How To Care for Oriole As Your Pet?

When you moving or just walking around yard or pedestrian, you might face some birds like finch. But have you ever see the dark brown one that usually perch on the porch of your house, drink the water in the puddle when the rain has just subsided, or maybe when your cat brings you a bird’s surprise when returning from playing outside the house? Have you ever seen that, right? You might don’t know what’s the bird. Let me introduce for you, that’s bird called Oriole.

Orioles are beautiful backyard birds. This bird is a wild bird but with the right food bait, they will easily come to your house in various colors. These birds usually come during spring and summer. There is so much Oriole’s color but we will usually see brown, orange, yellow, and black.

There are nine different types of orioles that regularly visit the United States and Canada. While their ranges are vastly different, their feeding style and habit are pretty similar. All of these birds have a sweet but also strong tooth, and they love something sweet but also proportionally offered nutrition.

Because this bird is wild bird and you can decide to pet them by looking by your self by installing a bait, here is some their beloved food that you can use as bait food but also as feeding.

  • Insect

Even look like they love to eat something sweet, may they can find the sweetness by eating insect. Something like wasp and mealworm can be their feeding. As nutrition, insect is guaranteed option. People already know that some insect has balance nutrition.

  • Nectar

As we know before that Oriole loves sweetness, by living on wild they will find those things in nectar. Not only naturally, they are also love homemade sugar water so this is a smart alternative if you feel so hard to find natural nectar.

  • Flower

Nectar usually related with flower. Beside eating the nectar, Oriole also eat the flower too. Both flower pieces and buds also ate by them.

  • Fruit

There is flower, so there is also the fruit. Oriole can also eat fruit remember the fruit also contained sweetness. Apple, orange, peach, berry, and bananas are their favourite.

  • Jelly

Well, they love grape and orange marmalade.

  • Dried peas

Both the frozen and the fresh one is their happiness.

All food that mentioned up stair can be ate by Oriole. You can serve it as mixed or just as single dish.

The Tips

Before moving to the tips how to take care Oriole as your pet, basically Oriole is wild animal. Also, on some countries it is illegal to save and keeping Oriole as pet. The only way to keeping close with them is always place their food, not as bait but it is purely for ‘feeding’ them naturally. So, we didn’t pet them like general but we can still care of them. Here is basically tips that you can use to ‘pet’ them wildly. As mentioned before that Oriole will come to your backyard during spring and summer so when the season come, make sure that you already prepared well about their dish. Here we go:

  • Avoiding pesticide

Oriole is backyard bird. As we know to plant something, we will place It in our backyard. It is not a problem when you treat your plant by using pesticide in order to make the plant stay safe from any predator, but don’t spry it when the Oriole comes to your home yesterday. Pesticide will make the insect didn’t come. Even Oriole can eat something another than insect, 90% their food is constructed by insect. Also, young Oriole needs a lot of carbohydrate that can they earn by insect to support their growth. So, playing pesticide isn’t good idea moreover when Oriole already visit your home before.

  • Plant any flowers

Plant any flowers to fulfil their natural nectar need. Beside floral, you can also plant their ready-made food like blueberry, strawberry, elderberry, serviceberry, raspberry, mulberry, and huckleberry. For flower reference, you can use the flower that usually attract hummingbird like bleeding heart, honey suckle, and petunias.

  • Protect their food

Protect their food is a must. Sweetness may invite ants to come. You can use any anti-ant but don’t use anti-ant that using basic oil because it will make Oriole slipped.

  • Avoiding soda

Even offering same sweetness, don’t dare you to give them soda. Beside not formulated to bird, preservatives and chemical ingredient will be harmful for them.

  • Keep cleaning

Don’t broke the nutrition inside Oriole’s food by any bacteria. Make sure that you already wash their dish before you serve it. If needed, wash the place that you use to feed them at least once per two days.

Oriole already pressured by their lose habitat that taken by human to build something. So, as side that already take something from them let’s not to bring them in hell. Don’t kill them, don’t hurt, and keep feeding them. It may not a something for us but it is so useful for them. Please, help them to being survive.