2 Ways to Have Fun With Your Pet Cockatiel

Cockatiel is a wonderful bird which gifted with intelligent and excellent socialize ability – plus, adorable appearance enact this bird as the most favorite pet bird in the world. Unlike another kind of birds, there are may things you can do with this little cutie creature, such train your pet cockatiel to sing fluently, and train your cockatiel to talk. You could also make them learn some incredible tricks! So much thing you can do with him to make your first cockatiel happy (in case this is your first time petting cockatiel).

This bird categorized as entertainer bird which make them become enjoyable partner to interact. The fact is you shouldn’t let them stay behind his bar cage every moment. Let them get out and relish the free space outside his cage. This particular act could maintenance their health by reducing stress level. Also, when you allow them to out of his cage, indirectly – you gave him permission to get closer with you such perch in your body.

This would be a sign for him that you welcomed and trust him, which will build the bond between you and your feathered buddy – also give you advantage on training program. There are 2 ways to have fun with your pet cockatiel, let’s take a look!

1. Give The Cockatiel New Atmosphere

Given your cockatiel new daily atmosphere around them is one of the things you could do to improve and increase the quality life of your cockatiel which is must be the point you should consider providing. These are some tips to bring new atmosphere around your buddy bird:

Turn on TV and radio

The more he feels happy with his environment and life, the more fun your interaction with him will be. He will always feel the excitement around you and your special time with him would be spend is vain. Turn on TV and radio is important to make him feel accompany, especially if you aren’t at home. The sounds and pictures that he sees would keep stimulate his brain which impact to his physic and mentally status.

  • You could also play some CD or other entertainment electronic besides TV and radio to make him feel accompany.
  • When you turn on the TV, make sure you channel it to an animals program such Animal Planet or Discovery Channel, or other you can channel some Travel Channel too.

Provide enough toys

Just like another animals, your cockatiel could be bored too. By provide them enough toys would fill his days and keep him busy. Actually, when you provide variety of toys to your pet, you also make them voluntary exercise without any force – the happy exercise. You can buy some different toys, and rotate the toys every few days.

  • Provide the balled-up papers as a toy because this is the fact, that cockatiels love toys which could be destroy and shred.
  • Cockatiels love chewing something, so, you could also provide chew toy for them.
  • Make your cockatiel learn the natural foraging behavior which could stimulate his metal and physic by providing him foraging toy.
  • Give him exercise toy such bungees and swing.
  • Lastly, some comfort toys to be a place where he could be snuggle.

Move the cage frequently

This aim to keep his visual stimulated by providing different scenery regularly. Place the cage in the position that allow him to observe some activities at the house – but still, the place fulfill the quite and peaceful requirements.

  • Changes scenery is not suitable for older cockatiel. It only caused confusion and worse, possibility would make them do feather picking behavior.

2. Interact With The Cockatiel

Interaction is one of the most urgent thing you should build your cockatiel bird. The more time you spend with your cockatiel, the stronger the bond you’ll have with him.

Schedule regular interaction

Make your routine schedule plan of interaction with your beloved pet. You can spend – minimum – an hour a day, and this interaction thing not only monopolized by conversation, you need to do another body language such petting him, do an exercise with him, and some trains.

  • Only do enjoyable interaction which he loved rather do something that could bore your cockatiel. If he enjoys the conversation, it will give you extra point of bonding your relationship.
  • Give him extra attention. Observe his habit, what do he like and what do he hates to give you fresh idea how to make a fun relationship for both of you.

Talk to your cockatiel

Yes, talk to him! Spend more time to talk to him, and teach him to talk. Make sure every word that come out from you is clear, simple, and specific such: names of things, your cockatiel name, your name, or food and others. Keep in mind: the male cockatiel are more active talker than female, so, it would easier to train the male than female.

  • Greet him on specific time, such good morning in the morning – good night before you go to bed – or “bye-bye” before you leave him.
  • Your cockatiel would learn faster on words with enthusiastically being said, or an high pitch phrases.
  • Make sure you repeat the words frequently. Soon or later your cockatiel would repeat the words to you.

Teach him to dance

Do you know that cockatiel had a rhythm inside of him? You could try to turn on some music while he’s perched at your finger. Move your finger up and down with the rhythm, and your enjoyed cockatiel will bob his down in tune with the beat.

Eating something with him

Lastly, on 2 ways to have fun with your pet cockatiel, you can eat together with him! In a wild, cockatiel generally would eat as a group, so, when you offer him the same food while you eat would make you become his family. This is absolutely will increase relationship between you two.

  • Please make sure you wash your hands before you feed him and eat your own food. To make everything stay hygienic.