Symptoms and Cause of Hyperlipidemia in Dogs You Should Know

Hyperlipidemia is a condition of increased blood lipid levels, which consist of triglycerides, cholesterol, or both. This condition is also often called hyperlipoproteinemia, which is a condition in which the lipoproteins in the body increase imbalance.  This imbalance can occur due to disruption of lipoprotein metabolism which also disrupts fat transport to and from tissues. […]

Beware of These Foods That Cause Diarrhea in Dogs You Should Avoid

Diarrhea is a problem that is often experienced by pets, including dogs. Many of their behaviors directly or non, lead to the entry of pathogenic bacteria into the body. Diarrhea is a disease that causes your pet to have frequent bowel movements, with watery stools. Dog behaviors such as eating, chewing and licking make dogs […]

As an Owner You Have to Know These 11 Common Skin Problems on Dogs

The sound of a dog scratching or licking may sound very annoying. But don’t blame them for this habit, because just like humans, dogs can also experience skin problems. The causes differing from parasites, allergies and can even be caused by unknown internal diseases. These are common skin problems on dogs you must to know. […]

Be careful! Here’s 4 poisonous holiday plants for dogs

Happy holiday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, If you are our dear loyal readers and have been following our website for a long time, we wish you the merriest Christmas and we wish you to have a very wonderful holiday time for you and your beloved ones. Well, in this holiday occasion, […]

8 Tips To Teach Your Puppy Not To Be Afraid Staying Alone In The House

Having your first dog is an amazing feeling especially when you looking at his super cute wide eyes and little squeaky voice. However, you need to leave your dog alone at home everyday. Having that dilema, you want to find the best solution for the problem. So here are 8 tips how to teach your […]

3 Surprising Allergies In Dog After Walking In The Rain

The rain is always being a part of the world climates. No matter where do you lived – United States of America, United Kingdom, German, Spain, Korea, Japan, or Indonesia – it is always been our scenery every year. The difference is perhaps the intensity of how often it arrives. United Kingdom absolutely more often […]

4 Common Signs That Your Pet Dog Has Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies not only attack human, our pet also become the victim of this annoying disease. Just like another kind of allergies, seasonal allergies also develop when the body’s immune system overreacts to the foreign object that intrude into the body. Generally it happened on certain season which is the time for certain plants pollinate […]

3 Easy Methods To Keep Your Dog Dry In The Rain

Dogs is just like the sunshine that bring the light into our lives, make it brighter and full of joyfulness each day. Watch them welcoming us home from our tiring days are such a treasure and pleasant thing – even though the forecast is not always bright and sunny. But seeing their happiness will absolutely […]