How to Take Care of Roborovski Hamster?

Roborovski hamster is one of all dwarf hamster type. As their type as dwarf hamster, their body tends to really small and rounded. Robotovski famous with their ability to moving fastest than another dwarf hamster. Unique fact about Roborovski hamster is they are scare of human. They tend to hiding when meet human. It is really unsurprised at all because their wild life is hiding in hole underground and it can living for 2-3 years old.

Roborovski actually unsuggested for you who still beginner on hamster pet business but it doesn’t mean that this hamster can’t be pet at home. People usually won’t to pet this hamster because of their fast moving that usually make their owner hard to control them. Also, they are scared of human so it makes them hard to be reach.

As mentioned before, by those special things on Roborovski hamster it doesn’t mean that they can’t be pet at home. Here is some great step to treat and care your Roborovski at home.

  • Buying Roborovski

Looking or buying Roborovski may hard for you. That’s because not every pet shop wants to make this type available. But how hard you try to find this type just make sure that you didn’t buy it by online shop. That’s because you need to touch and select it directly before you choose to buy one of them. By touch and select it directly, you will know which one is the better one to take home. Also, it used to make sure that the hamster is heathy enough to pet at home so that’s why you need to go to pet shop directly. Time that suggestable to choosing Roborovski is night time. That’s because they will actively move in night time. If you visiting pet shop in day, it would highly can sure that they are sleeping so you can observe their behaviour. While choosing hamster, there is something you need to watched. It is about choosing the young one. You better choosing 5 weeks old hamster. Choosing younger animal is more suggestable because you can build their character well and build some habitual on them. Choosing the healthy Roborovski is a must. After you can face to face with the Roborovski, make sure to choose the active one, shining hair, and clean body. You can also choose the medium size which is mean it is not too fatty or too thin. Some tips to choosing healthy hamster is dry hair. Don’t pick the wet hair because it may a symptom of any disease. Diarrhea can detect by this way. Choosing quality pet shop also something to do when you hunt for Roborovski. Make sure that pet shop that you visit separate between male and female Roborovski. Responsible pet shop will not let you to bring pregnant Roborovski. Get a permission to put your hand inside hamster’s cage. They will avoid your hand for the first time. It is okay, that’s normal. But if there is try to wanna know about your hand, grab him fast and take it at home. The curious hamster will easy to reach and more friendly so choosing him will more profitable than the lost one. After choosing, make sure you take the hamster as soon as possible to your home. Don’t let them too long waiting in vehicle because it will increase their stress level. To make Roborovski getting used with their new cage and environment, you can leave them for a view days. After moves them to new cage, cover the cage using black cloth. This method used to give them some privacy because they tend to shy of human. So by covering step, it will help them build their own brave inside to braver when face human.

  • Cage choosing

Talk about cage choosing, it is all absolutely suit with hamster’s character. As we know Roborovski famous with their fast moving so it is more effectively to choosing large cage. Fill the large cage with some toys that can drill Roborovski’s fast. Place wheel or some interior will increase their ‘life’ cage. After that, don’t forget about base cage. Base is important thing to place inside cage because Roborovski needs something smooth to protect their feet. Make sure that the base is protect them enough for sharpen wire or something of their cage that threat them. Roborovski likes to dig and hide, so make sure you put lots of base in the cage. 8 cm thick base is enough. A 10-12 cm thick layer will make your hamster happy. Talk about base, white and soft cellulose fibers (Carefresh) and aspen shavings are the right choice for your hamster. If you choose wood shavings, never use pine trees because these two tree species can cause health problems and contain dangerous oils that are toxic to hamsters. Don’t forget to avoid long fibrous pads. The shape of the synthesis base (such as those made from polyester fibers) is well known for being able to trap parts of the legs and clog the respiratory circulation. After that, don’t forget to place litter box as poop or pee place.

  • Feed and watering

This thing is the most fundamental thing that every cage of pet should be placed. Hamster is herbivore so they can only eat vegetable or grain. There is food that can’t give them every day so be wise when you feed them. Place their food and water in the box. Both for water and food, don’t place it to deep bowl that makes the hamster hard to reach them. Change the water at least every morning to keep the water supply stay healthy.

  • Environment cleanliness

What ever the animal, it is a must to keeping cleanliness toward environment of our pet. Clean the cage at least once per week. Remove everything from the cage and clean it using hot water. You can use a little vinegar in a smelly area, but make sure you rinse it thoroughly after using vinegar. Don’t forget to clean all hamster toys and wheels when cleaning the cage.

Pet something special will needs special treatment either. Don’t scared of something big. Make it as challenge that will make you better.