4 famous christmas animals around the world

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In this winter holiday occasion, we are going to give you an animal fun facts related with holiday occasion, and if you are truly an animal enthusiast you will find out this animal fun fact interesting for you. Today, we are going to discuss about animal that are somewhat related with Christmas be its for tradition or merely popular during Christmas. These famous Christmas animal is actually an animal you will mostly see during Christmas, or just merely act as symbol of Christmas. These animals are considered as Christmas animal and therefore many people are actually loving these animals. What are the famous animals during Christmas all around the world? Here are 4 famous christmas animals around the world you should check out now.

Famous Christmas animals all around the world from traditions and myth

From all around the world, in every myth, traditions and legends, there are many animals that resembling and related with Christmas. From every traditions, each of animals are different within every country. Every country have its own unique and iconic animals that related with winter holiday festivities. Here are some famous Christmas animals from all around the world.

  • Reindeer

One of the most iconic and famous Christmas animal dating back since hundred years ago in Europe, this majestic deer have been a Christmas icon in many part of Europe especially Northern Europe and Scandinavian country. The legends revolving around Reindeer is that this animal is the one who will pull a sleigh of Santa Claus to deliver gifts to kids all around the world. Most famous reindeer named Rudolph, become quite popular as kids bed time story in 1939.

  • Goat

For those who don’t know, goat is actually pretty popular Christmas animal especially in Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway. There is a Christmas tradition called a Yule goat, a decoration made from straw goat. The straw symbolize the last harvested grain before the death of winter. Many people believe the last harvested grain have magical properties. Yule goat is also related with old Norse myth that is they worship a goat as Thor rode a flying goat through the sky during this time of year.

  • Robin

Robins are species of bird that mostly can be found in many parts of Europe especially on the Britain isles. Robin symbolize as Christmas animal because it is portrayed that Robin carries massage as sort of postal of Christmas cards and greetings, representing postmen in many British culture and myth.

  • Rooster

If you think about Christmas animal, then you might not think about rooster. Rooster is actually a symbol of Christmas in many Latin countries like Spain, France and Italy. During the Christmas eve, there will be a Misa de Gallo or a Roosters Mass. These name implies from the rooster that firstly announcing the birth of Jesus Christ in the midnight. Legends said that it is the earliest and the only crow in the midnight by rooster.

So, there we are, we have 4 famous christmas animals around the world, from all around myth, legend, culture and countries. Do your countries have certain Christmas animal? If yes, then don’t be shy to share it with us your story here in our website.