3 fun facts of reindeeer as christmas animal

So, when talking about Christmas animal, one animal stand out as iconic Christmas animal from all around the world, especially in North America. It is iconic animal that related closely with winter festivities and Christmas occasion. This animal even featured as animal that carry out Santa’s carriage that deliver gift for kids all around the world. It is a Reindeer, a famous Christmas animal that most of people might already familiar with and you might even already know much about this animal. Reindeer is one iconic animal related with Christmas occasion. There are many facts that you might not know about Reindeer, If you love a Christmas festivities, and love this Christmas animal, then you will absolutely love this reindeer fun facts we will going to present to you right now.

Reindeer is a species of deer that native from the Artic, Sub-artic, frozen tundra, mountainous region of Northern Europe and North America, Boreal region and some reindeer can also be found in Siberia. Reindeer have a very big body, the female one can reach 200 cm in length while the male one is typically larger than female with at least 220 cm in length. This deer can reach up to 180 kg and can live for up to 12 years in wild and can reach for up to 15 years in captivity. In North America, Reindeer is also called as Caribou. In many part of the world, reindeer have been related with winter myth and many myth and traditions incorporated reindeer as the animal. There are many kinds of reindeer with different shape, size and what makes reindeer fascinating is their huge horn. If you want to know more about this majestic animals, here are 3 fun facts of reindeeer as christmas animal you should absolutely know.

Here are facts about reindeer as a majestic Christmas animals

There are many myth related with Reindeer and this animal have been mentioned in various region, traditions and also legend. Physically, this animal is a majestic animal and also considered as threatened animals that if we don’t protect this animal it will be endangered to extinct. Let’s learn more about this majestic deer shall we?

Reindeer is an amazing creature, majestic, big and iconic animal that always have place in winter festivities. Whenever you see Reindeer image, you might already hear a holiday music, winter atmosphere and images of Christmas. However, did you know some of these Reindeer fun facts?

  • In North America, reindeer is called as Caribou

Did you know that in North America reindeer is also called by Caribou? Caribou also related with many North Amerindian natives legends and myth. This animal is considered as majestic and some tribe also consider it as sacred too. Caribou have been related with myth and legends of Amerindian way before European settlers have settled in the Americas. However, many didn’t know that reindeers and caribou is actually not same. Both come from the same species, however it have different sub species. They also have slight differences compared with Northern European reindeer.

  • Both of males and females can have an antlers

Unlike deer or goat where females can’t have horn or in this case antlers, as for reindeers both of the females and males can actually grow an antlers. However, the size of antlers differ from males and females with generally bigger for males. Antlers can be used as the sign of dominance in males. Some species of reindeer fight by butting their antlers, one who wins will have the chances to mate with it desired females.

  • North American reindeer migrate for more than 3.000 miles every year

During the dead of winter, Reindeer, especially a North American caribou have a migrate every year. This migration have long been studied by many scientists by using tracking and tracking collar. Nowadays, scientist can track migration path of this majestic animal using drone and satellite image capture technology.

So, that’s it on our 3 fun facts of reindeeer as christmas animal, their legends and their general facts. If you are looking for more animal fun facts, consider visit our animal care website here.