How to Overcome the Poison on Rabbit?

Rabbits are one of the most popular pet and they are sought after by many people and proved to be cute selections of pet for many animal lovers. There are many cause that make rabbits are an excellent choice to be your pets, as there are many advantages of having a rabbit as your pet alongside with its downside. One advantage about having a rabbit as your pet is that you can get small little ball of fluff that feels really good to pet and taking care of rabbit isn’t as hard and complicated as taking care of bigger pet such as cats or dogs. Rabbits care are so much simpler than cats or dogs, however you still need to do quite a lot of things when taking care of rabbits and you must do it properly the way it should be. There are many things you should do when you want to take care of rabbits, from preparation before buying your rabbit, choosing the right rabbits breed, preparing the cage, their feed, keeping the hygiene of your rabbits and don’t forget to take care of your rabbit and give them much needed attention they deserve.

One way you should always know about rabbit and should be always aware about it is the rabbit food poisoning. When taking care of rabbit, that means you will feed them with food you bought. Sometimes, you made a mistake by giving a food that shouldn’t be eaten by rabbits. Sometimes, you can accidently poison your rabbit, making them choke on their food and well, poisoning your ball of fluff. We should always be careful not to poison our rabbit but if you accidently poison your rabbit, there are some remedies and care that you should do to overcome rabbit’s food poisoning.

Normally you need to go to your vets directly and ask for their help, but if you don’t have much time and money, you could also do some home remedies to alleviate food poisoning on rabbits, however it isn’t recommended as the best course of action is still to get your rabbit directly to the vets. If you want to know more, here is the answer on How to Overcome the Poison on Rabbit? And to alleviate poison on rabbit.

How to take care of poisoned rabbit and what should we do about it?

What you need to know about rabbit is, that rabbit can’t throw up or vomit. This means that unlike any other creature that could vomit and ejecting any poison or harmful things that accidently get in their throat, rabbits couldn’t do it and instead will receive any poisons and harmful things into their stomach. Poisoning on rabbit can be quite dangerous and prove to be quite fatal, but there is a way to prevent it and overcome it properly and safely for your rabbit. To answer on how to take care of rabbit’s poisoning, here are some things you need to know about it first.

  • What things that can cause food poisoning for rabbits?

There are some things that could lead to poisoning on rabbits. One things that could lead to poisoning is an exposure to some inappropriate foods for rabbits for example: chocolate, onions, garlic, seedy fruits such as grapes. Other cause for poisoning might comes from common household items that are dangerous and accidently eaten by your rabbit such as cleaning agents, antifreeze and also detergents. Some unintentional medications might also accidently inhaled or digested by your rabbits. These medications might not cure your rabbits but even creating a toxic shock for your rabbits. If you see these symptoms on rabbits, you might want to see your veterinarian to start cure your rabbits from poisoning.

There are actually two main causes for poisoning on rabbits. To make clearer information, here we divide it into two parts of causes for rabbit’s poisoning. One cause for it is from application of medicine and certain ointment. Sometimes, you apply a certain ointment or medication to cure some disease or problems for your rabbit, for example flea repellent products, accidental insecticides or pesticides, and also highly concentrated medicinal ointment. Too much application on ointment and medications that aren’t approved by vets might also cause poisoning. The other cause for poisoning is Ingestion. There are many things that if ingested by rabbits can cause mild or severe food poisoning on rabbits. Examples of these things are automotive products like oil or fuel, herbicides, anticoagulant, rat poisons, household products, some human food and medicine, metal, certain plants and unapproved vets medicine.

  • The symptoms of rabbit’s poisoning

There are some symptoms that you can see whenever your rabbits are suffering from poisoning. These symptoms are usually easy to see and recognize, but if you are careless you might not see these symptoms. Some example of symptoms of rabbit’s poisoning are diarrhea on rabbit, depression, changes in behaviour, difficulties in breathing, hunched posture on rabbits, irregular heartbeat, mouth irritation, lethargy on rabbits, inflammation on many parts such as intestinals and skin, seizures, weakness, low body temperature, lack of appetite, and bleeding externally and/or internally.

  • How to treat rabbits poisoning properly and safely?

After diagnosing your rabbit is clearly poisoned, and you can certain of what causing them like from applications or ingestion, then you need to act fast, before any more severe damage your rabbit might suffer. One thing you must quickly do is to contact your vets as fast as you can, and make sure to take your rabbit to vet clinic fast. Once there, let your vets know every symptoms that shown on rabbits, and let them make their diagnose. Make sure to mention them what might causing your rabbit to be poisoned. Once your vets take action, there are many things they can do to treat rabbit’s food poisoning, based on what might causing them and what symptoms are shown on rabbit. Gastric lavage to clear up stomach from poison and harmful chemicals is usually used by a vets to treat rabbit’s poisoning, pain management for rabbit, hydration therapy, blood transfusion if needed and vitamin K to alleviate certain kind of poison. Now, that’s How to Overcome the Poison on Rabbit?