Does Cougar and Cat has the Same Ways to treat?

Cougar is one of the big cats of wildlife that attracted people to pet them. Yes, seeing people take a picture of cougar in the middle of wildlife, you wouldn’t fall for it? Can you keep cougar as pet? The answer depend on where you live, folks; but, the good news is some states in United States are given the permission for people who interest to pet cougar as pet. As one of wild animals out there, it would be better for not wishing cougar turn into domestic animal just because you keep in inside your house.

Why, because it would not happen. There’s always wildness sleep inside cougar which could awake anytime it wants. It’s just how mother earth worked, buddy. Scary? Yes, but it’s a risk you willing to try if you want to make the wild animal being a pet. However, if you ever thought that keeping cougar is easy just because they were only “cats”, then it is the right time to re-think it again carefully. If your cat (domesticated one) would only lead to little scratches, then the cougar would lead to your death.

Animal behavior is the subject you should consider here. Both of them raised in different habitat. Generally, cougar owned traits – dangerous traits that doesn’t inherit by domesticated cat. Therefore, today we would share the information around this topic in this article: does cougar and cat has the same ways to treat?

Cougar VS Domesticated Cat

Does cougar and cat has the same ways to treat? I would give you the answer now: no, you can treat cougar the way you treat domesticated cat. This mindset might be create from the nickname “big cat” which is referred to all wild cats included cougar. But, no my friends, both of them are totally different. So, if you end up keeping cougar as pet, do not ever try to treat her the way you treat your little cat – due the safety of your own life. First of all, let me share to you the basic difference between cougar and cat.

Generally, these two creatures was created in different genes. Domesticated cats were born genes which is governed their own personality traits, such as aggression. That is why domesticated cats are more likely has amount of tolerance for human and also, they well-adapted being around human, plus they could live with another pet included dog. This was effected due the process of the domesticated cat learned things based on their stimulus.

These traits are totally different than wild cat.  They were naturally – by genes – created to be more aggressive toward another creatures – which is included animals and humans – and the most important part, as bold feline, wild cats’ abstinence to ever close with canine (dogs, wolves, and many more). It’s mean if you have pet dog inside your house, it’s absolute dangerous for your dog being around the cougar. Potentially, the cougar would attack your dog without a mercy.

Let’s get into physical differences between wild cat and domesticated cat:

  • Brain Size: the two of these cats was shared the same brain structural, but the wild cats owned larger brain compare to the domestic ones.
  • The Purr: yes, the wild cats are able to pure such your little cats. You could say that purr is like “roar” thing in lion. The differences purr of wild and domesticated could be hear in volume and pitch of the voices.
  • Pupil Shape: if you familiar with the slit and vertical pupils in domesticated cat, then you must know that the wild cat has rounded pupils like us, human. This happened due the different lifestyle of those two cats.

Although wild cats are more aggressive and sensitive (it’s pretty normal considered their natural habitat), but surprisingly, both of them shared similarities:

  • Territory Marking: both of them have the same method of territory marking, included face rub and spraying their urine.
  • Sleep Time: each of them need approximate sixteen to twenty hours sleep time per day.
  • Grooming: these two cats love to perform self-groom. Well, they love to be clean a lot, people.
  • Playing: although they were different in size, apparently the wild cats love to chase the laser toy, string and role the toilet paper, plus sit down peacefully inside the box!