7 Endangered Animals in the Amazon Rainforest

Everybody must have known the Amazon Rainforest for having the highest level of biodiversity on earth. The Amazon Rainforest is home for hundreds of thousands of animals, including birds, mammals, and insects species.

Unfortunately, the wildlife there is under attack and has been experiencing this attack for years. Who are the suspects? Humans are most responsible for this attack. You can see how humans actions affecting the wildlife, just like endangered animal species in Galapagos islands.

Human actions, specifically deforestation, illegal hunting and contamination, are the main causes of the animals being endangered or even extinct. These actions are surely destroying the animals’ natural habitat as their source of shelter and food.

Every year, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) always publishes a list of endangered animals, including the ones in the Amazon Rainforest.

Let’s see these 7 endangered animals inhabiting the Amazon Rainforest.

  • Jaguar

Jaguar, specifically the Amazonian jaguar, is one of the endangered species of animals in the Amazon Rainforest. This jaguar is famous for being the largest feline and one of the South American wild cats , especially in the Amazon area.

Jaguar’s body can reach up to 2.5 meters long and weigh up to 120 kilograms. This Amazonian jaguar is special as it has the good ability in swimming. Besides, it has nocturnal habits, which means it is only active during night. Moreover, it is also a solitary animal.

  • The South American Tapir

Another endangered species of animals in the Amazon Rainforest is the South American tapir. This species of tapir is one of the most favorable animal there. Most of the visitors visiting the Amazon Rainforest always hope to see this animal in the jungle, together with jaguars and the giant otters.

The South American tapirs feed on leaves, buds, shoots and small branches. They take them from trees, fruit, grass and even aquatic plants. That’s why they are known as herbivores.

Unfortunately, this species of tapir is facing some threats, such as logging and burning of its habitats. Besides, illegal hunting is also triggering the declining population of this tapir.

  • Golden Lion Tamarin

This small creature is one of the species of endemic monkeys of Brazil. It has very light body as it weighs around 800 grams. Golden lion tamarins get their names from their mane that has very strong orange hue.

Besides, there was once an individual of this species who was taken to Madame de Pompadour in 1754 that called him le petit singe-lion. It means little golden lion.

However, this species is facing great threat of extinction.

  • Giant Otters

Giant otters are considered as the cutest animals in the Amazon Rainforest, together with the South American tapir. Giant otters can reach 1.7 meters long. They can be easily found in the waterways through the jungle.

They are equipped with resistant whiskers and sharp eye that enable them to identify the prey’s movement in the water. As they find food through waterways, they mainly feed on fish.

Otters and beavers are different, make sure you know it by reading difference between otters and beavers.

Regarding to their threat, habitat destruction, water pollution and fishing in the area they mainly find food are the main causes of their declining population.

National parks have been built as one of the ways to protect this species. Manu National Park and Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve are the examples of the national parks where you can find giant otters.

  • The Uakari Monkey

Uakari monkey is easily noticed by its unusual and bright red face. This monkey gets its name from the Uakari tribe who once lived in the Amazon, but it is extinct already now. You can find this creature lounging in the trees while they are feasting on fruits that hang from branches.

Uakari monkey’s serious threats are poaching and deforestation. The Peruvian government has considered this monkey species as the protected species, but there is no serious program for its conservation.

  • Hyacinth Macaw

Who doesn’t get amazed with this blue-and-green color bird? Hyacinth macaw is astonishing and beautiful bird with blue and green feathers. Unfortunately, this bird is also facing serious problem leading to its declining population.

The main threat of its survival is illegal pet trade. There is a market for selling these birds as their splendor. No wonder hyacinth macaw is considered as most expensive birds in the world.

  • Pink Amazon Dolphin

The pink Amazon dolphin is one of the wild animals that only live in Amazon. The pink Amazon dolphin mostly inhabits the basin of the Amazon River.

It gets its name as it may have pink or pale blue coloration, though most of them are albino. Amazingly, this pink dolphin is one of the species of freshwater dolphins living in this planet.

Unfortunately, this dolphin species is facing danger of extinction due to constructions of dams, canals and the deviation of natural courses of the rivers.