How To Keep Cats Out From Sleeping On The Sand

Having a pet is a special experience. This is because pet can make our life be more colorful. They love to seek for our attention, with their funny acts. One of the animal that can be a good animal to keep as a pet is cat. Cat is the common animal that can be found everywhere. Many people also tend to pet it, because it doesn’t need any special treatment. One of the reason is because they know how to take care of themselves. But unfortunately, some cats are just love to do some annoying thing for human.

One of the annoying thing is when they love to sleep on the sand. This is annoying, because once they get into the house, they will spread the dirt all over the house. In order to get rid of this behavior, you can find the information here for how to keep cats out from sleeping on the sand. Common Type of Cat Litter That Every Cat Owner Should Know can help you to know more about the types of litter box for your cat.

Actually, when compared with cats, it doesn’t smell much different. It’s just that cats can throw dirt in their place or outside the house like sand. The cat will grind the ground when it will throw dirt and urinate. This is what makes many people feel anxious about cats. Although not infrequently there are still those who are afraid or amused. As a cat lover, recognizing its characteristics is a fairly ordinary thing. There will be many things to see from the behavior of cats.

One of them is the habit of rolling around in the sand. Certainly something like this will be a resentment for you as the owner. Especially if the cat has just been bathed. There are a lot of triggers for cats to roll around in the sand, it can be due to itching, want to be married, or because it is too long in the cage so it feels good to be on the ground. In addition there are also cat habits such as sleeping in the sand, certainly makes his body easily dirty. To know more about cat’s litter box, read this Best Type of Cat Litter for Kittens.

The way that the Cat Does Not Sleep in the Sand will be conveyed on this occasion. Because there are many questions about how to deal with cats like that. The reason is that habitual cats like this because of the lack of employers pay attention, so that letting cats behave as they wish becomes a habit. 5 Human Foods That are Safe for Cat is a good reference for you to know about the safe human food for cat. To overcome this you can read to some of the following.

The cause of cat sleep on the sand

Impression of Environment. This is because it is possible and easy to notice for cats that live with a few other cats inside a house:

  • Feel happy to be in the sandbox because the impression of an “unclean” smell is still there
  • Show himself in power and guard the place left by his mark

Emotional stress. This is also an important factor if the cat acts as much as he feels “stressed” and his sandbox is considered the most safe place because there is an impression of his own unclean odor that has become a “sign” of his area. 3 Common Cat Night Behavior That Makes You Awake is also a good reference for you if you found your cat’s night behavior.

This case applies if:

  • There is the presence of another cat
  •  Moving to a new place like also to the cat’s guard
  • The presence of others he did not recognize
  • Not free, it’s always locked up

Here are some ways to keep cats out from sleeping on the sand.

  • Forced at the beginning

The first way you should do is to force the cat, which is getting used to first recognizing the new place. It does require a little coercion to do it, and it’s not easy enough. The trick, if your cat has started sleeping in any place, move him to his bed. Ignore if the cat has awakened again. Try to keep moving when sleep is not appropriate. Slowly, this method will make the cat understand. How to Get Your Cat to Stop Sleeping in Your Bed is another trip to help your cat  knows about its own bed.

1. Let the smell stick with them

For a way so that cats don’t sleep in the second sand by rubbing the base of the bed onto your cat’s body. This goal is so that the smell of the body can be fused and attached to the bed. That way the cat will not feel strange when in his own bed and can feel comfortable because he has smelled his scent.

2. Put it in the Cat’s Favorite Corner

Place the bed in a favorite corner or corner position. Cats usually have a favorite place to sleep. Besides that cats also like cold angles and close to walls. If your cat likes to sleep in your room once, it doesn’t matter if you put the bed in your room first.

3. Provide Favorite Toys

As an owner, of course you know what is your favorite pet toy. Well, as another way of adding your favorite cat toy to his bed. This way the cat will be comfortable playing in his bed, and not choosing another place like in the sand.

4. Accompany First

Cats are often reluctant to sleep in a new place because they feel uncomfortable or still very foreign. Therefore, for starters, try to accompany your cat first while sleeping in his new bed, and give gentle massage. While the cat is asleep, you can stroke his head or body so that he is comfortable sleeping in his place.

  • Provide Favorite Food
    Try to provide a favorite food to sleep. When the cat is outside, lure with food and walk to the new bed then place it. If this is the case, it will slowly become a habit of cats.
  • Provide a comfortable bed
    Make a cat bed as comfortable as possible. For example, lining the bedding with some cloth to feel warm. Although cats have fur to warm their bodies, cats themselves also like warm and soft places. No wonder many meet cats who sleep on the bed.
  • Keep the bedding clean
    Be diligent to always clean the bed. If it looks dirty, immediately replace it with a clean one. At least every other day, you should often check the cat’s sleeping location.

It’s not an easy thing to handle a case like this, but by applying the eight ways above, it can help you to overcome this problem from your cat. Hopefully this article can provide enough information for you.