2 Important Differences Of Pet Rabbit And Farm Rabbit

A lot of people are asking this question, what is the differences of pet animals and farm animals, because if we look closer, some animals which is labeled as farm animals are also could end up being pet such pigs, rabbits, chickens, and others. The basic difference that everyone notice; pet is animal which lived and being part of human life as part of their family – but farm animal is different.

The farm animal is raised to obtain profit for human. Farm animal should have the benefit values that bring profitable point for the businessman. There are many pro and contra following these issues – some activist and radical people disagree with this  pattern on how people treat this animal for only killing it in the end. But, what could we do? Farm is a business just like another business – but wrap and covered with dreadful action of on some people perspective.

This is undeniable and inevitable situations. Just like exactly happened to cow, sheep, goat, and other farm animal, nor do rabbit. Perhaps one thing that made people took pity to rabbits are because their sized and outside appearance which seems more weak than others. We can’t blame those businessmen though – without them, we could never taste the dairy milk, cheese, meat, and even fur for the fashion industry.

Even though rabbits are small creature, apparently their body has some part which useful for some industry production.  Not only the meat which many people loved, also for their fur (only for particular breeds). Is not shocking issues anymore when we’ll see many people try their luck in this business. Even this act would have seen as cruelty – it’s just a problem of misfortune of the rabbits.

Some of them would end up in a beautiful family – in other hand would end up displayed in stores. Even though there’s the law that protect the animal’s right and from animal abuse, apparently in some countries rabbits are knocked out from this law which is only put dog and cat as the priority. So, if you very curious about the differences, this is the 2 important differences of pet rabbit and farm rabbit.

1. Differences of How The Owners Interact

The most important differences that we will see is how the owners of the pet and farm animal would interact to them. We can’t deny it.  Farm animals are no more than economic unit for their owners. And yes, they still treat the rabbits with the best treatment they could – the the question is, do they love them? That’s another case. Most of farm animal owner would never treat this animal with “personal feeling”.

The owners would treat them as a creature that would bring some fortune and profit – which is mean they have to keep their “quality” as good as possible. Make sure all off the rabbits are in good health status and perfect conditions only for keeping the quality of their production. We’re not saying that the owners was cold-blooded person – but, it just how the business work, that’s it.

But, how about the pet’s owner? Oh, dear, you don’t have to questioning this anymore. The majority of pet’s owners would treat their pet as their own family – i bet you must hear it a lot people will call their pet as their boy and girl. Not only part of family, pet would be treat as their best friend too – which is in much scenery we would talk to our pet just like we talk to our friend (which is seems like we’re insane). The pet’s owners involved their personal feeling to raise their animal, something that farm animal owner wouldn’t give to them.

2. The Bonding

Farm animals owner never build and make any bonding to their animals. You could see that farm animals, they don’t have the feeling – affection for their owners, it’s because of the space between both of them. They just two stranger in both of their point of view. But pets do have the affection to their owner. Because, they feel the love and attention that their owner give to them – animals do feel love too, friends. Just like us, they know that they were loved or not.

We could see this by how the pet would react to their owners – when the owners feeding them, calling them, or just even to check them out if they were okay. The rabbits would react with gentle and kind gesture to their owners, because this rabbit know who they are (the owners). It’s quite different with farm owners, some rabbits might react aggressive and make untidy gesture to them.

And don’t forget a pet’s owner always give their pet a name – always. It’s some proof of the intimate bonding between the owner and pet. But do you ever know a farm owner giving their animals names? Of course not. Because of the amount of numbers make them could not give one-by-one attention – that’s impossible.

The most different relationship would appear when the rabbit is sick. You could get this scenery – the different kind of solicitude which the owners show. The pet owner mostly would act based on their fears of losing the pet – some people will over panicky and even cry – so much alike when their part of family sick – based on the level of cares that they have. The farm owner would act based on the same fears – which is a fear of loosing them, but in different kind of way.

Their mindset would lean on how to safe their rabbits like some kind of property – well, basically the rabbits was the farm’s property. They would try to safe the rabbit based on the consideration of profit and loss. The most interesting point is when the rabbit’s died. It doesn’t need a genius to pick which the pet’s owner or farm’s owner, why?

You’ll seen this drama scenery will play in front of you if the pet was die: you’ll see people crying and the sacred funeral been held in the back yard (or another part of the house), and some last words from the member family will be spoken. But how about the farm animal? Well, the best you got is just like a thriller movie when the bad guy will dump the body in a hole. Yes, that’s quite a thing, huh?

So, from this article 2 important differences of pet rabbit and farm rabbit, i hope you’ll learn the differences between the pet and farm animals.