Is Chincilla Potentially Affected to Pneumonia?

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All right so for today, what we are going to discuss is about Chinchilla, a small cute creature that comes from Latin America. Chinchilla might not be as popular as hamster or ground squirrel, however they are also quite popular for some pet lovers, especially people who loves small animal, rather than bigger animal like cats or dogs. If you want to know more about Chinchilla, how to take care of them and how you should take care of them when they are sick, then you might need to look at into our article. To make sure you know what you need about Chinchilla and how to properly take care of them, make sure to read out our article bellow here.

Chinchilla is a rodent animal. They are small animal that are family of rats, hamster and ground squirrel. Although they are active animals that loves to jump around and looks perfectly healthy, they aren’t invincible as they can be inflicted with many diseases. One disease that is fatal not only for Chinchilla but also its owner and everyone around it is Pneumonia. Pneumonia is a disease that spread from bacteria and attack respiratory system of the creature especially its lungs. When creature is afflicted by Pneumonia, their lungs will degenerating, and filled with gooey liquids that really harm respiratory system. Pneumonia is deadly disease for human, but it is also deadly for Chinchilla to. You might be wondering Is Chincilla Potentially Affected to Pneumonia? We will answer the question bellow here so please be patient and read it carefully.

Can Chinchilla be afflicted with Pneumonia and what harm can it be?

Chinchilla is a small herbivore rodent animals that comes from family of Chinchillidae and comes from order of Rodentia. This animal is native to south America, especially along the mountain chain of Andes mountain. Chinchilla can be found in many South American country like Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. They are rodent animals that live on the rocky terrain of mountainous region with so little vegetations. Chinchilla have adapted with this rough terrain so they feed on rough hay and grass they found on mountain terrain. They live in large group called herd and they live in a burrow to avoid predators. Now, you can find lot of domestic Chinchilla in many place such as pet shop, however they might be quite rare as they can’t be found in lot of pet shop.

Before going to our article, here are some point you need to understand about Chinchilla care and Pneumonia on Chinchilla.

  • What is Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a kind of inflammatory disease that affecting lungs, primarily on the air sacs of lungs called alveoli. Pneumonia can affect human as well as mammals since every mammals have lungs as their respiratory system. Pneumonia is caused by the infection of bacteria or viruses that attack lungs. Any patients of Pneumonia will suffer heavy coughing, sometimes bloody cough, difficulty breathing, short and rapid breathing. Every year there are more than 400 million people dying from Pneumonia per year making it one of the most deadly diseases in the world.

However, we are going to talk about Pneumonia on Chinchilla not on human. Chinchilla can afflicted by Pneumonia when they are infected by viruses and bacteria, causing inflammation on its lungs. One of the main reason Chinchilla can be afflicted with Pneumonia is the hygiene of the cage and environment all around it. If you don’t clean its cage frequently and your Chinchilla is literally covered in its own excrement then there is high chance your Chinchilla will afflict Pneumonia.

  • How Harmful it can be for Chinchilla and for human?

Pneumonia is a very deadly disease and can result not only in injury but can also lead to death. If not taken care properly and fast, Pneumonia can results in unwanted death, so you need to take care of its fast and proper. Pneumonia can also be inflicted from animals to human. If the environment is dirty and the viruses or bacteria exists, Pneumonia could inflict to human all around it. So basically, if you don’t treat your Chinchilla properly from Pneumonia and you don’t take care of its sources, there is high chance that not only your Chinchilla will be afflicted by Pneumonia but can also some people all around it.

  • What should we do about it?

When you think your Chinchilla is affected by Pneumonia, the first thing you should do is to go to your vets to get a prescribed medicine for your Chinchilla. Pneumonia is an infection on Alveoli of lungs, so therefore you will get an anti-bacterial medicine to clear out bacterial infection on the lungs. After that, you should take care your Chinchilla greatly and properly. Then what you need to do is to search for the cause of Pneumonia on your Chinchilla. Lot of Pneumonia case is caused by hygiene, so if you don’t take care of your Chinchilla hygiene, so should do it by now. Make sure to always keep the cage of your Chinchilla clean, and always clean your pets properly.

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