Heartwarming Pictures of Animals Families to Brighten Your Day

Okay, let me give you a warning as my opening before we go deeper into our discussion today: you must prepare tissues beside you, otherwise you would make your house float in the river of tears. Our today topic was a very touchy and sensitive, so for you my sensitive beloved friends (included me), just hold on and don’t embarrass yourself to hard. However, out topic is about heartwarming pictures of animals families to brighten your day. Perhaps you people already know, that some animals was born as a spectacular loving animal that it’s safe to say, sometimes they were a lot better than us – human.

Although this majority of animals lived in the wildlife, doesn’t mean that those wild animals are “wild” and didn’t have feeling. The tiny or fat animal, the heavy and the slight ones, they all do have feeling for their own families. The need and responsibility to protect their precious cubs and children, and family – something that should slap us hard, and make us learn some lesson from these animals. If you want to observe deeper about their natural behavioral, I would recommend 4 popular animal city for you which in there you could see with your own eyes all the basic mechanism of animals to survive.

Heartwarming pictures of animals families to brighten your day would make us know, that love would make us do anything to protect our precious ones. We would see the examples of animals that have been proved to be the greatest parents of all species on earth. The way these animals choose to protect their families from the dangers, and the way they grief on the loss of they families members. Some of these animals now have been declared as the endangered species that already push into the edge extinction. Don’t let these animals join the list of extinct animal – let our rise and safe these animals, because they deserve the better lives for their pure heart!

1. The Elephants

No one would doubt anymore about how elephants would take care of their family and even their friends. Elephants have delicate, tender, and loving souls and emotions – in fact, perhaps elephants was the only animal that could be align based on emotional sensitivity with people. I still remember, I watched a video about a mother elephant with her young child in the a field. Her child was enjoyed himself chased some gooses (if I’m not mistaken), he run faster and faster and at one point, he got slip and fell. The moment when the mother elephant saw her child fell down, she walked over to her child, and help him.

The next thing that happened always touched my heart, her son was running to her just like when you see a child running and cry to her mother after he fell, looking for reassurance from the situation that just happened from their loving mother. This should be enough prove to shown how tender and delicate the souls of this creature. But, let me tell you a bit more information about elephants. Elephants do have social’s structure that help them organize their herd. Unlike other majority of mammals, elephant used matriarchy social structure order.

The oldest female in a herd would be the leader and keep their family and herd from danger, and the presence of some predators. One elephant’s herd consists of five to fifteen adult elephants and addition of children or young ages females and males members. Every single elephants herd would interact and keep a good relationship with one another. Another unique fact is that males elephants would live separately with the matriarchal herd and go to an adventure with another males during their teenage, and would be back around the age of twenty-five.

2. Wolfs

Wolfs are roaming their habitat as packs. One pack of wolfs would be lead by the strongest and the most dominant wolf among others which could be male of female. The leader of the pack also chose by some contest to pick the most capable individual that could lead the pack. In the pack system, the adult wolves would be the ones that feed the pups that could not hunt by themselves.

The adults would bring the food the the mother and the pups so that the mother didn’t have to leave the pups consider the pups still in a very young age. The adults also bear the responsibility to fill the supply, become playmates for the pups, and not forget to babysitting them until they grow. All those adults would always make sure that the pups are always safe and sounds. So, do we have this quality of wolf?

3. Orangutan

Orangutan is a highly intelligent apes and animal on earth. The bond between the mother and her child proved as the strongest relationship in nature. Orangutan children would entirely rely on their mother for the first two years of their lives. The mother would be the one that would provide the all the food and transportation for her kids, and still would stay beside their children for almost six to seven years.

The mother would teach their kids how to looking for food and how to build a nest for rest. Although they already grew up, the females orangutans would visit their mothers until they turn to the ages of fifteen or six-teen. An orangutan would have baby once in nine years, and could have another baby until they reach the ages of forty. Now, we could understand why they have a very strong bond relationship.

4. The Emperor Penguin

One of the animal in Arctic joined our list of the strongest family bonds of animals species. The emperor penguin have the perfect family cooperation to protect their egg until it hatch. The mother would leave their egg to her husband (male) that beat with the duty to protect the fragile egg from anything that could harm it. Then the mother would travel for almost fifty miles away to catch some food supplies for their new born baby. After the baby is born, the mother would protect and warm the new born with her warm and soft brood pouch.