8 Ways To Raise A Baby Hamster Without Its Mother

The mother of a hamster might die while she is giving birth. So, what are the ways to raise a baby hamster without its mother? What is the reason the mother can die? Below here there are 8 ways to raise a baby hamster without its mother properly. Let’s check these out.

1. No mother hamster

How is the mother of hamster die? The mother of the hamster can die because of few factors. First, her age is very young. The perfect time of hamster mating is around two and a half month. If your hamster is mating under this days. Your hamster will face risk,  such as die while she is giving birth. Second, your hamster maybe in not good condition. She is sick, the reason is the cage is very dirty. In how to clean your hamster cage easily there is to explain that the dirty cage can cause the hamster’s health is worse. The last thing, maybe you forget to add the extra foods that she really needs. This starving for a few days she might die.

2. They really need her mother

It is unfortunate if the mother dies while she is giving birth. The babies still need her mother at this time. They can not grow properly because there is no milk for them. So, what should you do as the good owner? While the mother is gone, you should be the surrogate mother of them. First, while you want to touch the babies please wear your clean rubber hand gloves first. You can start to take out them and put them in another small cage with new hamster bedding or if you do not have any cage, it is alright just skipped it. Place the cage there is not far from your eyes reach. Make sure the cage is in the right place, quiet, and away from any predators. You are now their mother.

3. How to use a surrogate mother

You have two mother hamster, but it is, unfortunately, the one of it is dead. So, what should do? Bring the orphaned babies to the other mommy hamster that have newborn babies. This way is safer and really works. Make sure to take out the orphaned baby hamster with the clean rubber hand gloves and a mini shovel. This way to avoid the mother hamster eat the orphaned babies hamsters. Besides, after you put the orphaned baby hamster to the similar their mother. The new mother will keep all the orphaned babies as her own babies as well. She will feed them as good as possible. Make sure you give twice extra the food supplies because she has 12 babies now. She really really needs extra food to produce more milk for the babies.

4. Watch out of this

Watch out for this, it is for a surrogate mother. Make sure the surrogate mother in a healthy condition, and she has not any of disease at all. If your surrogate mother has the other signs, such as she is sick, weak, and there is fluid comes out from the eye or ear, absolutely she is sick and she can not raise and care the babies as well. So, if it is possible you can take the mother out, heal the mother or you can go to the doctor. But in here, you must be their surrogate mother for a while. This way to avoid the mother hamster stressed, while she is stressed she might be eating all the babies because she cannot raise and care for their babies properly.

5. Replace the mother’s milk

There is no mother hamster or the surrogate mother. In this case, you should find the right milk for the hamster babies. You, as the good surrogate mother, please to gather this supplies. Replace the mother’s milk with Lactol. To feed them, you can use the eyedropper or syringe with the smallest pipe on the tip. How to feed the babies hamster? Please use a rubber hand gloves and take them out with the large spoon and you can feed them out with Lactol. Please to feed them carefully, while feed them do not tear a drop of milk on their body. This way to avoid your orphaned babies is not stressed. While your babies are stressed, they do not want to drink milk. How many times should you feed them? It is about once a few minutes in 24 hours between  1st to the 10th day.

6. Set the proper temperature for them

What are the right temperatures of the orphaned babies? The right temperatures for orphaned furless babies hamster it is about 75 F. Use the heat pad and place it under the cage to make the cage at that temperature. The babies will be comfortable at this temperature. It is just suggestions, you can use a thermometer to see how is the temperature in the cage. Make sure the temperature is not above at least 70 F. In here you can cover them with bedding to keep them warm in the cage. To make them safe. You can cover the cage with a light color like blue or yellow to avoid the direct sunlight over the cage. Read more about how to take care of the hamster in this.

7. Watch out the health of the baby hamster

The babies hamster are growing fast. At least 12 days old, they start to grow to be a young hamster. In this phase, you can introduce them a solid food. Place their food in a tray that can reach by all of them. To keep them always health drops some vitamin in a water bottle and place it in the cage with height 1 to 2 cm. Let your babies hamster drink by their self. They will learn and use their smell to eat the solid food and also drinks their water.

8. It is very troublesome

Yeah, it seems it is very troublesome to raise and care the orphaned babies with ourselves. When the mothers die, you as the good owner might be as their surrogate mother. Being a surrogate mother is not easy, but with the pure heart and strong beliefs. All of the difficulty might be gone at all, with the patience, you will get your prizes. Your babies hamster might be health and you get lots of adorable hamsters at your home. This is one of the reasons why you should choose a hamster as your pet.

Hopefully, the 8 ways to raise a baby hamster without its mother might be useful for you, especially for beginners that do not know what are the ways to raise a baby hamster without its mother. With the above ways, may you will be a good surrogate mother for your baby hamster. It is really fun, you can see how are they growth day by day with your own eyes. Good luck