Having their Brains a lot Bigger than Us, How Smart are the Elephants?

A lot of researchers devoted their lives to observed all the wild animals that roamed the wildlife. The example is the observation of bear’s life, how they live their life, their habitual and behavioral, their natural habitat, and etc; that observation happened not only to bear, but to every single species on earth – animals and plants. We do understand, that the only party who could minister all other living things is us, human. So, all efforts has been made to keep their existence survives.

Furthermore, in this particular article, together we would learn about the biggest mammals on the surface of the earth (the ground). Could you guess it? Yes, you are right, the elephants. One of the most brilliant, also the most heartwarming picture of animal families. A study reviled that elephant has the same empathy as human; they could sense variety of emotions and take a good care of their baby just as good as human being (but of course, in different ways). Having their brains a lot bigger than us, how smart are the elephants?

My friend, for you who doubt the ability and capability of elephants brain, just wait and see until the truths are open in front of your eyes, how smart and talented these animals could be!

The Intellectual of Elephants

There’s a lot of numbers of ethologist that believed elephants was highly intelligent species. Estimated about five kilograms, elephant’s brains became the heaviest mass of brain compared to other land. Interesting fact, although whales are the most largest animal extent on earth, their brains apparently was barely twice the mass of elephants. In such amount of mass, elephant has about three hundred neurons runs inside their brains. As believed, elephant’s brain is worked exactly the same as the other mammal species, including human.

The general function areas, the structural, and the certain connectivity is believed runs in the same operational commonly created in mammal species; in fact, the number of neurons inside the cortex proved as many as what human brain had. Furthermore, elephants also create variety manifestation of emotions, such as mimicry, self-awareness, grief, communications, learning, play, compassion, altruism, and memory. Is that remember of something? Indeed, it remains us to our own emotions.

The more overwhelming fact is that the possibility of elephant ability to understand nonverbal communications such as hands signs; for instance, the extending finger or other signs. It is why the researchers are insisted all the action that could harm elephants mentally and physically should be disallowed due the highly intelligence and the emotions understanding in elephants.

The Society

Elephant has the impeccable knit society compare to other species of animals. Perhaps, the only thing that could break the line are if you separate them is the death or separate them on force. Furthermore, you must understand that elephant was embrace the matriarchal system; if one family unfortunately loss a member of family especially the female, they could feel the devastation and probably the depth of grief could not be recover. The real case happened to a mother that sadly loss her calf; she walked sluggishly in several days long.

In 1658,  Edward Topsell, has published words that described elephants, he said that elephants among other creatures (animals) on earth has demonstration almighty God’s power and wisdom. Perhaps, due to cooperative skills, the equal par for elephants is one of apes species, the chimpanzees.

The Altruism

It might be surprise you that elephant is highly altruistic animal; elephant was recorded gave other species aid – human included. Many cases happened in India that elephant helped locals lifted logs and place it in pre-dug holes in construct areas, but on sudden the elephant refused to lower the log, and after the investigation by the worker, there’s a dog sleep under the dug, and the elephant continued help after the dog is gone. A researcher called Cynthia Moss, frequently saw elephants purposely going out of their track to avoid hurting human and other creatures.

Another story, a man was accidentally being charged by matriarch of a family elephant and his leg was broke. During paralyze moment, the elephant used her trunk and lifted him under the shade of tree,  and guarded him throughout the day until the rescue team came. Then because the matriarch charged the rescue team (she though they were dangerous), the team was shot a gun to scared her. After the rescue, the man told everything to the team.

The Mimicry

An study reviled that elephant was capable mimic the sounds that they heard. An elephant called Mlaika, could copy the sound of passing truck. The recognized species that could perform the mimicry so far are: birds, dolphins, primates, whales, and bats. Furthermore, elephants used vocalization to contact with another members. Female elephants are capable to remember and distinguish sounds of other female family or another group members.

Music and Art

Don’t think that you are the only individual that could paint, my dear friends; because apparently elephants used their trunks to hold the brushes and paint some abstracts paintings. Well, no one really sure do the elephant’s painting has the meaning, but still that’s pretty impressive! An elephant named Ruby from the Phoenix Zoo already sold her paintings in nominal of $25,000 (well, I am pretty jealous now).

Not, only on art painting, an orchestra of elephants have been made in Thai Elephants Conservation Center of Lampang by pachyderm expert Richard Lair. The named of the orchestra is Thai Elephants Orchestra, one of the drummer an elephant named Pratidah was exhibit steady and remarkable skill, either in solo or group performance.

Problem Solving

Ruby the painting artist could eavesdrop the keepers conversation whenever they were talked to her. Every time the word paint came out, she would become excited and happy. She also has several favorite colors, such as red, yellow, blue, and green. Koko is the elephant that have been trained bu professional trainer named harry Peachey. Harry train Koko to understand human words, and the program ended successfully. Now, whenever the keeper say to Koko “Koko, give me a hand” Koko would immediately help the keepers.

That’s it: having their brains a lot bigger than us, how smart are the elephants? However, it’s reviled that the large mass of elephant’s brain was indeed equal with their intelligent, right folks?