3 Ways to Train Your Cat to Sleep in Her Own Bed


Hello again there fellow cat lovers!. How are you today?. May you and your cat will be always healthy forever. Before we are going to our topic for today, writer would like to tell you a story of writer’s friend. Her namee is Qhotrun, and she has a cute persian kitten named Georgy. Surely you can imagine the cuteness and how adoring her cat is right?.

From time to time, Qhotrun always plays with her kitten everyday. She feeds  Georgy, play with him, clean out his litter box, take him to bath once a week, and even she never forget to hug the kitten and pretend him as her own baby. Yeah a cute meowing kitten, she love hugging him in her own arms. Not only that she love to sleep together with Georgy  her own bed. She hugs Georgy while he is sleeping and pretend Georgy not only as a pet, but as a friend and a cute kitten who needs a lot of attention. For your information, Georgy is an orphan. So, Qhotrun is like a mother-figure to Georgy. It is indeed so adorable is it not?.

But the sweet moment does not last forever, Qhotrun fall ill to aspiration problem. Qhotrun was confused as there are no relatives of her that has a history of aspiration disease, until the doctor cleared out what was the reasons behind her sickness. Shockingly, it was the kitten’s fur that was causing her to fall to such ill. Qhotrun was scared that the doctor will recommend to get rid of her relation and love towards cat. However, Qhotrun was relieved as the doctor only recommend her to not to sleep directly with a cat anymore. As sleeping together with a kitten make us unaware that we might inhaled uncountable fur of her kitten.

After that horrible event, Qhotrun decided to buy Georgy his own bed. She decided to get a new one from nearby store. Finally, she found the best bed for Georgy. She rans happily into her house and could not wait to say “Georgy, this is your new bed, enjoy it!.” But things does not ends well like she was thought about. Georgy, seems does not want to sleep in his new bed. Georgy just simply came back again and again to Qhotrun’s bed. Well, it seems like once a cat love to do something, it is hard for us to remove that habit. This of course created a problem, how should we persuade cat to sleep in her own bed? Which is why animallova would give you 3 Ways to Train Your Cat to Sleep in Her Own Bed.

But first, you must remember if you want truly that your cat must sleep on her new bed; then, you must be passionate as persuading your cat to sleep on her own bed required a great deal of patient as you could not teach them in a blink of an eye. Not only that, you need to prepare another expenses as you might need several items to help your cat sleep on her bed.

Are you prepared?. If yes, then check it out!

  • Put the Bed in a Warm Corner of a Room

You know cat lovet to stay in the corner of the room right?. As she feel she could watch everything if she put her self in the corner. Not only that she would feel powerful and could stay vigilance towards any threats if she positioned herself in the corner. So don’t forget to place her bed in a corner of a room.

Not only that, you must remember to make sure that the place you put her bed in must be warm enough for her. As cat could sleep like a baby in a warm area, which explains why they love to sleep on writer’s laptop and writer’s old tv. In addition, if you don’t think her bed is not warm enough, you could add an extra blanket or towel on it.

  • Put Her Favorite Toys on It

If putting the bed in a warm corner does not works out, then it is the time for you to give a few persuasive method to make her wants to sleep on her bed by giving her most favorite toys on it. As she will love to play her favorite toys on a comfy and warm bed right?. Chewing that toys while having the sensation of comfortable and warm bed, hmmm what a heaven for a cat surely it does!.

If you wonder why we don’t recommend to put on favorite foods, well it is because bed is no place to eat. As writer’s mom said, “You must not eat on the bed! Go eat on the dining table!” So, we recommend you to put her favorite toys instead of food.

  • Last Resort : Catnip

If you try to put the bed in the corner and it fails, then you try to bring her favorite toys on it and it still fails as she prefer to chew the toys away from the bed. Then this last resort surely will make your cat to stay hours and hours on her bed and eventually sleep on it, the catnip.

Catnip or in other words, a Ganja for a cat. Cat will love to to play with it and sniff it out. Thus she will love to come on her bed and stay on ther for hours, eventually if you keep bringing catnip on her bed, she will mark that bed as her new favorite spot. Hence, finally she will be able to sleep on her own bedc congratulations!.

Also if you are wondering, don’t you worry, catnip is safe for cat and it already proven by many researchs. So, it is 100 percent safe to give a catnip to your cat.

To buy catnip, you could buy it through online store or simply visit your nearby pet store.

Well that is all fellow cat lovers!. You just need a passion and a bit financial support to persuade your cat to sleep on her own bed. Easy is it not?. Remember love your cat always. Good luck!.

*Meow away