Can You Keep Cougar as Your Pet?

A lot of interesting aspects about wild animals we couldn’t compare to pet animal. Their wildness, strength, and magnificent surround their appearances. From the edge of the earth of Arctic with all its Polar animals to the desert of South Africa, mother earth has exhibited her power in front of human’ eyes. That is also the reasons why so many people interest to be wildlife photographers; to take a picture of wondrous creatures besides human.

Unfortunately, the earth moved unpredictably. Many of those animal species has faced their extinction and now we’re human are the ones who should tried to save animals because we’re running out of time. Therefore, if you see, there’s a lot of movement occurred from the governments around the world and private organizations due the survival of endangered animals species that still survived. In short, yes, wild animals are embodiment of the mother earth greatness.

Perhaps, this reason also attracted unusual interest of people who turned wild animal as a pet. But, is that possible? However, this is depended on each region regulation that have been made – but yes, there’s term called exotic animals which is used for the unusual animal or wild animal that allowed to keep as pet. One thing to remember, generally, the regulation keep limit the list of exotic that able to keep. That’s mean not every wild animals are allowed to enter people’ environment.

From many names that came up, cougar is one of the most frequently asked to keep as pet. Therefore, the real question today is: can you keep cougar as your pet? Is that possible, people? The answer would be explain in this article.

Owning Cougar as a Pet

So, to answer the question of can you keep cougar as your pet – shout out to you American, because yes, at some states of yours, you are legally allowed keeping cougar as pet! But, as you could see, there are many terms to fulfill before you can bring your pet cougar to your house. Cougar was one big cat family in the wildlife, who would ever thought that this animal also allow to keep as pet? As I mentioned previously, every state around this world has different law regarding the permission of exotic animals.

In any case, if you have interest of owning exotic animals, I would suggest you to look for the law regulation about it first. The legality is important, folks, consider that this kind of animal (big cats) was classified as dangerous species for human. So, do we change cougar into domestic animal if we keep them as pet? The answer is no, not exactly. You need to remember he is a wild animal. They were born with natural instinct; all you change about him is the way he acts around human.

But, he’s still a wild animal and there’s always possibility he could be a danger anyone. How animals generate into domestication? You need to understand, domestication is happened in generations of particular animal over multiply which selected by interest breeders – most common trait that attracted the breeders was docility. Unfortunately, cougar is many but docile – not to mention, you need prepare a lot of cash due cougar’ diet.

Keep in mind, cougar has a very specific diet, and those foods aren’t cheap, folks. Generally speak, cougar is type of solitary animal; he sometime shown aggression toward human, and difficult species to breed. Plus, giving cougar an adequate habitat or living space in another problematic issue – unless you owned a very large backyard, of course. So, my friends, if you curious which part of states that allowed its citizen keeping cougar as pet, here is the list of those states:

  • Delaware, North Carolina, Alabama, Maine, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Rhode Island, Nevada, Oklahoma, Montana, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Utah, Mississippi, and Utah.

Your state isn’t included? Then, I’m sorry my dear friends, you can’t keep this big cat inside your house. Here’s a little information from people experienced of owning a cougar, that yes, cougar is also purred. Of course, the difference between the big cat and a little cat could be notice in volume and pitch of the voice. So, once more again, I would remind you that cougar is wild animal, he could be dangerous at any time without being able to predict. Do you still want to pet cougar? Then, it’s absolutely your decision.