How’s Importance of Vitamin B Complex for Chinchilla?

Chinchilla or rabbit? This question would trigger many people in its own way, because the two of these creatures was one of the most popular small pet animals on earth. Well, people have preference and reasons – so, no matter what you choose. But, however, today our topic would go around the chinchilla, folks. There are many cute facts of chinchilla that perhaps many of you have known, but what can we say? We would never get enough of this animal’ cuteness.

Just as the same as other pet, chinchilla health was depended on all kinds of foods you offer to them, plus the precise arrangement of cage. All kinds of animals potentially effected to pneumonia under cold temperatures, so does with chinchilla. In the other side, if the cage’ arrangement was put chinchilla in high temperature, there’s always a chance your pet chinchilla strike by heat stress, which is the condition where chinchilla unable to handle their own body temperatures. This problem leads to dangerous condition – even seizure and pass out.

Health was the most important subject that matter for living things, included human. Our body define from what we eat; it’s all similar like a machine that needs good fuel to work. If the fuel was low quality, then the machine won’t last for a long time; it would brake, and in the end it cannot be used anymore. That’s also what’s happening to living creatures’ bodies; foods are everything. Based on this, we should understand we should watched over what our pet chinchilla eat.

They need certain substances like people need: vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and many more. Therefore, we would learn about the importance of vitamin – especially the B complex vitamin. How’s importance of vitamin B complex for chinchilla? Let’s find out!

Vitamin B Complex

People, what is the truly benefits of vitamin B complex for body? What we need it so much? Vitamin B complex was one of many vitamins that body needed, it’s the combinations of all vitamins B. So, in case you didn’t know, y dear friends, there are eight vitamins B that exist: vitamin B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4, B-5, B-6, B-7, B-9, and the last is vitamin B-12. All these B vitamins was essential and couldn’t be ignore as long as we live. One thing you should understood, that vitamin B complex held important overall role inside animal and human body.

One of the function of vitamin B is to supported brain function inside your skull. It increased the cell and metabolism of the body, which is important matter that allowed you to run your daily lives. Vitamin B complex supporting and promote the body to prevent infections, included: growth of the red blood, muscle tone, cell health, hormones and cholesterol production, energy levels, cardiovascular health, good digestion, eyesight, proper nerve function, brain function, and healthy appetite.

In short, it provides a complex benefit for animal and human bodies to maintain health condition. Furthermore, vitamin B complex react differently to both of gender male and female. Of course, it brings its own benefits to each gender too.

  • Male: vitamin B complex have been proved increased testosterone level in males, but, it would face the decrement as the parties (males) aging. This vitamin also very good for strength and developing muscles for men (although there’s no clear study have been made).
  • Female: in women, vitamin B complex was totally needed during the pregnancy and breastfeeding. Due the function of brain development, of course it absolutely fatal for the baby; it reduces birth defects risks. Furthermore, it also helps to boost energy, lower the risk of preeclampsia, and ease nausea.

Vitamin B Complex for Chinchilla

All the beneficial aspects of vitamin B complex is no different than what occurred for human. So, the true question is how’s importance of vitamin B complex for chinchilla? You need to note this, people, there’s term called vitamin B complex deficiency that happened to chinchilla. What cause the deficiency to happen? Vitamin B complex deficiency happen due the lack of nutrition which many times happened if you offer low-quality of foods to your pet chinchilla.

Keep this in mind, the deficiency isn’t a short-standing situation, it’s developed over the time – probably weeks, then the symptoms would start to display. If the symptoms start to appear, then it’s a proved that your animal chinchilla is not in a good state. But, don’t be worry, the situation could be change and reverse, folks.

Vitamin B Complex Deficiency Symptoms in Chinchilla

There are two types of symptoms occurred in chinchilla that suffered from vitamin B complex deficiency: first is first-stage symptoms and second is advanced symptoms. Your attention is needed to recognize particular symptoms that occur so that immediate treatment could be run as fast as it could:

  • Overall Symptoms: leaning, severe lethargy, excitability, fatigue, difficulty whenever your chinchilla try to in or out the cage, gastrointestinal symptoms, circling, cardiovascular symptoms, inability of chinchilla control body movement, nervousness, limb and body trembling, and convulsive jump reacting to unexpected moment.
  • Advanced: you would know that your chinchilla have been developed into an advanced stage of vitamin B complex if you notice these symptoms of cramp in one side of leg, than it roots to the both of them. Then, the last stage is death.

Diagnosing the Chinchilla

If you ever notice those symptoms above occurred in your beloved chinchilla, do not delay arranging appointment with the vet. You should explained everything that you witness in your chinchilla; the vet might ask some other question, so you must be very cooperative. Then, the next step, the vet would begin to run the blood test to determine the cause of the symptoms – plus, the level of B1 (thiamine) inside chinchilla.

Treatment of Vitamin B Complex Deficiency

After the result was reviled, the first thing that would prescript by the vet would a large dose of vitamin B complex to your chinchilla. This treatment would take times about four to five weeks full; many times, vitamin B complex treat was follow with supplements injection. Then, the full-monitor would be held upon your chinchilla to observe chinchilla’ reaction of the medications.

Your vet would recommend you some high-quality of foods to offer to your pet, and you must obey it – otherwise, this circle of deficiency would happen again and again. Therefore, my dear friends, always provide and fill foods requirement of chinchilla, so this situation won’t happen – ever – to your beloved one.