The Health Benefits Coconut Water Carries for Canaries

Due to their high antioxidant levels and their natural ability to flush out toxins, coconut water has been a natural remedy used since the earliest days. However, a lot of people tend to forget that this natural remedy can also be applicable to animals – particularly Canaries.

To the animal lovers who have raised Canaries of their own, there’s a given chance that they have considered feeding their animal companions coconut water before. Aside from being an effective supplement, coconut water is also a relatively inexpensive alternative to the over-the-counter prescribed medications.

So what is it that makes this natural ingredient so popular? Read on this article to find out more on the health benefits coconut water carries for Canaries.

1. Quenches Their Thirst

The most obvious benefit that fresh coconut water has for Canaries is being able to quench their thirsts immediately. Their soothing sensation is able to relief the stress in their throats caused from thirsts.

 2. Reliefs Dehydration

Dehydration and general thirsts may sound too similar from one another, but it’s different in this case. When a Canary’s thirst isn’t treated, their conditions could worsen and thus would result to dehydration. If you find your animal companion stuck in this situation, coconut water could help relief their dehydration and provide them the nutrients they’d need to survive.

3. Boosts Stamina

Aside from preventing and curing them from dehydration, coconut water is a great stamina booster for Canaries! Just like how it affects humans, coconut water has the sufficient amount of nutrients to give Canaries the right energy they’d need.

4. Flushes Toxins

Similar to the affects it has to humans, coconut water is able to flush out dangerous toxins out of the Canaries’ system. As any living being would, Canaries could consume dangerous substances when unsupervised or by accident. In the chance that this happens, the ideal dose to treat an ill Canary would be to prescribe them one dose of coconut water for every two days. Continue the routine dose until your animal companion has shown signs of full recovery.

5. Sharpens Their Brain

Aside from training and socialising them with other canaries, a healthy dose of coconut water could help hydrate and sharpen a Canary’s brain. The nutrients found in coconut water are vitamins that helps boosts their brain growth and capacity.

6. Supplies Vitamins

Coconut water provides numerous types of vitamins that could help supply their bodies with the right and extra nutrients. The extra supplements helps maintain their general health, boosts their immune systems, and prevents them from catching potential illnesses.

7. Helps Them Sing

It takes a happy and healthy canary to hear their beautiful bird songs fill the air. By regularly feeding your canaries with the right dose of coconut water as extra supplements, you should be hearing your canaries sing in no time!

So there you have the health benefits coconut water carries for Canaries! However, it is important that you understand the right dose of coconut water you can feed to your animal companion. Though the general rule of thumb states that you should only feed them once every two days, it is ideal that you do your prior research and consult professionals before you take action to prevent any potential damage. Coconut water is also not a viable replacement of water, and other forms of nutrients should be fed routinely too. Good luck!