’t block off all the potential hazard, as long as someone is there your hamster will still be fine. Because the one that supervise the hamster can help the hamster once something happen. That’s why this is very very important.

Well, we’re at the last part of the article. I already explain 3 ways to keep your hamster outside safely. If you follow these three ways then I’m sure your hamster will be fine and can have so much fun while playing and spending time outside. If you already decide and choose to pet a hamster you need to take a full responsibility of it. That include to guarantee their safety. I know it’s impossible to block all the harmful things from your beloved hamster. But as long as you’re there for them and always make sure of their safety I’m sure your hamster will always be fine.