What Should You Do If Your Bunny Escapes From Home

Who people do not like bunnies?  Everyone loves them they are so fluffy and cutes.  However,  sometimes bunny do escape from the house.  While ones get out from the house one another will escape too.  So, in this case, what should you do if your bunny escapes from home?  How to protect them at outdoor,  so they can not escape or run from home.  Below the following here are some tips what should you do if your bunny escapes from home and how to keep them safe.

1. Build a home at outdoor

Well, bunnies naturally cannot live only in a cage. They prefer to live free on the outside, such as the backyard, field, and more. However, sometimes release the bunnies at outdoor make the owner worried. The owner always worried because they can escape and the rabbit can lose outdoors. How to find your lost rabbit outdoors? Search them early at any place. Therefore, how to make the rabbit keep safe while outdoors? Build a home for your bunny at outdoor. Make sure the home is strong and wide, build their home beside a tree. So, that they will comfort.

2. Make them safe from predator

Build a home at outside for them is used to keep them from any predator, such as snake, cat, and even dog. Besides, build a home make a fence from iron wire. It can keep them away from any predators who want to eat them. Make them safe from any predator is a must. The bunnies can eat by predators at all the time. So, this is a reason why we must to make them safe both in outdoor or indoor.

3. Plants something over at your backyard

We know that the bunnies are herbivore animals. They love to eat all the fruit, vegetables, nuts, and sometimes rabbit food (pellet). This is a chance for you to be a gardener. Why the owner must be a gardener?  Plants some fruit like tomatoes, strawberries, blackberries, cherry or apple. It even vegetables too; carrots, mustard greens, radish and more. Plants some fruits or vegetables that your rabbit loves so much. Plants it at overall your backyards. With these, your bunnies do not escape from home. Because all the food that they need are available.

4. Feed them with more foods

However, if you cannot plant something, you can do this way. Feed them with lots of foods. Buy some vegetables, fruits, nuts and some packs of rabbit food. Make a food list to make it easier, what are foods already given today? Make sure you can give the healthy diet for them. It is for their health, right? While you are feeding your rabbit, you have to accompany them or check them every fifteen or twenty minutes. This is a way to keep them away from escape. Do not ever to feed them with fermented foods, there are  2 dangerous effects of fermented food for rabbits that you should know.

5. The bunny escapes from  home

The bunny escapes from your home, so what are we gonna do? Please, relax and stay calm. Calls your rabbit’s name and please start to find them first all entire your house. If she is not in your home, check at her cage and the outdoors too. Check at any place that she always there. It might be your rabbit sleep at a place that you don’t know. Well, if you know some her hiding place, why you are not looking for her in that place? Maybe she was sheltering somewhere because the weather was very hot today. So, go on find her.

6. How to catch them

How to catch rabbit who afraid? Rabbit is an animal who easily frightened, they can be afraid or shy to you. The rabbit is wondering, can you be trusted?  Well, this is the way, if you want to catch the shy rabbit. First is relaxed and do not be rush. How to make your rabbit relax? Find it out here. Second, give your rabbit a treat with their favorites food or chew toys. Let your bunny approach you, while she closes to you, let her eat her food. Rub her head, massage your bunny, these are some ways  how to calm a rabbit in shock.Do this, before you catch her up gently. Take her in the cage and feed her with some foods. She will love it.

7. Gather your friends

You can gather some friends to help you to catch your bunnies. In here, we need a good corporation. Making a call to your friends first, then gather in the place you have specified. if it is possible, please to make two or more groups to searching and catch the rabbits who are escape away from home. If this finding makes you stressed, you can ask your neighbors or other people for help to help you (the rabbit has escaped from home).

8. Check the holes under the fences

You did not found your rabbit, what should you do if your rabbit escapes from home? Rabbits really like in shady places, like under trees, hiding in bushes, even under the old box. However, if you don’t find it. Try checking under the fence you made, is there a hole there? If there is yes, try checking the hole and find out the hole belongs to go. Rabbits do like to make a few holes for their hiding place. That’s why we have to check it, it is very possible for rabbits to hide there.

9. Blocking escapes route

What should you do if your bunnies escape from home? Blocking their escapes route. How?  If you find some holes in your backyard, please closed it all. This way can make the rabbit out of her hiding places. Second, you can close all your doors entire your house. If your rabbit escape but she is still in your house. Gather your friends and catch the bunnies together. Before you catch the bunnies, you must place a cage first beside you.

10. Make fences frames

Well, the previous point did not help me to catch the bunnies. This way must be worked for you. If you have a fences frames you can use this to keep your rabbit from escaping away.  Place a fences frames at your backyard, gather your friends to help you catch the bunnies and if some rabbits have been caught you can put it inside fences frames. Let your rabbits play and enjoy to play with them. This is one of some fun things to do with the rabbit in the house

Hopefully,  the above on what should you do if your bunny escapes from home,  it can be useful for you,  rabbit lovers.  The important key to making them safe and not escapes from the house is do not let them alone.  Make a protection on your backyard, so then they will not escape from your home.  Good luck.