Is Garlic Safe For Dogs? Get to Know 6 Facts Here

Is garlic safe for dogs? As a dog lover, you may have heard about this issue. Then, you try to find out about the right answer. A lot of positive and negative information you get about garlic for dogs. Some say that garlic can kill dogs. On the other hand, some argue that garlic is also good for dog health and even encourages dog appetite. So, actually, which news can be trusted? You are not sure which news can be trusted. In responding to this problem, this article will discuss “Is garlic safe for dogs?” On this page, you will find well-researched information about garlic for dogs and can help clear up some of the confusion you might have about garlic.

The main controversy surrounding the safety of garlic in dogs is a compound found in garlic called n-propyl disulfide. If you give the dog garlic in large doses, it oxidizes the red blood cells and triggers the body to reject these cells from the bloodstream. This condition causes Hemolytic Anemia Heinz. So, the word garlic has triggered our worries about its use for dogs. It’s hard to find clinical evidence that garlic is bad for dogs. It is also very difficult to make a decision whether garlic is safe for dogs. But we try to see how expert opinion. According to Rita Hogan, co-founder of Farm Dog Naturals, the current study provides trials of extracts of garlic in fairly large doses in dogs. This means that there is a problem with the use of garlic. If the dog is given the right dose of garlic usage, then other compounds in garlic have a positive effect on the cardiovascular and immune function of the dog.

Garlic has been used for thousands of years in the world of medicine. Garlic well-known contains at least 30 compounds that are useful for various conditions of skin disorders to cancer. Holistic vets have recommended garlic for several health benefits. So, is garlic safe for dogs? get to know 6 facts here. Look closely!

1. Improve the immune system.

Garlic is like an additional supplement for dogs that can increase their immunity. How could this happen? Because garlic stimulates immune function in the bloodstream thereby increasing cell activity killing microbes and harmful cells. The Johns Hopkins Lupus Center notes that garlic can stimulate the dog’s immune system. That means garlic consumption has the potential to increase the immune response.

2. Prevent Fleas

Animal care experts have the opinion that garlic is effective as a flea-fighting. Dr. Karen Becker has observed this trial. He tried to destroy the garlic, then fed the garlic to the dog after being left for six hours. He found that garlic naturally can help repel fleas. The same opinion by holistic vet, Dr. Richard Pitcairn. He said that garlic can ward off fleas and even prevent worms and other parasites.

3. Fighting Against Bacterial or Fungi Infection

In his book, the Complete Guide Dr. Pitcairn for Natural Health for Dogs and Cats, one of the effectiveness of garlic is that it can prevent worms and other parasites such as bacteria or fungi in the dog’s body. Garlic is a powerful and effective antimicrobial and antibiotic to fight various forms of bacterial or fungal infections, including parasites (eg tapeworms) and protozoa (eg giardia). You can make garlic as a topical antiseptic if your dog has a mild injury or ear infection due to flea. How to make? You just crush the garlic then add it with olive oil. Then smear it.

4. Stimulates Appetite

The issue that states that garlic can stimulate appetite is not a hoax. A holistic veterinarian, Dr. Thomas Van Cise quotes in a New Choices in Natural Healing for dog and cats, limited portions of garlic can stimulate a dog’s appetite. This has proven to be a safe and healthy way.

5. Improve liver function

Garlic is not only famous for its smell, but also garlic is famous for its detoxification effect. Garlic contains six compounds that can improve liver function to remove toxins from growing. When this process occurs, this can also prevent cancer growth such as in the book of Dr. Shawn Messonnier The Natural Vet’s Guide to Preventing and Treating Cancer in Dogs and Dr. Martin Goldstein in his book The Nature of Animal Healing.

6. Reducing Blood Cholesterol

In addition to the 5 facts above, there is still one more fact about the benefits of garlic if given the right portion. Keep in mind that garlic can reduce blood cholesterol levels in dogs. You can mix garlic with foods that dogs like. In the case of dogs that are prone to hyperlipidemia, the condition of the amount of fat in the blood increases, giving garlic intake can be useful to treat it.

The facts mentioned above are the signs to tell that a garlic is worth a try to your dog. However, you must remember you gave to  give garlic with the right dose and frequency level. Call your vet and discuss further giving garlic to dogs. Usually, the vet will suggest a portion of garlic compared to the dog’s body weight. For example, herbal animal expert Gregory Tilford notes that a very limited amount of garlic powder can help stimulate appetite. Tilford suggests dogs can safely consume up to 1/8 teaspoon of garlic powder per pound of food, not more than three times per week.

Before deciding whether you want to give garlic to dogs, it is important to remember that different pets can react in different ways to any food or supplement. It is highly recommended that you can consult with a trusted vet. Given its effect on red blood cells and if you are not careful, it can lead to death. Again, for the sake of security, it is always wise to start everything and monitor very carefully.

In addition, the owner of a dog animal that garlic should be avoided in pets with pre-existing anemia or in young puppies whose immune systems are still developing. In addition, you do not need to give garlic when your dog has an action for surgery. So, is Garlic safe for dogs? 6 facts above state that garlic is safe in the right dosage. However, garlic is also not suitable for dogs in certain circumstances. This knowledge is enough to give meaningful knowledge to you so you will not misunderstand the issue of garlic for dogs today.