Gerbille vs Marsvin, Which One Can Be Caring As Hamster?

Hamster is a small animal that usually pet at home. Many people comparing hamster with mouse because of their similarity body. It is small and rounded. Many of them are also hairy and fluffy. Hamster tends to avoiding people. They are so shy and some of them are also slow but also fast moreover the Roborovski.

May most of you never heard Gerbille before. Gerbille is also small animal that still including subfamily Gerbillinae. Gerbille also know as desert rats. Here some of Gerbille facts that you need to know.

  • Behaviour

Basically, Gerbille is social animal and lives-group in the wild. They are so sensitive with smell and moreover they can kill something that unfamiliar smell. That’s why building relationship with Gerbille and how they can know you is by your body smell.

  • Appearance

As appearance, Gerbille is so similar with mouse and absolutely they are similar with hamster. Different with hamster, Gerbille has long and thin tail. Their nose is really pointed where we see them from side, their nose is pretty very advanced and slightly down.

  • Reason popularity

Some reason that make Gerbille become popular is not really aggressive that means that they are so friendly. Their treatment also simple and they don’t that easy to catch stressed. They are also easy to hold. Their kidney also works to minimalize residual so they rare to make a pee. That’s really makes them clean.

  • As pet

People known that Gerbille can being a pet since 1964 and it started with Mongolian Gerbille. Gerbille start to sale in UK’s pet shop.

  • Some problem that highly chance to catch them

Basically, Gerbille tends weak and easy to catch by any disease. some diseases such like teeth problem, trauma, neglect, epilepsy, tumours, and tail sloghing.

Because we need to battle between Gerbille and Marsvin, it will fair if you know about Marsvin facts too

  • Actually a Guinea Pig

If you confuse what is Marsvin, it is actually a Guinea Pig. Marsvin is their other nickname which come from Dutch.

  • Appearance

Marsvin has rounded and fluffy body. They are also hairy, really long hair. Marsvin tends to crawl posture which is their hand is like their front feet. Marsvin have a more rounded face structure. They have a nose and mouth that is more snout. Their eyes tend to go deeper Gerbille. Marsvin’s eyes are more elongated because they are covered in fur and are attracted to the snout.

  • Behaviour

They are more active when the owner appeared. Whenever you visit Marsvin, they will welcome because they don’t have special or me time. They are social animal which is mean that they are not wild and moreover they aren’t shy with people.

  • Sound

Sound of Marsvin has some meaning. It such like ‘Motorboat’ is when they are content, exploring, or out of their cage, and happy, ‘Purr’ is a happy reaction to being petted, ‘Scream’ is surely mean frightened sound, ‘Squeal’ is a noise to attract attention or a reaction to pain or distress, ‘Rumblestrut’: Marsvin can use a sway, accompanied by a rumble or purr, to intimidate a rival or to attract a mate, ‘Popcorn’ means this animated combination of shaking, leaping and skipping signifies guinea-pig happiness.

  • As pet

They love to be petting which is it can make sure that they are so friendly with people. They are also easy to tame. For other equipment like cage and toys, it is similar like hamster which is they need to moving and explore.

  • Some types

Some Marsvin has type which has different appearance such like Sheltie: A sheltie is a long-haired Marsvin with smooth fur with no swirls, The coronet: A coronet is a long-haired Marsvin, and the fur is the most important breed-typical of these, Texel: A texel is a long-haired Marsvin with curly fur without swirls, Merino: A merino is a long-haired Marsvin and the fur is the most racially typical of these, and Peruvians: A Peruvian is a long-haired Marsvin with smooth fur and two swirls on the premises.


Now we on the point of conclusion which one is hold like hamster between Gerbille and Marsvin? Well the winner is of course Gerbille. From appearance, shape, and size, Gerbille is smaller than Marsvin which is sign that it is more similar to hamster than Marsvin. Marsvin is bigger and larger. Their shape is crawl, not stand up like hamster or Gerbille. Even Gerbille actually similar with mouse because of their tail, over all they more similar than Marsvin. Feeling touch that feels like hamster goes to Gerbille.

Both Gerbille and Marsvin has their own special thing that can catch your heart. Both of them as social animal which is it is easy to pet them at home. They are also easy to tame and the most thing is, they easy to hold. They don’t too much moving which is good for kids. Their colour also available on some variant so it is interesting.