4 Popular Animal City, The Best Alternative to Your Traveling Destination

I’m that start up in the sky, I’m that mountain peak up high – I’m the worlds greatest – sang R. Kelly in his song The Worlds Greatest. Oh, yes, shout it out loud people! Let give our reverence to the magnificent wildlife and of course the mother nature which given us the treasure that we couldn’t thank enough. Could you ever pictures what life could be if there is no creature beside human? Oh, that would be the death of our kind. There’s so many lives exist that we couldn’t ever imagine.

Beside all the creatures we’ve been notice and known, there’s also many lives unknown out there. Beyond the triumph sounds of machines, the clatter of thousands shoes hit the marble ground, and the shining light of the city from a massive building, there’s a unpretentious silence in the other side of the world where the sand become the bed of the king and queen and his cub, and all his flock – sleeping peacefully. With the dark sky and all the stars become their little lamp lit the night. The two sides of the world that exist whether you notice it or not.

There so much excitement to learning the existence of another life and try to blend together with it – comprehend it with our complicated mind. Blend together for one more time with the mother nature just like our ancestor – side by side with all the wild animal, that used to be part of human kind daily life. Notwithstanding, we’ve been separate in this present life, it’s still possible for us to take some trip to places where these animals lived. With the current development era, we’ve been provided with all the accommodation to go wherever we want to go.

If you wanted, you could even go to the Alaska, meeting with the white beautiful dangerous friend – the polar bear. But, perhaps it’s a little bit too much destination if you plan to bring your family with you – that’s why, I would give you some recommendations of places around the world that would be unforgettable journey for your family – or yourself – as a perfect vacation destination to see the wildlife. Here you go: 4 popular animal city, the best alternative to your traveling destination!

1. Australia

I put this city as number one destination you should go – at least you should visit it once in your life. As we knew, Australia known as the nest of numbers of dangerous animals on this planet, and numbers of gigantic animals we would never found in other countries. From alligators, snakes, spiders, koalas, and a lot more – plus the enormous landmarks, beaches, and other astounding nature – this place is worth your money and time to visit.

Australia also have the the most famous animal which have been their trademark for such a long time: the kangaroo. You could found many other unusual animals such the Tasmanian giant crab, which is a gigantic crab and been nominated as the largest crab in the world. Moreover, if you an alligator fans, then you could go to Queensland where the giant saltwater crocodiles reportedly been sawn.

2. Madagascar

Already arrange your trip to Madagascar? Trust me, you won’t regret it, my friends. Madagascar is one of the heaven of animals on earth which own diversity of species – from the big carnivorous cat fossa, lemurs to colorful chameleons. For your note, lemurs has been characterized as Madagascar flagship mammal species and reportedly that this place is a home for over a hundred species of lemurs.

That’s why, perhaps The Madagascar cartoon movie created a lemur as their main character, called Julien – the king of lemurs (which had an annoying character – just my opinion). The island also gifted with the variety of invertebrate such insect, spiders, earthworm, and non marine molluscs. The conclusion: this place is worth to visit if you want to learn and see the diversity of animal’s species.

3. Africa

Yes, it’s absolutely incomplete if we talk about about fauna without included this place in our list. Perhaps, Africa was the only one place that would suit to call as the mother of wildlife nature. The iconic place to see how nature completely ruled. You could see – as predicted – many varieties of rhinos, hippos, the king of jungle – the lions – crocodiles, hyenas, cheetahs  and other dangerous species you could ever imagine.

But, don’t worry, you could see other ‘safe’ animals such the magnificent elephants, zebras, giraffes, deer, etc. In Africa, you would experience the real sensation blend to the nature – observe the animals up close with your own eyes. Don’t be worry though, you would never be alone in that place, because ordinarily, you would be guided by the professional guide that would accompany you during the observation.

Moreover, you could heading to some place such Swaziland, Johannesburg, Botswana, Zambia, Kenya, and Namibia – all these places known own the most majority of stunning animals. But, you could also choose to visit place that safer like Etosha National Park to see the tallest Africa’s elephants, the rare and endangered black rhinos. Like I said before, Africa was the heaven of fauna.

4. Iceland

Are you a bird lover? Then this place is the perfect place that should be your number one on your list. Yes, Iceland own over seventy two species of birds in its island. That was an heaven, right? The famous species of bird you could found in this place is white-tailed eagle, short-eared owl, the merlin, gyrfalcon, and snowy owl.

Moreover, you could also found geese, ducks, the great skua and the Arctic skua, gulls, and waders. In Iceland there’s only one mammal which is the Arctic fox – yes, only one – quite funny isn’t it? Also, there are no reptiles and amphibians in this island. Let’s go to the marine. Iceland also own 270 species of marine fish such, herring, haddock, plaice, cod, and blue whiting – even the incredible whales and dolphins! Good Lord, this place is a very safe place to bring your family in vacation.

There you go, 4 popular animal city, the best alternative to your traveling destination. So, my friends, which one you would choose? Me, definitely the Africa!