8 Signs of Dying Hamster that are Easy to be Seen

Having a pet at home is really is different, because not most people can do it considering that not every people love animals.

One more that you need to know is hamster, which its shape similar to a rat although it is categorized as rat. Hamster is not a rat because both of them are different in any physical and characteristic factors. Talking about pets, on the previous article we have talk about How to Have Fun Playing with Your Hamster Outdoors and 7 Ways on How to Invite Hamsters to Play

But there are something that you need to pay attention at when having a hamster. The same thing happen with cat, or other pets that as an owner we definitely need to pay attention to their health and nutrition. Here is The Most Brilliant Idea to Serve the Healthiest Hamster Food that you can try to provides healthy food to your hamster. If it really is love, looking at your sick pet is probably heart breaking. Here are something that we need to discuss about the signs of a dying hamster.

Signs of Dying Hamster

  • Sleep a lot

Signs of a dying hamster can be seen when it spends most of its time sleeping. Just as you know that this animal is supposed to be really active, it will be easy to see when the hamster prefers having more sleep. Not because it is getting lazy, but this is the sign that its body is getting weaker and its body immune is decreasing. You need to give it the right nutrition to stop it getting worse.

  • Drink a lot

Signs of a dying hamster usually it often have some drink. Its body is lack of water and dehydrated. If you have seen those two both it will be better if you immediately do something. 

  • Weak Body

The third sign can be seen through its weak and looking tired body. You can see it when you lifted it, it felt so light. Even its head will looking weak, and hamster also won’t be running everywhere when you lift it.

  • Losing Appetite

When hamster is losing its appetite, it is one of dying hamster signs. Although there is no exact cause or excuse, most hamsters will die of sickness. So they will lose its appetite due to their sickness. Because of it, there will be no nutrition supply to their body. You can try by giving it 6 Affordable Yet Nutritious Food You Can Give to Your Pet Hamster

  • Less Active

A dying hamster usually not as active as healthy hamster. You need to keep an eye when facing this problem, because usually this is the signs of a hamster that is going to die. Like most other hamster, they will play actively and running everywhere. On the other hand, dying hamster will stay in place and not as active as usual.

  • Looking Tired

Its eye condition will look tired, even when looking at something. This is the sign that the hamster is having a bad health issue.
Its skin become paler and its vibrant color will fade. Besides that, its soft fur will also turned looking unpleasant. Although you’ve tried to wipe it, it will stay looking unpleasant.

  • Vomiting

Another most common thing to happen is, it will vomit a lot due to battling with their disease. If this happens so it can be signs that the hamster already closes to its death. On the other words, it is the first stage of death
More or less it is the same as cats. So, it is better for you to regularly giving it vaccine or vitamin to maintain your pet health. Moreover to the younger pet which is more prone to disease and death. Here are also 8 Common Symptoms That Your Hamster Is Sick that you might want to read.

Those are all the signs of a dying hamster that every hamster owner need to know to treat it well before everything is too late. Because usually dying hamster life still can be saved as long as you know the right and immediate way to help it.