How to bonding 2 rabbits together in your house

Rabbits are social animal. They will be glad if they have friend to live with. They easily interact with the one they encounter at first. However do not be too excited about this. Because sometimes this theory not at all applicable to any cases. There is a time when your rabbit has solitary instinct that he will not be able to get along with new companions at your house.  This will happen especially when you have already rabbit and will bring another new one at home.  Pay attention to not in a rush to collect them all together at once before you observe the interaction between them under your well secure supervision. This time we will dig deeper about tips on how to bonding 2 rabbits together in your house to get the best possible outcome we expect.

How to bonding 2 rabbits together in your house, let us peel one by one tricks and tips list below:

  • Pick up the new bunny together

If you want to collect the new bunny from the pet shop or rabbit’s collector in the shelter, it is recommended that you come along with your exist bunny together so the old one will assume that he is being involved in having the new one at home. Do not neglect the existing  rabbit while you decide to have the new. This occasion will give the feeling of being participated for both of bunnies. More over the first experience sitting together at the car during going back home is something that will give insight how they will be life together. If they get along without fighting that is a good sign to continue your plan. Nevertheless they perform body language to fight, you better re-think would it be good or not to push the attachment between the two.

  • Put the two bunnies on the neutral place in your house

Once you are all at home, give them time to have a rest separately. Once they relax particularly after feeding, you may resume gathering them in one place. Put them in a clean disinfected neutral area so both of them will not recognize the place as his territory. You may ask other house member to help you in case fighting occurs. One of you will hold each of rabbit to separate them if this accident happens.  If at first they do not perform any sign of attack, you may leave the room but still keep an eye clearly to watch any repercussion. Take this time more and less for 20 minutes each day. After that, put them back in separate cage or room if available. This introduction session is beginning of bonding the two in your house. Hopefully this measure will stay like this so give you time to relax and rest.

  • Soft and gentle conversation

Spend your time to be with them for about a half hour to play with.  Speak softly and gently to provide comfort and secure feeling. Once they gain trust in you, you are easy to command them to sit together without fighting.  Moreover, snapping is not working at all. Bunnies do not learn what you have yelled, but encourage the fear and stressful. This will lead to attacking to you and to other bunny as well. If they do not get along or even show the anger each other, this is not the right time to pushing them in same place. Enough for today, let us put them on different cage for now. Tomorrow you can resume to collect them together again in same room with your present.

  • Repetition the same custom everyday

While doing the introduction for the two bunnies together, find out the entertaining activities that will produce bonding each other. What about feeding them together? Of course at first this will trigger the fighting occurs; however let us give a try. Give them hay in separate plate for each. See if they can feed together in the same room without growling or chasing each other. Once they show any form of attack, do not wait until this really happen. Get one and move to the cage, say in gentle voice that this is not acceptable.  Do not hit rabbit in any form. He will remember this forever his life time. So is to the other bunny, apply the same rule as well. You may put the cages in a room so they can see each other and listen what you say is the same to the opponent.  This is to prevent any partial view among them.

  • Play to mimic the rabbit

During introduction period, you can mimic the performance of the bunny.  You can wear a sweeter with long ear on the side just like rabbit, or you can use a long tail on your butt. Use colorful costume clothes that mimic the rabbit instead.  This is to let them know that you are there by their side. You are there to provide safe and secure.  Furthermore they will hold on to fight since they think they are being supervised in every time they make a move.

  • Use water hose to break the fight

If the fighting is already exist, to separate them you might need the water hose instead you do it by your hands. Unless you are sincere to be nipped you do not have to consider body protector though. Please keep in mind NEVER hit the rabbits in any way. No matter how annoying they are fighting, you have to control yourself by not doing something that will harm them. Rabbits are genuine good memorize. Once you tap your hand on them, they will remember this forever.  This occasion is just blocking your command on them. In the future they are not only disobeying you in a matter but become wilder and could killing each other. At the basically they already has the nature of fight, and your rudeness is just the way they show anger too.

You will gradually find how to bonding 2 rabbits in your house are not something easy but if you pay extra attention and perform consistent patient to rule this out, nothing impossible for the best possible outcome would be. I have heard that the easiest way to bond the two rabbits together is bring them home together while they are babies. So for this situation, you do not have extra energy to bond them each other. No matter they are not sibling, raising rabbits together while they are babies is the joyful and rewarding moment.  Nevertheless if you have the two already adult, this information will give you an option what to do to anticipate any situation.