8 Reasons of why your rabbit keep biting you

As a pet owner you need to explore your knowledge related to the pet you have. This theory applies to any animal you may life with. So is to the rabbits of yours. While on general speaking bunny is the soft adorable pet that never exhibit any attack, you might to consider this sometime unusual behavior occurs accidentally.  Somehow bunny performs a sign of attacking by biting, nipping, kicking, or even scratching with sharp nail to you. For these reasons let us dig down to the 8 reasons of why your rabbit keep biting you while you think you already are doing well to him.

8 reasons of why your rabbit keep biting you:

1. Sign of defense

No matter how long you have been with bunny, it is occasionally he bites you during the day. If someday you got bite by your rabbit, do not panic. It could be sign of defense himself to something he might assume as a danger. Perhaps you carry him in wrong way that could be hurting him without you realize it. So it is good for you to know how to carry the rabbit in the right way. You may be squeeze him to tight that he deems you try to end him up as a food in the dining table.

2. Sense of prey animal

Rabbit as a nature is prey animal. This caused him has a natural instinct to protect himself to any sign of danger around him. It could be from you as his babysitter. One sudden move you make, it is already a warning for him to reform any attack to prevent self-safety. Your rabbit can aggressively biting you in your tender flesh and will not let go until he consider that no harm coming around.

3. Aggressive personality

Even though rabbit is the cute and docile pet you might know so far, however some bunny is not keen to be carried and closed to the human as generally. Domestic rabbit who life with you from the baby is having different personality and character for each. Some of them maybe love to sit on your lap until get to sleep, while the others are very strange and do not want to be your side at all. You need to respect of this circumstance instead. Do not push your will to intimate yourself with this type of rabbit. Otherwise you will end up with a lot of scratches on you extremities. Instead of you try to near down with this bunny, you might be better figured out how to solve the aggressive behavior in rabbits for better.

4. Struggling for food

Rabbit bites are one of the sign and warn that he is starving. You probably forget to schedule the meal time. If the exists schedule is skipped, bunny will show an anger and perhaps bite you for this reason. Also to show how hungry he is. Rabbit cannot speak in our words, to communicate with us, biting is easiest way to interact you to get your attention for sure. I recommend giving a treat sometimes during a day to please him and prevent aggressive behavior. If you care well and bunnies satisfied with you have given, this will lessen the unexpected action to become extreme in timely manner.

5. Illness or injured

Rabbit has irritability to hurt and if so, get some medical examination to find out what exactly happen to your bunny. Biting habit is not something usual for bunny especially if this one is domestic rabbit pet by you. If your bunny bites you and this is not his habit in every day case, seek medical vet to look after if your bunny has pain in the body. Suffering rabbit can be very in tolerated to the environment. Rabbit become very sensitive to almost anything get closer to him. Check if your rabbit has in pain on the teeth, usually it is the most common problem about rabbit. The vet will observe the other part of the rabbit’s body including the head, throat, belly and extremities. Rabbit can be captured by respiratory infection or got diarrhea, even the female rabbits are prone to get an ovarian cancer.  This why neutering and spaying in rabbits are the most effective and efficient measures to get a healthy and happy bunnies.

6. Hormonal changing

As the time progress as the rabbit grow up. In certain situation, as rabbit gets bigger, the hormonal is rarely changing as well. From the baby bunny to become an adult rabbit is somehow is not easy for some rabbit. Even if you care for him from the baby, when he becomes a mature, the hormonal influences the personality. In certain circumstance rabbit is getting much docile, but in another scene the rabbit becomes so much aggressive. This will produce the attack to you as he wants to release the instability of its self.

7. No attachment with the owner

Try to spend time with your bunny to prevent this strange situation. Play together and open communication by lying down on the floor as he does. Give a play toy and play with it together. Give a treat about once a day like a rabbit snack. This will help alleviate the gap between you and the rabbit. For you to know, rabbit will easily bite the thing as he assume as an assault, that is including you. So to get rid of the assumption on your rabbit, get use to him. Being a friend is nicer than just being an owner. Trust me dude.

8. Mostly spend the time in a cage

If you are unfortunately needed to leave your rabbit at home by himself, you must think to confine him in a cage for his own safety. Rabbit will bite furniture and worse bite the electrical power cable. That is a potential dangerous though. However doing so in a long time, will induce the stressful of the rabbit. Moreover he becomes aggressive then as close victim you are the one whom been nipped by the depressed bunny.

For the rabbit’s lover, we are encouraged to analyze the rabbit and everything about it. Whether is from the physical and emotional aspects get along with its growing up. Please dig down about the habits, characteristic and personalities as well as the physical problems that may come arise in your journey in nurturing the rabbits.  Even this certain biting habits is rarely happen, but this minorities action is not impossible befall down on you. Ensuring yourself regarding the reasons why your rabbits keep biting you will make you aware of what happen and how to solve this problem. So good for you to prepare any outcome would be and have the sight what to do to deal with your cute little biting bunny.