6 Fun things to do with your rabbit in house

Having a pet is really rewarding and challenging unique experience for most all the pet lovers. While taking care of the sick ones is very exhausting, on the other hand playing with them is limitless entertaining and delighting. Here are the few fun things to do with your rabbit in-house, so get you some idea of what to do and prevent your bunny gets bored all day with your presence. You may use toys, you just can buy in any ordinary pet shop or you can just create the new things using your used equipment instead. But it is not limited to these; you can just play a game with your rabbit with no tools at all. You will amaze how they are very excited players if you have chemistry with them. Moreover, you gain their trust in you. That is the most important part during your journey in having a pet at home. You can show your love and in return, they will do obey and affect you for loyalty. The bonding between you and them is something that is hard to tell by a word, only can feel by a heart. Genuine affection and caring will make both of your life and theirs are far happier and healthier. That is something everyone’s dream on, right?

Here are 6 fun things to do with your rabbit in-house:

1. Seek and hide

This is kind of traditional game when usually played by children. However, you can just do it with your bunny. When she is showing docility and surrounding your feet, hide behind the door or a hidden place such as a closet wall. Make sure do not be too far away so your bunny still can smell you around. Playing this again and again will teach her how to do the best. She will understand that if you start to hide, it means she must find you. If she is doing well do not forget to give a small treat such as dandelion leaves to appraisal her for a reward. Pay attention before you want to begin the game that your bunny’s mood is on a good track. Do not push her to play while she is in anger or upset, she will perform an aggressive behavior instead. Just imagine that what is in front of you are your kids or your friends. Do not think that a rabbit is just an inanimate object. That is all totally wrong.

2. Jumping race

Jump yourself above the wooden beam or small short chair. Usually, a chair designed for kids. You may have this just like in the playground kindergarten. Your rabbit will look at for what you have done. Do it for your physical exercise as well. Do it with smile and laugh. Cheer her up while you do so. This attraction stimulates her to do the same. She perhaps will follow to jump on the chair or the wooden beam to ape you. You can count how many jumping races you have made. Then count on her as well. This practice is not only good for your bonding friendship but encourages both of your two body workouts too for physical mobility.

3. Clapping hands

Any time your rabbit show or follow your command, give her a small treat to appreciate her. Thus give her applause by clapping your hands. Doing so is encouraging her good behavior. Anytime she sees you clap your hands, she will understand that it must be something good about her. This measure is to boost up her mood as well if you find your rabbit is fear or frighten about something. You can just clap your hands during her session on the cage. She will watch you and maybe she will move head right and left to follow your rhythm. Watching this action is really calm you down from the stressful out there you may have.

4. Singing together

As a prey animal, your rabbit may not exhibit the outpouring sounds. Rabbit assume being quiet is the best method to hide from the predators. This natural instinct will get along with her as long as her life. So is unlike any other pet such as cat or dog that produces sound to enliven the days. However, if you carefully listen to your bunny’s voice, you will hear a soft, slow and almost inaudible sound from the mouth of rabbits. It is like a rattling teeth sounds. So soft and lulling voice you ever heard. You may react to this funny sound by sing a song. So this will establish the joint venture between you and her. Any time you sing a song, she will produce some voices like this. Imagine this happen, it really gratifies me in any circumstance.

5. Sleep on your lap

Even though most all rabbit is unlikely being held or carried, but certain bunnies that already have a strong relationship with the owner like to sleep or just sit on your lap. This activity is one of the bonding steps for you and the rabbit. You can feel your rabbit is not just a pet, but you might feel that she is the best, loyal and docile companion that always stands by your side. Maybe her presence can make your hard day ever. On the other side of her, she will feel your love and affection is the most thing she needs as well as she knows where to seek protection and security.

6. Finding a treat for pleasure

You can do this at the snack time. You can prepare a few closed plastic cups around. Show her that you have a delicious treat on your hand. Then you put a treat on one of the closed plastic cups. Encourage her to find the right cup with the treat inside. This activity will stimulate her good smelling exercise too. She will smell the cup with dandelion leaves, for example, to find and eat it. This will raise her confidence in surviving herself. She will assume that she is the one who gets the snack with her own effort.

I believe with the 6 fun things to do with your rabbit in a house will fire up your creativity to create new games with your bunnies. Please look after your rabbit in case she feels uncomfortable with the activity you head on. Always make sure your fun things are not endangered her safety and security. Know when to play is considered the time and mood of your rabbit are advisable. Never use the short time to be in rush for play, it won’t work. Furthermore, when she does not minister herself to play, she will become upset and maybe frighten of what you do. This is absolutely something you do not want to see.