3 Simple Steps To Create The Ideal Iguana Habitats at Home

Iguana is special animal which living in a special habitat. They spend their time above the tree and sometimes swimming in the lake. That’s why iguana loves to living in the place which near with water source.

Also, they love to climb and jump. By this natural trait, you need to make a cage which facilitated it well. Buy the big cage is really expensive, right? So to press you budget, why you don’t try to make it by yourself?

The point is how you can design it as similar as their natural habitat. The expensive one which can’t facilitate their trait will be useless. In the cage, hopefully iguana will feel so safe and relax. With cheap and ordinary ingredients, you already produce the iguana cage with low budget but still comfy and likes their natural habitat.

The most suggested ingredient to make an iguana cage is glass and wire. But it is more advantage if you can compare them into one cage. The point that you should highlighting is where you put the cage? Is it inside or outside the house? These things considerate what’s you needed to build a cage. Also, by the design, you will know how much money you need to make the cage.

Let’s jump in to the explanation about how to make simple steps to create the ideal iguana habitat at home.


The Steps

Here are the steps you need to build a comfy iguana cage.

1. Firstly, make a design.

By the design, you can know what will you need and what will the cage looks like. During this step, you need to compare the design with your iguana’s trait. Make a cage which can facilitate them to move and live like their own habitat. Beside, you need to highlight the safety point and the size of the cage to avoid you to re-make it. Make a ‘cage at once’ which can use until your iguana is really old and big so you don’t need to make cage again and surely it can press your budget.

Some tips for you, iguana can growth until 180 centimeters so you can design it generally as 182 centimeters height, 92-183 centimeters width, and 305-366 centimeters length. The height must be crucial because they love to climb and don’t forget to add some perch. Some things that might be highlighted are access. The iguana cage should be accessed well to make you easier to feed and clean it. The whole cage should be touchable when you clean it so that’s why it is matter to design it so it can be opened will be more advantage.

Also, make sure to add light source which need to keep one side is warm and the other is not. The base cage also you need to think well because that’s the place to put water source and the poop fall down. Just make sure that their poop didn’t dirt their water.

2. Prepared the equipment.

The best cage for iguana is made of wire. But wire can’t hold wind or cold weather but glass does. That’s why we need to compare them become a cage. You can put ware on every single side cage and put the glass above as the cover. Or you can share of every single side into wire and glass. It’s definitely by your design. Because iguana spends their time in the perch, you can choose PVC pipe or wood pine or spruce as the frame. If you used only PVC pipe or wood pine, that’s not bad too. Don’t forget to buy wire, plastic, plexiglas for floor and ceiling, glue for wood if you use wood or PVC cement is you use PVC pipe to paste it.

For perch you can buy it in pet shop or make it by yourself using branches which peeled and coated. Just make sure that the perch made of safe wood like spruce. If you want to place the cage inside your home, you need to buy UVB lamp to replace the sun. Adult iguana needs 49 C warm which included UVA and UVB so you can use special warmth lamp which you can buy in pet shop. You can also make it by yourself by using fluoresen tube. Using 2 lamps ZooMed 5.0 which available in internet and then install it above fluoresen tube can be your nice option. You need some hinges to make a door and open side wall. Also, some tools like saw and plier also needed to be prepared.

3. Let’s get started.

  • Firstly, make the frame of iguana cage as designed before. Cut the frame ingredients like PVC or wood which already you bought. For you who use wood as the side, you better use sealant polioretan wood which water based ingredients to avoid the weathering. Also, it makes you easier to clean the cage and protect your iguana from hard smell. Add the wall, floor, and ceiling into frame. Put the glue or nail to put it together. Don’t forget to add door into the frame to make you easier to access it.
  • After that install the wire to the every side of it. To make it together, you can use stapler or zip tie. If you choose glass for the side, you can use glue.
  • The next is installed the lamp. The lamp must be in above and stare on one point in order to make iguana has the warmer and cooler side inside their cage. The warm source can’t be far from 20 cm above iguana spends their time to. That’s because iguana has sensor above his head that manage how long they need to dry. Install the lamp using zip tie and make sure the cable out of the cage. Cover the lamp using wire to avoid iguana burned while try to touch it.
  • Install some thermometers to make sure the temperature of the cage is well for iguana. The temperature under the lamp for dry iguana should be 32-35 C and the other side is 27 C.
  • Put water source inside the cage. Iguana can also swim to keep them from dehydrate with soak in water.
  • Install the perch or add some small tree inside the cage using zip tie or glue. By here, you can be creative with choose esthetic branch. The branch or perch should me sure the iguana to moving. For safety thing, make sure the branch is same width as iguana.
  • Inside the food, drink water, and paper for base cage. The paper is used for hold iguana’s poop so it makes you easier when clean it.
  • You can also add some wheel under the cage to make you easier when move it.

That’s all about the simplest way to create the ideal iguana habitats at home. As the tittle it is so simple, isn’t it?